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  1. I think this belongs to the suggestion box
  2. The amulet coin has changed, now it is a consumable item Can it be used in a party, and would it have the same effect regardless of the number of players?
  3. i hate staff 

    1. Hexoutx


      and i hate myself too

  4. I agree with this, it would make things easier, not having to download a mod in the forums to install something that would already be added in the game.
  5. uhmm, they're not ugly, they're just... hard to look at?
  6. Actually, I think it's pretty balanced the way it is now. There are some people that get shinys in just a few hours, you only need to search them, you will eventually find one.
  7. There used to be a lot of english players. Don't really know what happened to them lmao.
  8. Don't be that rude, he may have a different resolution of screen that doesn't let him to purchase without closing.
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