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  1. rushed, but mailed money to the winners ty for participating
  2. Bored, so 250k to everyone who beats this score 1. k9 2. enchanteur 3. mkns 4. axellgor 5. mlhawk 6. sebat 7. heichicoda 8. luke
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10QagyBsS1Kyrs1mGLoKdNwx2NX6qdB3AiFhZ3-LrKAk/edit?usp=sharing there's your sheet, happy hunting
  4. smog mocks ran full rosters, but I'll reduce it to 5 per team to accommodate for the drop off into mmoland, same prize
  5. Late but idc: So here are your managers: And here are your players: Your job? To predict (5 players per manager) which players get sold to which manager! You'll be scored from 0-40 based on how many you get correct, and the highest score (post auction) gets 1M. In the event of a tie, the first poster wins the money. Managers can participate (up to you if you want to reveal picks), and each team must have at least one player signed up each of the 5 tiers (OU/UU/NU/LC/DUBS). Other than that, glhf and maybe you can influence what goes down in the real auction 🤔 oh and if I get at least 10 entries I'll double the prize
  6. #NewTourNewDrama#OhShitHereWeGoAgain#IsCoachingAllowed#NoActivity#LCPL>WorldCup#ArcaBadLC#CoolioBadLCToo#ZigzagoonBroken#LCSundayLeague#RIPMurkrow#XD#LoMejorDePonytaEsSuIncreibleVolumen#PVE>PVP#TaillowsGrounded#MienfoosDown#ScraggysSagged#CaterpiesBurnt#LegendsDied#VivaBolivia If you have any questions ask your manager or check the general thread Regular Season Round Robin: Bracket Pool FINALS Overheat Charmanders (2) Vs Luxurious Luxrays (3) OU1: Kiiritox vs Tawla OU2: WarwitoX vs Azphiel UU: YEYOxD vs PoseidonWrath Doubles: imabetheverybest vs Gasyflour SWSHLC: Mendeez vs Urquidi BRONZE Rare Rayquazas (4) Vs The Legends Never Die () OU1: CHUCKunso vs SnowOT OU2: Filantropia vs Awallz UU: BartekDolar vs Poufilou Doubles: RohMartinez vs Yjos SWSHLC: AkaruKokuyo vs Sebat Deadline Sunday, 28th of November at 11:59 PM GMT Don't forget to PM your opponent ASAP! Remember to post your scheduled battle time in this thread or the discord at least 10 minutes before it starts. All battles shall be played in Vermillion Channel 4 PC. Also don't forget to post team previews in the #tp-screenshots section of the discord. A duel can be deemed void if this doesn't happen. https://discord.gg/wbx5pmACQk We'll be using usage data for the future implementation of NU and tier movement ty
  7. I think a valid solution would be to just never let Kanzo vote on anything
  8. IGN: Cali Time Zone (UTC format): -5 Tiers: ABD (all but doubles) Fluff: I’ve got a mean scavenger hunt catch time
  9. Fairly certain I'm in the lowest tier regardless, so feel free to do whatever you'd like
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