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  1. i wanna say it's 50/50 split buut that's why we upped the time haha
  2. This event has started! 1 hr 30 mins to catch your stuff GL !
  3. Starting in 23 min, and the prize has been bumped to 4m for first! Extended catch window from 1hr to 1hr 30 min
  4. you know the drill.. Date & Time Wednesday, 23rd June 2021 01:30 ET Time Zone Converter Catching Locations Kanto: Route 17 (Eevee) Kanto: Victory Road (Hitmonchan) Hoenn: Route 120 (Absol) Unova: Route 12 (Pinsir) Submission Location (Where the winners will be announced) Kanto's Indigo Plateau Ch.1 Duration 1 hour 30 minutes for catching An
  5. @Leoovs @MadaraSixSixhas been scheduled for 4pm Peru time tomorrow (Wednesday) with 125m on the line. Battle Pyramid ch4. Be there
  6. Will NiceHax @Leoo live up to their name and take the money and glory from SIÂ44 @MadaraSixSix? Find out Wednesday, time TBA
  7. First goes to CoreNuvBanJossue: Bund,xXSofydeLuftXx,danielz with 394! And 2nd to no u: Mayushii, KiryuMoeka, TheFrenchiestFry with 183! Cookies for QuieroDormirPofabo: Clayclover, Baeex, Wallarro with 385
  8. And that's time! 20 mins to submit entries at indigo plateau ch1!
  9. This event has started! See you guys in about an hour for submissions!!
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