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  1. Value on: Shiny karrablast Shiny Azumarill iv's not worth mentioning
  2. Welcome to PokeMMO!!!
  3. Okay, i will leave you with your own opinion about my statement. They take this more serious than anyone here, you will never see a group of 20-30 persons of any other community running for a pheno or whatsoever (one example) instead of blaming chinese hackers or bla bla, try to grind like they do.
  4. Because nobody puts as much effort as them? Asian Community is well know worldwide for their amazing effort in Platform/RPG Games. I'm not surprised with every shiny they found daily, they're so consistents, nobody here will ever understand that. ( sorry for my bad english :p)
  5. I remember that you only need 31's on the iv's you will invest ev's. 30=31 without invest
  6. @Kyu can we get personalized team ranks in this next update? :)
  7. OHHHH!!! LIT :) Thank you so much hihi <3 :)
  8. I need  ur Service T_T

    1. PrettyMelody


      Taking a break from the game haha :) i will be back soon

    2. SarahPotato


      ok, come back now!, poser!

  9. Hey! Any idea on the value of Shiny Furret and Phanpy?
  10. Definitly looking for the "nerf" on those PP max/Up prices. Also some abilitys and moves added, would be cool.
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