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  1. no por nada el mejor NU del juego eh
  2. 4. "The Raging Noctowls - abstract, Mkns, Stelian, ZDFire have all shown to be consistent in the past, so they have a solid chance to go far. Plus, Sofiik (Eresh) gets to play twice so that's a big come up for the noctowls. " And the guy continues with the same. I´m not playing PSL, so be happy rat boy
  3. sorry LeZenor, i was afk for the tournament :( gl in finals
  4. Your nick: AiShela ◄Which pokemon or character do you want: AiShela (Grancrest Senki) and Ultear ◄Style/Others: Surprise me ◄Text: Valkyrie Outfit ◄Animation: Yes (Surprise me) ◄Donation: Let me see the sign first (i can to pay a good cash)
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