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  1. Seconding this, and I think there are two ways this could be approached: First one is that each players hears their own theme of choice (As opposite to both players hearing the same theme) The second one would be that the player that started the duel would get to choose the theme that plays. Personally I think the second option would be much better, as it would give players a bar of identity with a song they would have on everytime they are battled. But that might just be my thing, having either option would be pretty nice of an addition imo.
  2. Honestly, the dex could use some filters other than for tiers, the mentioned egg groups is one, and there's also a move filter to see how many pokemon can learn a specific move, this would be pretty useful as Smogon's filter differs from PokeMMO's meta where it has a mix of gen7 moves with special-learnt moves that most metagames don't hold into account.
  3. Not sure if this was already asked, but it just came to me that seeing as the dex is pretty much done once you catch them all, how about adding an extra layer of completionism? Once you get all the green OTs, the next and most likely inhumane task should be to get all the shiny versions of the dex entries, changing the border color from green to golden/yellow. I understand that some pokemon are impossible to get their shiny versions such as Mewtwo/Rayquaza/Zekrom, but I'm willing to hear out opinions since I just came up with this idea now. Thoughts?
  4. If Johto ever was brought to the table among the devs, I think it would make the most sense to use the region as a field for pure custom content (Sort of like the dungeons or other possible pve content), since it's relatively a small region (If we exclude the future Kanto), and it adds little to the table as the johto dex is already completed.
  5. - A Diploma for our Secret base - A Gold Star beside our ID - Edit our ID Color - An untradeable medal Vanity But non of these lmao:
  6. That's true, as of right now there's little need for it, until any kind of PvE content (That isn't default storyline) is implemented, which may or may never happen in a distant future.
  7. I also would like this, it's inconvenient to have to ask someone everytime whenever they move away from your screen, given the size of the line of sight in the game. It's the first time I find people that consider a rather default option in every mmo game to have visibility of your party members, to be "creepy". If you're scared of people in a game where player on player interaction is already limited, why are you playing an mmo then?
  8. Azsure

    Quick Wishlist

    Not sure how big this is of a request, but I'd really like to be able to track my friends when we're playing together. I understand that the devs specifically did not implement tracking because they wanted to avoid stalking, but what if you could only track people who are in a Link with you? Just a suggestion since as of right now it's hard to keep track of my friends without asking them personally what channel they're in or place, (Discord implementation made this last bit slightly easier thankfully, but I don't have the Discord of every friend I have). Another useful thing to add to the dex would be having a table pop when you hover over the selected mon's types, to see what types they're weak against, strong, immune or double weak/double strong (Similar to what Smogon has) Lastly, I wish more types of pokeballs were implemented, like the ones in HG and SS. I noticed in an old changelog where they updated the balls catching formula, they mentioned Moon Balls, even though they aren't obtainable in the game as of now. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/80817-changelog-13082018/
  9. You should add in the location of Daisy (Palette Town), also, leveling up a pokemon (battling) in the place where it was hatched will also raise its happiness at a much higher rate, I'm not sure the % of it though, but you might want to add that too.
  10. Oh wow, I ended up picking two moves Nidoran♂ can't learn without noticing then. Still, that doesn't change the fact the chance of getting the Nidoran you want is random, if you keep breeding that Nidoran♀, and turns into a Nidoran♂ egg, you'll lose those egg moves, wasting all that process, this is inneficient when trying to pass on egg moves to a comp Nidoran you're attempting to breed with perfect IVs.
  11. You can use Nidoran to teach other pokemon egg moves Nidoran knows, for example, Focus Energy can be taught to Larvitar using a male Nidoran, I never discussed this. I said Nidoran can't LEARN egg moves themselves, if you try passing ANYTHING to a Nidoran egg, they don't learn it, even if the egg preview shows the move, the resulting egg only gets the default starting moves. If you still don't get it, do the test then, try teaching a female Nidoran Pursuit using a male Treecko, show me the results after.
  12. So I didn't know wheter this applied more in bug report or suggestions or general thread, so I went for the latter. I'll explain, as I had the horror to find out when attempting to breed a comp Nidoqueen, you can't choose the gender the egg Nidoran will be, which results into either getting a random gender for Nidoran, which means that, getting a Nidoran♂ would mean you'd need to breed a Nidoran♀ with the proper IVs with your Nidoran♂ JUST to get a Nidoran egg, and if you get a Nidoran♂ again, you'd have to repeat that process again, which only becomes exponentially harder and harder, as for every new step you add, more chances you have that you'll unwillingly get a Nidoran♂ egg, making you unable to birth a Nidoran egg unless you get a Nidoran♀ ir a Ditto. I thought Tyrogue was the hardest pokemon to comp breed in the current meta game, but this proves me otherwise, it's not even funny, it's just outright impossible since you can only go as far as luck wills it, it might be easier to get a shiny when hatching an egg than breeding a comp Nidoking/Nidoqueen And that's not all of it, apparently the breeding process is so broken, the egg Nidoran doesn't even get any egg moves the parents potentially try to pass onto it. So far I attempted to pass on Charm on my Nidoran, and even though the egg preview showed me it, the resulting egg didn't have it, losing 3 pokemon in the process of having passed that egg move for naught. I saw that Nidoran♂ didn't have charm on its egg move list, so I thought "Ok, maybe I was just badly lucked that I picked an egg move only the female can get, and I happened to hatch a male", so instead I attempted to pass an egg move both Nidorans can learn, which was Pursuit. So I bred a male Treecko and a Nidoran♀, which resulted in a Nidoran♂ again, but to my horror he didn't get Pursuit either. So basically, no matter what you can't pass egg moves to either Nidorans, you can't choose their gender, making it impossible to comp breed it unless you spend more money than you used to spend to breed a Beldum before genderless pokemon could breed with themselves. There's absolutely no reason for either of those things to ocur and it only makes these pokemon impossible to use outside casual gaming since you can't properly breed enough good IVs on them, or any egg moves at all. I apologize for the long rant text, but I needed to take it out of my chest, but please don't take my post lightly just for that, I'm serious when I say this makes no sense and should be looked on, and also apologize if this isn't the proper thread to post this on. Edit: Also, this has been a suggestion since 2015 already, and still hasn't been implemented, which is saddening really. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/51747-gender-choosing-when-breeding-nidoran/
  13. 1. How is "You're not a psychic" a valid argument in a game that features PSYCHICS, ghosts, and people who can fly around resurrected fossils? What? 2. It's a game mechanic for a reason. " If you think it's "game breaking" you're bad. " lol, sorry princess that I don't have a 5x31 IV shiny, pro guy, I'm guessing the mechanic of "Just pick the strongest type/move on first round since you can't switch" is too hard for me huh. I guess I'll leave the pro mechanics to the pros right?
  14. So why is this mechanic not present in this game? Despite being present in every Pokémon game in existence? After beating an opponent's pokemon, they pick another pokémon to battle and you're prompted to wheter you want to change pokémons too or not, this function does not exist in this game, why? This is absolutely game breaking as it makes you lose one turn every time you want to switch pokemons because your opponent picked a new pokémon that is strong vs your current one, seriously how was this mechanic completely looked over?
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