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  1. Congrats to the Z Warriors(@Navetas, @NagaHex, @kiwi, @JasonSparrowX, @Zhikodark) For taking First place and 25m +2.5k RP!! (money wasn't worth the time it took ik but hope it was at least fun) @aldahirramirez and his group (Fibraxxxx, Wrathend, Robertramirez, thuxs) On 2nd place! Aaand @Sebat and @Frag With solid semifinal runs for their teams!! Was a good run and way too much time spent (thank u verm), but ty to the people who made it worth it (and to whoever dm'd me on dc, no, I'm not selling the scythe for euros, I'm leaving with it). cya on the other side ^.^
  2. Congrats to: Past (aldahirramirez, Fibraxxxx, Warthend, Robertramirez, thuxs) Geto +4 ( Frags, LKrenz, Sejuani, enchanteur, yosoyarca) Z Warriors(Navetas, Nagahex, Kiwikidd, JasonSparrowX, Zhiko) . (Sebat,TiToooo Moisessss Santiiii Redav) For advancing to the semifinals!!! Per request of the semifinalists, the Semis will take place tomorrow at the same start time as today. Dm me if you still have questions about the format; there is some strategy to the placement of players after the initial 5 matches. https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20200322T190000&p1=tz_et Which means I get to be on mmo for one more day yay(?) Because we're starting again on a different day and I need to hurry up and quit this game, please be ready to start at the agreed upon time ^^^ Edit: There's a UU tournament at the same time, we can wait if anyone is still in that by the time the semis start.
  3. https://challonge.com/OneLastDance https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZG7h3UY9McLwTrBWQ-S1kDombct2XAZ8OGlYYYP3XjI/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Congrats to past (aldahirramirez, huargensy, thuxs) on winning first prize!! And NO EXIT OF HOME (Brianattackpro, YeyoXD, Darkquiler) for taking 2nd! See you guys tomorrow!
  5. A few notes before tomorrow's tournament: -It's getting pushed earlier by 1 hour since it'll take a while. -The shifting tiers for elimination matches will only take place starting in the QUARTERFINALS and afterwards. It'll be a lot more feasible to communicate with 4 sets of players instead of 16 -ALL SECONDARY ELIMINATION MATCHES WILL BE OU BEFORE THE QUARTERFINALS for simplicity purposes early on. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZG7h3UY9McLwTrBWQ-S1kDombct2XAZ8OGlYYYP3XjI/edit?usp=sharing ^^ template sheet for tomorrow -reminder to play up until Jubilife in Sinnoh if you want to participate
  6. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MKXJHyNwY8kMjTh7uABOK8Omywy5WMtToFqJfXEj9uo/edit?usp=sharing https://challonge.com/BackToSquare1
  7. Signups in 15 min, I’ll be on closer to start time
  8. Am poor sry. Just practice for the 5 person tour tomorrow, I made it 25m 2.5krp for first
  9. Happening in abt 16 hours, will have a live spreadsheet to keep track of who wins etc
  10. The main room of the terminal is blue, I'll be calling that the blue room. If needed, overflow matches will occur in the green or red rooms. To enter, just step into the respective colored panels. There are pcs in all 3 rooms Similar to the example spreadsheet, I will have a live spreadsheet going throughout the tournament for people to track individual wins as well.
  11. Soo sorry the location of the last tournament sucked, making up for it here Details Tournament Mode | Single Battle | Unlimited Players | 6v6 Date & Time Friday, March 20th | Time 6PM EST (or after parkes thingy)| Check your time zone --> https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20191128T193000&p1=tz_et Explanation Three vs Three Tag team Tiers: OU/UU/Dubs 2 Hour Time Limit on Matches This tournament will adopt the same rules as the one on Saturday. Meaning that all 3 players of one team have to lose before the other team can advance. When you lose, you're out for that round. A player will not play the same tier twice in one round. Ex: Team A Wins Dubs, loses OU/UU to Team B. The Dubs winner from Team A must face either the OU/UU player. If he/she faces the OU player, it will be a UU match. If it's the UU player it'll be an OU match. If the Dubs player (Team B) wins that match, he/she must then play the remaining winner in the tier he/she has not played this round. un ejemplo ^^ Lmk if I need to explain that better Registration Registrations will open 1 hour prior to the tournament. Post your team here according to the format: Team Name: Registered Players: Team Captain: I will be relaying the rules to each of the captains as the tournament progresses Location Viridian City Ch4 First Place Prize 3M Second Place Prize 450k
  12. So I wasn't aware that many people never did the sinnoh postgame or sinnoh at all For those that made it, it'll be held here still For those that couldn't, I'll grind some cash and host another tomorrow in kanto ty for understanding
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