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  1. What's your fav pokemon

    ┬┐Is water your favorite drink?
  2. What's your fav pokemon

    I just love the color pattern and slick design of this lamprey. It is my trophy pokemon and i have caught some people off guard doing pvp.
  3. How long did it take you to get a shiny?

    600 hours deep into the game without really searching for one, a nice cash boost for unova comps
  4. Pokemon Release Failsafe

    That is a neat feature to implement and im already hoping that the devs look into it, but in the end it all depends which of the solutions is more compatible/easier to code into the actual game.
  5. Pokemon Release Failsafe

    I was trying to TAKE a scarf he had on, instead of putting him in my party to take the item i right clicked him and went thru the menues on auto mode since i was just releasing a bunch of bad pokemon i still had in the boxes. But the point is not to argue that my mistake was not a stupid one (which it was) but to prevent things that are valuable in our context from missing due to human error.
  6. Pokemon Release Failsafe

    Looking at how difficult is to actually breed and get your competitive pokemon is kinda sad that the only thing preventing you from accidentaly kissing them goodbye is a simple checkbox. It happened to me with a 5*31 adamant heracross, i just wanted to take a scarf he had, but absentmindedly released the bugger. I think that we need some system to make this kind of mistakes a tiny bit harder to accomplish. With this in mind i thought of a few options. - You can't release pokemon with an item equipped: Self explanatory, as long as you have your pokemon holding watever item, they are not allowed to be released. - Safe Boxes: There could be some boxes from where no pokemon can be released. - Thrash bin: A special box that saves the last 5-10 pokemon you released before they are gone forever. There are a ton of other options but you get the point, i know a few people with similar experiences as the one with my heracross and would be great to have something to prevent this happening in the future. Edit: Added Dinkle's suggestion to make it more visible
  7. PVP playstyle

    exactly my thoughts, i love having a strong deffensive core with a few sweepers as win condition.
  8. Shiny % from Breeding

    Its obviously 50/50, it happens or it doesn't
  9. Is PokeMMO dying?

    Its obviously dying, every day is closer to the day its done for.
  10. New crit rate

    That change only changes the fact that getting crit at the worst time would make you even saltier because the rate has been decreased and yet you are still being "haxed" to death. I don't really see how changing the rate would make any happier the people always complaining about rng in a game designed to operate under high variance.
  11. Selling breeders and breeding unova comps does it for me
  12. The stats are moving to the Unova version

    Talking about broken english, can't for the life of me figure what this guy is trying to say

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