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  1. not to side with fred or anything, but lc damage rolls can get depressing at times
  2. @ApacheHelicopter you can post about your match around 60 minutes in, that way we'll only have to see the other half of it
  3. so you are or? make two more alts then
  4. I am proud to announce that I have gym ran/sold enough dittos to be able to lose all of these bets and be left with exactly $307. With that out of the way: Bolded are 50k unless specified, taking 1 per unless specified, void if subbed/no contest Krafty Krooks (0) Vs Munya's Kecleons (0) OU: coffeehot vs lunarck @gbwead UU: EVLGOON vs urquidi NU: Butler vs nikhilr @NikhilR Doubles: xSparkie vs Oltann 100k Gardevoirs of the Galaxy (0) Vs The Raging Noctowls (0) NU: Hopy vs Abstractt (dear god bring a wall breaker) @ApacheHelicopter Doubles: Julian vs AlejandroGB 100k Spared No Expense (0) Vs The Beefy Bouffants (0) UU: EpicVerde vs Frags @MaatthewMLG NU: AurumPegasus vs Sejuani @MaatthewMLG LC: Lotus vs Cali (I will take 1 more for 50k, first come first serve :P) @MaatthewMLG @[email protected] SMOU: Zokuru vs gunthug @MaatthewMLG NU: Titinn vs Zymogen @MaatthewMLG
  5. It’s a joke lmao though id love to see him carry a team of people who didn’t get picked edit: I’m truly sorry I’ve detracted everyone’s attention from “sinnoh soon?”
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