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  1. Alrighty then, referencing the in game sprites and artistic freedom it is then c: + U + Well thank you~
  2. Laughing at the sexy part, yeah I can do that, and I hear you on professional, I'll keep that in mind when keeping it refined. I'm currently in the middle of a move, so I'll be able to meet and confirm payment after I get to my next place in about a week.
  3. Great, I would love to work on your trainer sprite, do you have any clothing references? I'd like to know about your taste in style so I can incorporate that c:
  4. Oh I'm open c: Especially now that I've had time to play the game and understand the market and give prices T U T~
  5. Did a Polished Sketch of my pokemmo trainer character, she makes me happy ; y ;~ Gotta draw her team now
  6. Been having fun drawing these for a while just as friendly doodles to people who made me happy, decided to spread the love with them and put them up for request T U T~
  7. Yep, pretty much just like that, concept wise, except my work would be cleaner and sharper. =3
  8. Art Status Currently : OPEN FINALLY T U T Deviant Art : DeviantArt Discord : MuLaunBlu#9783 "Hello! I'm MuLaunBlu's Sylveon, here to join the fun PokeMMO style!" I'll be offering my illustrative work for commission through this thread, as well as hosting my work for view as I plan to draw lots of PokeMMO related stuff with my fellow artist friend! To find out more about what I do and how to commission me, just scroll down through the examples to the area where I explain pricing and guidelines. =3 "I love to paint and all kinds of stuff! Here are some examples!" Work Examples If you'd like to see the rest of my work, just follow this link to my DeviantArt and you can find all of my work in my gallery! Animated Trainer Pixel - 120k Polished Sketch - 120k Wee Chibi - 60k "I take all kinds of offers! Here's a list of what I'll consider!" Offers and Basic Guidelines I accept in game currency, certain shiny pokemon, and certain species of pokemon with 31 IV's. Pokemon that I'll consider currently for 31 IV's and Shiny Bouffalant Any Eevee evolution Meowth Skitty Any evolution chain of Dragonair Ninetail and Vulpix CUTE POKEMON Any and all payment must be confirmed prior to me beginning work, as in be able to prove that you do have what you are offering, once I have completed your first sketch WIP, payment must be made in full for completion of the piece. I appreciate your understanding this delicate process! Feel free to post it here, privately message me, add me on Discord, or contact me on DA, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. *Form *This form is only for review for me to consider the request, I will confirm a final form of what is to be received after reviewing and possibly editing content if I feel changes need to be made and we both come to an agreement. Name : [ Forum name ] IGN : [ In Game Name ] Offer : [ Include whatever you're offering ] Request Details : [ Describe what you'd like. A single pokemon, a trainer, a berry, etc.. ] References : [ Any references to what you're asking for.. etc etc ] Pokemon : [ Name the pokemon, a max of six may be listed here if necessary ] Style Request : [ Animated Trainer Pixel ] [ Polished Sketch ] "Rules, less you forget I can send you to another dimension!" The Rules Be courteous, this is my full time work and passion You may request WIP status There's no haggling prices c: Have fun and be cool, I love to chat and enjoy the process, I want you to as well =3
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