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  1. I think it happens with pokemon with alternate forms
  2. I may go and get other forms, but i really dont like burmy enough to get it another 4 times... And yes they are done after being caught.
  3. I had a really easy time with the giratina fight, and none of my mons were really that great. I mean, garchomp was a carry for the whole game but its stats are not great.
  4. Im glad I got to finish this, thanks to all the pokemmo staff that make this game so fun! (Even when i do spend hours on honey trees)
  5. In-Game Name : TheGreatMe Come From : United Kingdom Picture Character : Played Hours : 460 Hobbies : Gaming, Watching anime Wishes : To have a full living dex Favorite Pokemons : Darkrai, Blaziken and Meloetta Favorite Colors : Black and Gold Favorite In-Game : Filling the living dex and shiny hunting! Favorite Animes : Your lie in april, Angel beats and Karakuri circus Favorite Meals : Meat balls and pasta, Pizza Beside PokeMMO : Terraria and more pokemon, Sometimes games with freinds
  6. Finally done... I don't know if I will start working on Sinnoh yet, or if I will wait for it to come out SoonTM.
  7. Suprisingly only 284 hours have been put into this account, so take out the time I spent going through each region and that is not all too bad.
  8. I am looking forward to it, though getting them all as my OT is quite difficult.
  9. Kanto Dex Johto Dex Unova Dex Hoenn Sinnoh This has been a really fun time and a great experiance, can't wait to see what the do with the legends! (Ps pls make burmy easier... i feel bad for people like me when its the last one you need and you use like 60 honey to get 3 lol) Just need to get a like 2 mons that disappeared from other spots and a togetic back then im fully done! Thanks for this amazing game guys and here's to more!
  10. IGN TheGreatMe , Title Nightmare in Pokemon Tower, 583 Words
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