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  1. SirReezy

    daryl ev service , i buy nu pokes

    how much for ev + lvl to 50 i have a lot i need done
  2. SirReezy

    Value Advice

    If iv's ignored then around 100~ This is true no one's selling anything close to shinies worth in pure. Everyone selling stuff to hold cash just to snipe nowadays. Also everyone scared of shiny crashes because of this chinese invasion. Which makes this market even worser than it was before. Only way getting rare shinies now is to snipe which is sad.
  3. SirReezy

    GxNø Team thread

    closing this off soon and adding new team thread.
  4. SirReezy

    Value Advice

    Yeah there's a ton of rares with same encounters that's much nicer selling only 40M. Since this is the first one probably fetch for more maybe 100~ imo
  5. 6v6 OU members only this Wednesday 1 P.M. Central US Timezone or UTC + 2 8 P.M. 1st prize Shiny Herdier 2nd prize 250k. Hide and Seek will be Thursday around 6 P.M. 100k per round.
  6. Winners Catching Event : 1st JakiroMax 1M 2nd xRest 250k Catching Event: 1st Lognus Shiny Corphish 2nd JakiroMax 500k OU Unofficial 6v6 1st Rynners Shiny Steelix 2nd CHUCKunso Shiny Stunfisk 3rd Aerun 500k https://challonge.com/u4etgzkn
  7. SirReezy

    Friday Madness

    First event tomorrow (Friday) is 11am est 4pm bst. First event will be 6v6 OU. Followed up by 2-3 more events.
  8. SirReezy

    GxNø Team thread

    and i followed u
  9. SirReezy

    Friday Madness

    This Friday 11am EST or 4pm BST we will be hosting first event. 6v6 OU Comps for shiny prizes will be hosted. Friends are invited to this event. After this event we will have catching and hide and seek , only members will be participating in these two events. At night we will close it with another small prized comp 6v6 OU tournament. 4 Shiny Prizes as gifts and $$ Don't miss out on Friday Madness!
  10. SirReezy

    Bruce's Daycare - EV Training and Leveling

    Hey Bruce , I have a few pokes I need to level up. I'll mail it to you along with the money bro.
  11. SirReezy

    Akshit's Asylum [Comps]

    I'll take 70-79 akshit bro.
  12. SirReezy

    Value Advice

    Oh dang that’s a good offer lol. I was goin say 20+ but the markets been dead: I was spamming few comp shinys for awhile. Got nothing amazing offered. Good luck on the sale bro.
  13. SirReezy

    Value Advice

    My comp Lotad eggmove b/o was 12. I’d value it 12-15.

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