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  1. I agree with this, it would make things easier, not having to download a mod in the forums to install something that would already be added in the game.
  2. uhmm, they're not ugly, they're just... hard to look at?
  3. hmmmmmmmm

  4. Actually, I think it's pretty balanced the way it is now. There are some people that get shinys in just a few hours, you only need to search them, you will eventually find one.
  5. There used to be a lot of english players. Don't really know what happened to them lmao.
  6. Don't be that rude, he may have a different resolution of screen that doesn't let him to purchase without closing.
  7. I'm not your best friend.

    1. Rache


      My life is a lie.

  8. first comment of 2019

    1. Rache


      Only my best friend would be able to accomplish such a thing!

  9. tell me im pretty

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    2. Rache


      If you can confirm that you are in fact a bird, maybe. Birds are always pretty.

    3. Hexoutx
    4. Rache


      Birds are pretty. If you are a bird, you must be pretty.

  10. Creo que no hay más maneras de las que vemos en las configuraciones del juego, y estas proporcionan un incremento mínimo. De todas maneras te recomiendo que les eches un ojo, y que desactives cosas como el suavizado de bordes (MSAA) y V-Sync. Lo otro que podrías hacer es revisar tu PC, por lo que dices es bastante bueno, intenta actualizar los drivers (te recomiendo Driver Booster 5) y que hagas limpiezas de archivos que no utilices, intenta también borrar los eventos desde el visor de eventos de Windows y tener la memoria ram disponible. PokeMMO es un juego que no pide mucho, es por ello que no se le ha dado mucha importancia a su rendimiento. Personalmente creo que el problema puede ser de tu equipo. I think that there aren't more options that what are in game settings, and these doesn't make a difference in the performance. Anyways, i recommend you to look at them and to desactivate things like MSAA and VSync. Another thing that you could do is to check-out your PC, for what you say it's a good PC, so try to update your drivers (I strongly recommend you Driver Booster 5) and to do some cleanup on your system, you should try to delet some events in the Windows event viewer, and to have some memory available when you play. PokeMMO is a game that doesn't need much to work, that's why the game hasn't many options for its performance. I personally think that the problem might be your PC.
  11. >:( Dont you dare to have a bad christmas

    1. Rache


      I'm having a nice one, as I hope you are, best friend.

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