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  1. Team Name: Ever how is Team Tag: Lo Team Manager: EverDaryl Number of TT won: all Players with an official win: zDaryl, EverDaryl, DarylDixonTWD, Excavalier, Serfetched
  2. @PoseidonWrathwill host this one, signups are open in a little over 12 hours from now! (10:30 EST)
  3. still lf lc ladder Current Invite Holders Details Tournament Mode | Unlimited Players Send all duels as Lv.5 Untiered Semis and Finals Bo3 Date & Time Sunday, February 28th | Time 11AM ET | Check your time zone --> https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20210228T160000&p1=tz_et&p2=141&p3=155 Ban List Location Silph Co. (Saffron, Kanto) ch.4 Registration will open 30 min prior to the start of the tournament! To enter, you can either post your IGN in this
  4. Refer to for why we're doing this. For the next round of tournaments, we're going to be testing an unban of Trapinch. Diglett will remain banned. The unbanning of Trapinch was unanimous and we will monitor how it will change the pace of duels going forward. For now, Diglett will stay banned, and we will revisit it next cycle. Voting: These changes will be in effect starting March 1st (after the 2nd invitational):
  5. 34,269 eggs made, 1st horde eving for [email protected] and.... #eeveeofthepond? #imgonnarunoutofeeveeofsbythetimeihatchone
  6. Decided to focus on running and funding the invitational tournaments, so gonna cancel these events and focus on incorporating other tiers into random tag team events soontm (lc included ofc) @Revzlock up
  7. https://challonge.com/LCPBT1 Congrats to Hernjet for winning this month's invitational! Prizes for 1-16th will be mailed soontm And I'll be sure to wait a bit before closing the bracket next month, people are apparently really good at signing up after the time it's supposed to start (or u guys could sign up on time????) ty for coming though!
  8. Just a reminder, signups for this are opening in about 11 hrs and 13 min!
  9. rip lc ladder As promised, here's the first (and possibly last-- will get into that later) of the LC invitational tournaments: Details Tournament Mode | Unlimited Players (at least 32 needed to keep the series alive) Send all duels as Lv.5 Untiered Date & Time Sunday, January 31st | Time 12PM ET | Check your time zone --> https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20191128T193000&p1=tz_et Ban List Location Silph Co. (Saffron, Kanto) ch.4 Registration will op
  10. So I'm dumb and forgot tt's are the last saturday of every month, gonna move these tags to the 3rd Saturday of every month. To make up for this the first tag will be moved to Saturday, Feburary 6th, and we'll just have 2 in that month
  11. Reminder that the first invitational is this Sunday, 1/31! Post with the time etc soontm
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