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  1. Not gonna play, @Lightningvolt you can invite the next best, thanks
  2. tentative, idk for sure if i can make it. if i cant play can i pick someone to take my spot or is it just gonna go to the highest reserve?
  3. calidubstep


    In-game name: Cali (Optional)Forum name: Calidubstep Country: USA/have fam in UK Tiers signed up for: Everything (prefer OU/UU/NU)
  4. calidubstep

    Butlers wager thread II

    bo3 for 150k
  5. calidubstep

    What you think about doing a World Cup?

    lf fellow usa people to carry me
  6. hm might have to go lose some more tours soon
  7. not sure how i feel abt this. cause im placing in everything thats not dubs but when dubs happens in the actual tour im pretty much a bye for someone [spoiler] this post is actually a flyer for dubs couches, i pay the good yen [/spoiler] sad i cant even spoiler
  8. calidubstep

    Summary of Team Tournaments 2018

    remember that one time dubs was a thing and we almost tore through? will always be one of my best moments on here <3
  9. oh i forgot abt this. uhh ill catch laz and finish this. eventually
  10. calidubstep

    Butlers wager thread II

    its aliiiive :o
  11. calidubstep

    [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    How many days till Christmas
  12. calidubstep

    Christmas Tag-Team Tourney

    is this still happening
  13. @Zymogenand @xSparkie's scoring system for rise's thing seems fairer. weighs player host/ccs less which they should be, one of yall link it

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