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  1. some art dump of my dears Andy and Monet woops beach time --> my nuzlocke char with mulauns! and a whole bunch of andy/monet stuff
  2. so monet (andys much better at being a trainer friend) left her haunter with andy, who also has a huanter - and they up and had an egg. andy is ecstatic and monet is currently trying to figure out how 2 ghosts had a baby
  3. drew my char from the game - nuzlocking is tough and everyone keeps dying
  4. did some more art of my shite lil trainer who i have renamed andy for the sake of it being a much better name andy is meant to be a breeder shes a terrible trainer, also i have her hassling her much better at being a trainer friend monet about this or that
  5. hey theeerrreee i do art its pretty cool i guess and i mostly have mulaunblu to blame bc she forced this upon me but i do some art as well aha ill mostly take payments in certain shinies/in game cashus and irl if anyone reaaalllyy wants to grab my goat and get some art - i can do things like this yea TRAINER CARD OTHER STUFF but yeah! art - i do it. lazy cartoonist am i yea for something like the trainer card ill take anything from a shiny of a poke i love to some delicious tasty pokedollars - but if all else fail
  6. "I'll be offering my illustrative work for commission through this thread, as well as hosting my work for view as I plan to draw lots of PokeMMO related stuff with my fellow artist friend! " i hate u how dare u force me to actually try and art as well
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