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  1. I actually want this implemented so I can block you forever from everything. Especially to keep you from constantly pestering me with PMs on the Discord as well as the Forums. I don't want to be your friend you jerk. Bugger off forever. :P
  2. If you have nothing to contribute, don't post at all. Backseat-modding isn't looked upon kindly by anyone.
  3. You know what @ImFunk, I could say the same about many of the circlejerk trolls here. Only difference is that none of them have the gall to proclaim themselves 'Mayor' without any kind of legitimate claim to the title. Getting mod-buddies to have a lulz and throw a stupid Forum title on them doesn't make it official.
  4. Are you angry that I deleted the results of you and your friends that deliberately wanted to troll and spam the poll? Too bad, so sad. Responses cannot be altered in the poll results. They're unable to be edited in Google Forms or otherwise.
  5. I don't agree with everything you said. I laugh at the thought that you think there isn't an official PokeMMO Discord server (aren't you the one always telling people to 'do a search'?) but otherwise you are the one post in this thread that I can say provided some good feedback. The poll was an experiment in trying to improve the game by voicing the concerns of the casual community that don't bother to visit or post in the forums. In addition to letting people know about it in-game, I also posted it in the forums to get a more complete picture. With the massive amounts of spam and harassment (seen here in this very thread) by people who would want to set the game on fire and laugh while it burns, I wanted to counter that with a more proactive approach that provided a bit more nuance and custom responses available for people to state what they feel they need to do. I already mentioned in the imgur album that I commented on things I felt could be improved. The way I see it is that only a Staff-created and Staff-promoted community poll would have a higher turnout rate. Hard to get people to take a survey when baseless accusations and slander get thrown around while the Staff look the other way (again as seen in this thread) because they don't want to take moderation action against their friends. They'll gladly give a faux-mayor a faux-title on the forums but actually doing the job they voluntarily signed on for? Pfft....why bother? :P
  6. Allowing spam from your friends/associates in the first place is why this wasn't conducted as a forum poll. Allowing staff to know precisely who says what is the exact reason the survey was made anonymous so that tyrants like you do NOT abuse your power against them in retaliation (overtly or covertly). Don't think for a single minute that I haven't kept a very close eye on the activities of forum/Discord. I'm fully aware of the limited nature of such a survey which is why I suggested an 'official' one done once a month and advertised through in-game mail being run by a Staff Member that wishes to do so. The rampant trolling by your 'spam' friends here in-game and on the forums didn't help in persuading anyone to take the survey either with libelous statements made without any sort of moderation throttle or consequence. But of course not, they are your 'best friends' :P Far be it from me to point out that the 'Mayor' has no clothing. :P I've already done more in less than a month to help new players than you've done in your entire status as faux-mayor. From this point on, actions speak louder than words and if your circlejerk of 'best friends' wants to help you actually do something other than troll for a living, have at it. I'd love to see some actual results/proof of such work other than mindless dribble and meme-spew.
  7. So you add PokeMMO shortcut to steam and end up with a wimpy banner by default. Why not make it better by adding in a custom one! Found a few on the web and was linked to a few as well by awesome artists in my FreshGaming Discord server. Enjoy em and pick whichever one you like or maybe make your own!
  8. Eevolutions 4 lyfe yo! I'm very partial to Chansey myself. Takes a special Pokemon to heal/help others like that. Otherwise the only ones I'd dislike in the entire PokeDex are the ones based on: -Trash -Toxic Waste (Muk & Evos) -Air Pollution (Koffing & Evos) -A pair of keys -A chandelier.
  9. Requesting a moderator to lock this thread, please and ty.
  10. Finally here! After 2+ weeks of waiting the moment of glory is upon us! Take heed and bear witness to a sampled subset of the PokeMMO community! I'll only be posting links here. Final Comments in the Last Question will be archived on Pastebin for posterity. If one of the Staff can get in touch with me, it'll actually let me add people as 'collaborators' if you have a Google Account and then you can view/verify all the details the same way that I can on the survey results. Many wonderful responses and many myths disspelled. Although out of thousands of players I received ~70ish responses so...sample size is sampled and keep that in mind. Imgur Album with charts and some comments by yours truly: https://imgur.com/a/DvP7m Here are the anonymous survey comments on PasteBin: https://pastebin.com/4TBQAy9x Many responses wanted Phenomenons to spawn more often and the devs acted quickly to implement that after a preliminary (early) pastebin posting over on the PokeMMO Discord. So ya'll can't say they don't hear/listen to feedback ok? Many more responses asking for Johto and PvP skills/items to be added/fixed. There's a specific player that thought they were clever by putting their name in the response so I removed their name from the end of their response. You know who you are, dorko :P Anonymous survey has to be anonymous otherwise you'd just post on the forums here. That's all folks! If the Staff want to start up similar anonymous Google Forms surveys for the future they are welcome to do so. This was quite an adventure but the results (while a small sample size) are fairly enlightening. Snark in the spoiler for lulz.
  11. Desu wins the forums. LMAO. <3 I had to authenticate ONCE when the 2FA was finally force-enabled on my account (guess they were staggering the rollout a bit). If you play on multiple devices or your IP changes multiple times a day, you may want to get a DSL/Cable connection if possible. I know people using Mobile Hotspots might trigger this 2FA verification since there's no real way to 'prove' it is really you versus anyone else with your info using the same Mobile Towers. My situations is a bit odd because I've had a static IP for well over a month now without even trying. Really weird. =D But that being said, most people with DSL/Cable connections may experience an IP change once a week, typically Sunday evenings (when 'internet randomly goes out' for most until they reboot the router because ISP provided routers are dumb bricks of failure and disdain). I'm not certain what kind of solution would be in place to authenticate even if the IP changes. I'm pretty sure that Desu, Kyu, and the rest of the development staff already have plans to improve things as needed. I believe basing it on a mobile phone (TOTP smartphone-based authentication) may be a viable alternative so that those with a smartphone can bypass the e-mail-based methods entirely.
  12. *snipped* The hashes are not hashes but session tokens. Awesome. I gotcha and I appreciate the clarification. Update: Someone went through the trouble of removing my forum posts on the issue as well as cleaning out the PokeMMO discord of mentions of the plaintext thing, so unless I have some screenshots I will be seen as a 'liar'. GG. I don't want to risk my game account over this so you win Kyu. You win. Have fun with it.
  13. It is up to them if they want to have Electric Type coverage to handle WATER and FLYING pokemon. Look at how many Flying types there are. Electric moves would be Super Effective against nearly all of them. That's something to consider. They're just going through story. They aren't here to FOSS some Competitive PvP or whatever. Not everyone needs to have the exact same teams. The beauty of Pokemon is in variety. PokeMMO is a bit different in certain ways when it comes to Gengar? Ok. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPxY8lpYAUM
  14. By the way I wanted to do a quick update on this. I've checked the volumes and the louder volumes are REALLY nice! Now I don't have to max out my sound volume in-game just to (barely) hear certain Pokemon sounds. I love it! The mod is wonderful! Thank you so much for fixing it and it works amazingly now :)
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