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  1. I didn't join forums until January 2018, but been playing since I think June 2014
  2. The feeling when you would be interested but your at work
  3. Yeah, I was thinking it helps us, and you wouldn't have to use it if you are someone who likes to do the leg work themselves :)
  4. I see your point but you wouldn't have to use it. It'd just be another helpful thing in the pokedex, like how it tells you the level your pokemon evolve at or what moves they can learn :)
  5. Yeah I finally figured out I needed the fire badge in hoenn but thank you for the guide, it'll be helpful :)
  6. Personally, I think some people deserve bans/mutes and its fair. For example, anyone who scams other people out of money or pokemon deserves a ban. Other people, however, get muted or banned for in my opinion silly reasons like they made a "offensive" joke. I've seen entire discussions about vampires and Trump (and sometimes both together) yet one small Dracula joke can get people banned. Basically, I say keep the bans/mutes for those who deserve them like scammers.
  7. Anyone know what badge is needed to use Strength in Hoenn? Someone told me Mauville but I have this badge and it still says I don't have the required badge
  8. Stickbow0


    I see your point, I think I just needed somewhere to rage about missing the shiny lol
  9. Ouch! That hurts lol 27th June 2014 was my first day.
  10. I love the game, I've played since 2014 and never actually left! One of the few online games I still play.
  11. Stickbow0


    Thank you, I'm sad too XD At least I'll always have the screenshot of the battle log
  12. Stickbow0


    I only saw "Shiny Persian" when I'd already hit Surf so there was nothing I could do lol I'll have to put sound on, but I just wasn't expecting a shiny when I was just levelling :)
  13. Stickbow0


    Yeah, but I still think it would help. It seems a few people have accidentally killed shinies.
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