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  1. thx for the answers :). I know that RNG is sometimes a scumbag, it cant help though that the extreme cases are way more usual than the usual case ( every forth turn paralysed :D ).
  2. Well im already playing here for a while, but im still confused how paralyse actually works here. There are often times u get paralysed like 2-3 times in a row, while sometimes u are able to move for literally 10 turns straight. Thankful for some clarify :>
  3. Spotted the dedicated Conkedurr player. In my opinion there are enough reasons why conkedurr is busted right now: many people use walls, especially kinds like ferrothorn, milotic or blissey/chansey in teams, so it is easy to switch a conkedurr in and get the burn guts. With a combination of tpunch and drain punch alone, gliscor, venusaur and whimsi are the only pokemon not getting hit effectively by this combination. For the other pokemons you want to switch in, its pretty much a gamble. Even the case you predict correctly and be able to switch in the pokemon pachi mentioned above (well half of them with this nature/moveset are only viable vs conkedurr but may lose vs other ou matchup). Those pokemon can be countered reliably by the popular walls in ou without any worries (Chansey walling pretty much half). With conkedurr you need to take a risk; a wrong prediction and your switchin pokemon is pretty much gone. Dont forget he has recovery and a devastating prio move. The only pokemon in my opinion you can switch in without problems is Cofagrius. Even with his obvious weaknesses he gains more popularity for the sole reason to counter conkedurr. I also think we missing many pkm like zapdos, celebi etc. or some with their HA in order to have more reliable counters to conke.
  4. Are any other players here also experiencing this recent bug? Since the update trick wont switch the items anymore.
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