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  1. Mailing my bet money closer to the end of the week, out of town for a bit
  2. aren't shitposts supposed to have english translations
  3. 50k unless Specified, void if sub/activity/jajanetdie, 2 takes each Venezuela A VS Argentina A LC - IIDanielII VS Gasai 100k Doubles - xshadow VS Tito 100k @MiraiZura Peru A VS Belgium UU - Thuxs VS Mknz 100k NU - RaiderOP VS Kriliin @MiraiZura Spain VS Rest Of America OU - KiwiKIdd VS YeYoXD @MiraiZura 50k @Daifang100k Africa VS China B NU - Tawla VS Wyqnibaba @Zymogen @varietypaul SMOU - Agrat VS Iaputafans 400k Brazil VS Columbia A UU - Quakaroto VS Camilo China A VS Brexit 2.0 OU - MentalSoft VS Lvke 100k NU - MullenYu VS Zymogen @MiraiZura @Zymogen SMOU - Starmind VS LifeStyle @MiraiZura @Zymogen Canada VS Rest of Asia UU - Gbwead VS SweetForU @MiraiZura 50k @Daifang100k Venezuela B VS Rest Of Europe OU - Zacmorals VS Rynners @Taystee NU - Frankiel VS TohnR 100k
  4. @MaatthewMLG owes me 100k, @MiraiZura owes 250k atm (could be 200k or 300k if epic/coolio play, otherwise it's void)
  5. https://challonge.com/ItsBulkingSeason
  6. Signups are open! Changing to Channel 4 to avoid clutter/easy transition to spectate World Cup matches
  7. Signups are in 8 minutes, just post your ign here or dm me to enter!
  8. Details Tournament Mode | Unlimited Players | 6v6 Monotype Fighting. Subtypes are allowed (Ex. Dark/Fighting etc) Date & Time Explanation Sunday, May 17th | Time 4PM EDT Registration Registrations will open 1 hour prior to the tournament. Post your IGN here or dm IGN: Cali to enter. Location Saffron City's Dojo (Kanto) Ch.4 1st Place Prize Careful (30/28/28/x/30/28) 1M  2nd Place Prize 1M 3rd-4th Place Prize 600k 5th-8th Place 400K 9th-16th Place 250K
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