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  1. [Sig] Matt's Free Signatures

    Hi, how come you could take the tag out of my team?
  2. [Sig] N's Free Sig

    Character:FeraligatrName:Aqua Team or any text:最強の生存 Background: Abstract
  3. [Sig] Matt's Free Signatures

    S2 S2
  4. [Sig] Matt's Free Signatures

    Name: AquaBoyrs Team (optional):PKDV Background (optional):you decide Render (Pokemon/Character):Feraligatr Custom Brush/Userbar
  5. Garchomp's catchable

    Of course not Garchomp is not too many top tried to pick up gible and comp make it would be difficult for others in the duel and also think that there is no way to get gible in a part of unova other than in BW2 think
  6. When will the next update be?

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