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  1. Had about 20 orders and they were all done within a day. Rlly good prices and great service!! 11/10
  2. I should not be able to waltz my way to the top of a living ladder within a week of learning the tier, come back after a year of not touching it and increase stats (scared of getting haxed off so letting it decay here) My point is, beating someone who just "picked their platinum team" (happened multiple times in "ladder" games) doesn't prepare me at all for a Sweet or a Gunthug or a Nik or a Linken or a Toast(?) (sry that's all the dpp people that came to mind). Like I doubt I'm close to you guys' level, and people wouldn't and shouldn't draft me for dpp, but if I wanted to get better, it's kinda hard to do with minimal competition.
  3. Feel like that's a bigger issue for the older showdown tiers (outdated moves/types/mechanics can lead to the tier being dominated by older players -> you'll just be seeing a bunch of old dead people clash -> not as inviting to potential breakouts). And if someone wanted to improve in SD, the practice and building materials would be a lot more abundant in a current meta (matches within seconds when queuing for vgc) as opposed to an older one (can take minutes to find dpp matches, and even then it may just be the same person over and over). Overall, it's an MMO event, so a showdown tier seems irrelevant in general, but if there has to be one, vgc would be my pick. Especially with the recent meta shift post DLC (adding new/old mons, moves, etc), a qualifier for x wouldn't necessarily be at an overwhelming advantage as it'll take time for everyone to settle in and you can use that time to bridge the gap.
  4. Imo I think this gens vgc was rlly newcomer friendly; people can perform well in it given time and effort. If showdown has to happen, why not play a current format
  5. Team Name: Viva España (and friends) Team Tag: VIVA Registered Players: JasonSparrowX, Zigh, Samoerai, Cali, Chuckunso, Rynners Team Captain: Chuckunso
  6. assuming the rest of the matches wont happen, @MiraiZuraowes me 150k, @Stelian 50k, and @GuaPizzz 100k ign: Cali
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