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  1. Thank you! I've messaged him, waiting for a reply :)
  2. How do I add my new team to the Club subforum?
  3. Considering starting comp, probably LC. Anyone got any suggestions for a good team? :)
  4. Yeah apparently gym leaders can use them though, so I can get them that way but won't be able to actually own them :(
  5. Someone says you can find them, does anyone know where?
  6. So if a pokemon has "no flavor preferences" will any berry work to raise happiness? Or a specific one? The Eevee I want to raise happiness on is Serious if that helps.
  7. I just got kicked from the game/disconnected from the server. I was in a battle with one of the trainers on route 25 kanto, I beat her but the game didn't close the battle screen and then it kicked me...
  8. Thank you for the explanation :)
  9. How long do eggs take to hatch? I'm using flame body but this geodude egg is taking forever.
  10. Ah so its a tournament? Thank you! :) I've never seen it THAT busy before though. Apparently its a tourny
  11. Why are there so many people in Striaton City channel 1? https://imgur.com/NaBScTH
  12. I think it'll just add a new region to explore, and then new pokemon to use in comp once its been completed.
  13. Isn't that one pretty normal? I don't think you get the cross transceiver in Unova inventory either. I could be wrong though x
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