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  1. Super conscientious service, I want to evole my chansey but it can't be done in level 50 so he trained few more levels. Really really nice
  2. Now we have to wait at least for a weak because they don't update in friday and Weekends :v
  3. what i want is more competive, maybe daily quest or event, more features like dungeons. Adding region just make me have to pay 3-4 hours to clear it, absolutely meaningless
  4. I hope that the update before 15 july, so excited for new rank and reward system.
  5. Make Infernape be able to learn Vacuum Wave
  6. i am using PC, really good PC and internet, it smooth but they too slow. Like Paralysis or Pain split, i have to wait so long. It doen't matter in PvP but in PvE, those animation waste a lot of time
  7. Please make the Battle Animation faster. Sleep, Paralysic, burn, Pain Split and many more make the battle are so slow
  8. Like the tile, how and where to change Rotom Form
  9. 1, Making rank more competitive with some divisions, specific reward and reset them at the end of year or something else (like league of legends) 2, Rent Pokemons from the System at the cost RP or Poke$ 3, Match Making unranked gain more BP 4, Open rank every time
  10. longvip1712

    Quick Wishlist

    1, Reset the rank to 0 and give top player specific reward 2, More BP gained from unranked Match Making, if not, making rank open every time
  11. Can you insert image off tutor in Unova region please
  12. Top 100 limited Present or RP or something Ranked reset per month or 6 months or a year
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