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  1. Ok then I kinda gave that a try, the only one I saw had these one frame sprites that didn't move. I forgot all about fairy type not being in these generations, thanks for reminding me :P
  2. I understand, the Gen 7 engine isn't needed to make this work, all that's needed is Sprite artist, and the people to put it into the game, not saying it's easy, but it's easier than porting a whole gen that uses models over sprites.
  3. I get it, there alolan Forms because you can only get them in alola, but Pokemon Let's go gave us these trainers from alola who would trade for Kanto counterparts. I'm not asking for the whole reigon and mechanics, but can this maybe be a minor update? Cause I love the alolan Raichu and Ninetails much more than their Kanto counterparts.
  4. I guess so ._. Also I like megas for design, I don't even get a lot of them. I get the ones I liked. So if I got a mega on a team it's not there for competitive reasons.
  5. It's not about me liking gen 6. I love the game just as it is. Mega Evolution is one thing but this is a genuine question that I just wondered if it was possible that's all. May I also point out that I beat the cartridge games, I beat Y, Sun&Moon, and Ultra moon. So I wouldn't be having much fun fighting wild pokemon I can 1 shot. (I don't like playing competitive)
  6. So hear me out, I know the real gen 6 can't be implemented like any other generation. However, this gives me a somewhat unique idea. If these rom hacks of B2/W2 show us making mega evolution isn't impossible in the engine there made on, is it possible to use the assets from all the previous gens (or just the assets from gen 5 idk) and make all the gen 6 areas in 2D? It would even lessen the strain on most computers rather than porting gen 6 and to have lots of pc's make the game run at low framerates. This can also leave the customizeable sprites intact.
  7. Ok first off I got the message that megas couldnt be implemented for the most part. Second part if this was so insufferable because I just wanted to see if it was possible to begin with, you didn't need to click on the thread. Lastly, some actual people helped me understand that most likely it isn't possible for many reasons. You're just adding gas to an electrical fire. To anyone who actually helped me understand thank you, you teached a dude who had no idea on modifying game coding, or making games in general understand how things can't just work at the snap of a finger. Sorry for a long message, I can't keep things short.
  8. No what I mean is if not many people like mega evolution, I wonder if people prefer z-moves. Not to be put into the game, just how people like it in general. Maybe I should have put that comment to a completely new discussion, or were you talking about the mega evolution concept?
  9. ok, so mega evolution sucks to the majority of people, now I wanna see how people think z-moves are.
  10. Anyway I seperated my suggestion in the actual suggestion box and this was a discussion I made a few minutes before that if I'm correct. Other than that, I just wanted to see peoples opinion and all I got was hate :P, and a fact that apperently they skipped gen 1 too in terms that a remake to a gen 1 game is still a gen 3 game.
  11. well the root of the topic is a discussion as it was over the fact will it come, and the fact that a few gens were skipped
  12. well the game was a remake of gen 1, the only things fire red added was running shoes, better graphics, and a way to trade said pokemon to ruby and sapphire
  13. Jeez, why are you hating so bad. It's a suggestion if anything it's up to the creators of the game anyway, I just wanted to see what people thought, not asking for people to call me "dumb" over it. If the metagame and mega evolutions are so messed up as you say, the creators can change things such as balancing issues.
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