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  1. SirReezy

    Shiny Toadstool Lottery

  2. SirReezy

    Shiny Toadstool Lottery

    Shiny Breloom Level 50 31/23/23/14/0/9 Female Evs: 252 Attack 2 Defense 4 Sp. Atk 252 Speed Nature: Adamant Moves: Mega Drain / Mach Punch / Seed Bomb / Spore 100 Tickets. Price per ticket = 250k Lottery will begin and winner will be selected when all tickets are sold. Staff Member @Jerryzoo is holding the Shiny Breloom and will be drawing a random number selecting the winner. IGN: SirReezy Mail me the money in-game or if I'm online, we can trade too. In case two people select the same number, the person who made post reserving it 1st gets it. (No payment within 24 hours = that number will not be reserved) All the best.
  3. SirReezy

    Value Advice

    Oh dang that’s a good offer lol. I was goin say 20+ but the markets been dead: I was spamming few comp shinys for awhile. Got nothing amazing offered. Good luck on the sale bro.
  4. SirReezy

    Value Advice

    My comp Lotad eggmove b/o was 12. I’d value it 12-15.
  5. SirReezy

    Value Advice


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