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  1. that shiny goldeen is legendary xD
  2. Team events this weekend January 4-6th 2019! Just a friendly reminder , members please check team info and discord for rest of the info. There will be prizes up to 60m from donations of other commander + ranked. Hope we can enjoy another New Year together off right xD.
  3. I noticed a lot of people buy a ton of "limited items" and just sit on them. Some guys buy 20 or 50 and sit. They end up making what like 100-150m + doing nothing but spending their cash on here. While they have people actually grinding all day long. Some people did island and gym runs all day long 10 hours. And these other guys sitting around doing nothing. Making more cash than them just spending money. This is basically a pay to win kinda game. While people actually gotta grind. Halloween and Christmas events are different. At least you make decent amount grinding for this amount of time yo
  4. I thought we was playing pokemon. Why are vanity so rare and expensive in the first place lol.
  5. Character: Shiny Charizard & UmbreonName: SirReezy Team or any text: GxNo Background: Scenery background
  6. Team Pictures https://imgur.com/a/PUWrsTz Team Headquarters: Undella Mansion Ch.5
  7. Team Members GxNo's Boss SirReezy GxNo's Executives SirDusty Hyperchaser Quakkz GxNo's Commander DrChansey Pandabuba Lightningvolt lolnoopkiller GxNo's Officer DKnyt EazyDog Gilan Ralts Technoloqic danydon Kayrow Riesz Meltdown MaxwellTennyson ConanJoestar JakiroMax PoseidonWrath GxNo's Members GymLeaderZak Xenocider MissBliss Ishean BetaMan Dianinha EmmaW
  8. Welcome to team GxNo! Team Infos We are a team of mostly shiny traders and occasional competitive player. We are a fairly fun team with great spirit. Most of our higher rank players help with shiny values and all have a task to do within the team. As far as competitive scene goes , we will host at least one of those a week with prizes. We also do other events within team. We don't tolerate cheating , scamming of any person , constant annoyance , negativity , or condescension on any other tea
  9. If iv's ignored then around 100~ This is true no one's selling anything close to shinies worth in pure. Everyone selling stuff to hold cash just to snipe nowadays. Also everyone scared of shiny crashes because of this chinese invasion. Which makes this market even worser than it was before. Only way getting rare shinies now is to snipe which is sad.
  10. Yeah there's a ton of rares with same encounters that's much nicer selling only 40M. Since this is the first one probably fetch for more maybe 100~ imo
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