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  1. You're a big fat doodoo head.

    1. MarleyRose


      I don't even know your damn DN username

  2. Get on DN uguu

  3. Mods are literally Dracula.

  4. This is the internet, if you're old enough to go on, you're old enough to take a few "Fucks" or "shit" every now and then. Stop coddling the youngsters, they're already playing something in legal gray area.
  5. Who still plays the game? ISHYGDDT...

  6.   That makes no sense, if the price of a masterball was down then where does the reason why the price has gotten that far down.
  7.   I was being serious though.
  8. Why not 50million? That's reasonable right?
  9. Dev

    Hello everyone

      Only quoting the qt3.14's I see?;)
  10. Dev


    Desu looks cute in a dress:3333
  11. Dev


      Thank you! ^_^ i was wondering wen we would get good mature french players, amirite??;P   Welcome! Have fun!
  12. Dev


      Welcome, if you need a battle partner just hmu, pm me if you need anything, I like your name too its nice;)<3
  13. Dev

    Hi, I'm xGilanx

        Damn, you've been on for a long time (June 2013! Holy crap)   And 1000 Horseas? I don't have the attention span for that xDDDD   Welcome though bro.
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