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  1. Plankh

    Pokeball changer

    It would be great! Liked this idea.
  2. Plankh

    Shiny Cloyster 3x30 Lottery

    52 Tickets left! List updated.
  3. Plankh

    Shiny Cloyster 3x30 Lottery

    Shiny Cloyster3x30 Lottery IVs: 30/30/30/6/14/20 HP, ATACK and DEFENSE 30 Total tickets: 100 Tickets Price per ticket: 140k Remaining tickets: 0/100 Lottery will go on!  Start : 24/09/2018 IGN : Plankh GM Bilburt is holding the Shiny and will send it to the winner. To buy a ticket, please mail me in-game on: Plankh only, or private message / trade me if i am online. With the payment, you need to select and tell your desired numbers. First come, first served. You can’t reserve numbers. If you don’t give one, a random number will be selected .
  4. Please! Reduce the number of tickets... i have bought it when it ment to just 100 people... the tickets will never be sold this way.
  5. I want the numbers #100 and #22. Plankh

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