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  1. It's more challenging sure, but hard? I don't know about that. lol You should be able to clear with any team as long as they're properly leveled and somewhat balanced.
  2. As much as I'd love to see Johto, it wouldn't bring much to the game outside of story content. It's probably pretty low on the to-do list. Ya'll really need to stop pestering the devs about it. Some of you are very entitled or very uninformed. (Do the tiniest bit of research before posting because there's a good chance someone else already brought it up). This isn't some official project from Nintendo where you can just bark commands into the void in hopes they'll one day see it. They've already said Johto is coming...at some point...maybe lol Now be patient.
  3. "Need" is a very strong word. Johto is my favorite region, but it wouldn't bring anything new to the game other than some more content to burn through. However, I'm sure it's coming.
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