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  1. Hello, I am the player Guylherme that you answered the "Support Request", you gave me a link while I was away and asked me to make a post in the forum, I could not access that link, but I completed the post. Sorry to bother you. Thank you for answering. I'm sorry but once for having trusted these players.


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    2. Guylherme


      I talked to the player Pilokinhasz, he gave me the Mamoswine, and said Xablauziin was never reliable. I took a photo: http://prntscr.com/i9jhx1

    3. Guylherme


      updating the photo with conversations with Pilokinhasz



    4. Guylherme


      Some pokemons were returned except Tyhplosion (this one in the Xablauziin Account) that I paid 900k, and the Weavile (this one in the account of Xablauziin or Pilokinhasz) that I paid 500k, when trying to ask if he would return I received the message that he blocked me. As I said in Support that day I think he will pass the Pokemon to another account.

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