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  1. Looks a bit messy. EDIT: I made this little abomination.
  2. Duskull wants your soul (backsprite is not that great). EDIT: With a scythe? EDIT2: Some improvement to her frontspite? and changed some of her color palete.
  3. Chingling science :3 (I'm not sure if I'll be able to make a backsprite for her, since both chingling and masquerain backsprites are not compatible with each other). EDIT Kecleon with a mustard hair... ;_;
  4. And the award for the worst looking backsprite goes to... I just found this decent looking rayquaza sprite from a random japanese board, but unfortunately the backsprite is too big. EDIT:more pics This mew is kinda cute. maybe we can use this zapdos sprite for another bird pokemon.
  5. Some changes to meowstic. Espurr backsprite (her ears may need some fixes).
  6. I do have an idea for the female form(kinda), but the male form is troublesome. Is it even possible to add a pokemon with two forms in the game?
  7. Is this espurr good or not? I tried to make her look like this.
  8. I wish I could help, but I've zero skills when it comes to coding and stuff like that. so good luck. Is there a way to update leaf jewel google drive? since he's/she's offline.
  9. I'm not sure whether I made her backspite worse or better.
  10. Moegod is not very impressive (I wanted to give her the same golden wheel around arceus to her, but I don't know where should I put it). EDIT: She also need a better clothes to match arceus character.
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