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  1. i often see people not answering at all in channel chats, i know its channel 1, but i kinda worry about pokemmo dying :c what about you?
  2. Heya, im looking for the base sprite to create vanitys. thats about it, thanks for the help in advance
  3. Eyo, Guys! I thought of a Region, made by the Devs, completely from scratch and everything! Now, i know, the Unova Region isnt finished, a region from scratch would take long, but i think, a region for Pokemmo, made by the devs, would be a nice idea, new rivals, new places and maybe even new pokemons!... Probably not. But i would wish for a Region like that, you guys too? this here is an opportunity for the devs to let their thoughts and ideas out free on their own region! Lets discuss some Ideas, guys! Even tho, this idea might not be taken in, we can still discuss, right? What would you add in that region? Write it down below! Cya~
  4. Can my Riolu/lucario atleast have a scarf?
  5. It WOULD take a lot of time, but i think, it would be worth it, i would take part in that project too. for free!
  6. Some other Ideas suggested from the Community Dragonite with Ushanka Squirtle with Blue Bow Sudowoodo with Black Tuxedo Leafeon with golden Ribbon Wigglytuff with white Hoodie Geodude with Tophat
  7. But it would be awesome if they added Pokemons with different outfits <3
  8. Eyo, Guys! I had been thinking about clothing for Pokemon, so i took a pokemon, in this case, a lucario and gave it 3 different clothing pieces just to make a preview My Wish is, that Pokemon could be more individually! The only way, a Pokemon can differ its look from its species, is trough being shiny. I want you all to think, if you would like this idea of getting built into the game or not! And if you cant imagine that yet, here is a preview of a Lucario in a Blue Cape, with a Breeders Bandana and a green Poncho! Click here for the Preview If you have any Wishes, of what pokemon should wear what, tell me! See ya :P
  9. Eyo, Im Digibit I'm 15 Years old and Male. I have been playing PokeMMO for quite a while now and i enjoy this. I created my own Team for experienced Trainers, the Team is named "Enitorena" I am a hobbyist EV Trainer, who enjoys the work, but also slacks off I really hope, to be known someday for my hard work and my Pokémon I speak two Languages, German and English. My final wish for myself is to help out newlings in any way i can! Thats all of my Introduction, i guess? Cya! - Digibit c:
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