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  1. As im sure those of you that know me are aware of, I have not been as active as I used to be recently. Ive found another MMO that ive loved for past few months and been putting the all free time I have into it as im also working with the devs on some of the pvp features in it. I just felt like I needed to explain why I haven't been active on here as this community and especially this team is full of some of the nicest people (besides Monkey <3). Ive played this game for 4 years now and this team is the biggest thing that kept me coming back. I will still try and pop on sometimes to check up on team and how everyone is doing and maybe pop on join a tournament sometime. But, im no longer going to be much active at all. I always felt so welcomed and ive made so many friends on here especially the likes of Waldo, Keyys, MM, and almost everyone on the team. I could not of asked for a better team to be a part of. @MathewMatI mailed you my worm, ik you hate it but pls don't release it. Give to Waldo if u don't want ; - ;
  2. @RakuenX I love it Rakuen! Any way you can make the scolipede the red and teal colorway as the shiny? if not no worries :)
  3. charcter- scolipede shiny backround- something that looks nice with it :D text- PokeRams Lava Animated- yes, if scolipede could blink or sparkle or whatever you can do and animated text.
  4. is the drawing modeled after Cali?
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