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  1. 4. "The Raging Noctowls - abstract, Mkns, Stelian, ZDFire have all shown to be consistent in the past, so they have a solid chance to go far. Plus, Sofiik (Eresh) gets to play twice so that's a big come up for the noctowls. " And the guy continues with the same. I´m not playing PSL, so be happy rat boy
  2. sorry LeZenor, i was afk for the tournament :( gl in finals
  3. Hi, i want a pkm. Steelix: (Impish) 31hp/25+atk/31def/x/25+spdef/25+speed Egg move: Heavy Slam/Cuerpo pesado
  4. IGN: EreshkigalL Timezone: GMT -5 Tiers: Doubles, OU, LC Something else to farm likes: Me gusta la papayuela :3 (I love SIA team) Colombia #1
  5. https://challonge.com/es/3qbrnyso finished
  6. I´m making a tournament now, prize: Reuniclus (Quiet) 31 x 30 31 30 0 ev trained, Psychock, hp fire, focus blast, trick room Where? In Battle Pyramid Chl 1 Entrance: 35.000 IGN: EreshkigalL Mode: OU, 6v6 tm Whisp me in game if u are interested !
  7. WTS Togekiss (Bold) 31 x 31 31 31 31 evs: 252 hp, 158 def, 70 sp def, 30 speed / Air Slash(Máx pp) - Follow me - Roost (Máx pp) - Protect (Máx pp) LF money, just make your offer ! WTS Reuniclus (Quiet) 31 x 30 31 30 0 evs: 252 hp, 252 sp atk / Psychock - hp fire - focus blast - trick room LF money, just make your offer !
  8. AiShela

    UU's For Sale

    Flygon + absol? how much
  9. I understand it, but what is the security for me on this case? I can to send the money and gg ... are u ON?
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