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  2. So, you guys know when those sound glitches happen? well if I don't do something to change the song ie. I'm in a battle or something then eventually my game will crash. I think the sound glitch is linked to the crash because I might be hearing the OG soundtrack cutting in when it crashes. I hope you can look into this because the sound glitch is pretty ear destroying for my followers and I. If it was just me playing bymyself I'd deal with it but I have to turn it off most of time because of stream. Is there any logs I can post, or clips to help?
  3. Hey great work you have done here I appreciate the effort, i too hate the blocky back sprite gifs, this looks nice but the fluid look due to the effects are a tad too much. I am still going to use it and see if i can get used to it Thanks alot
  4. Today
  5. So, for pokémons that need trading in order to evolve, i thought of a cool new option for a safer way of doing that with strangers: -A checkbox during trade that reads "Evo-Trade" that can only be checked when the pokemon being traded is able to evolve through trading. When that checkbox is marked by Both players, Those players will both get to watch the pokémon evolving,and when the trade is done,the pokémon is automatically given back to it's owner,without the other player needing to trade it back. Just something i thought that could end up reducing some scams.
  6. Not to mention you don’t even get to keep it after N and Ghetsis fights
  7. Thank you! Good price, fast service. Totally recommended!
  8. suigin

    Value Advice

    How much could I sell this for?
  9. There is currently no ETA on the arrival on Platinum. Anything regarding Platinum can be found here on the forums if any additional information gets posted.
  10. Most things are tradable or re-obtainable aside from what Tyrone already listed. And I'm pretty sure they said 100% scary hockey mask and other untradable event only vanitys/items were never coming back - only the tradable ones have the possibility to iirc
  11. There is no ETA. It will be out when it's finished
  12. Hello, this is awesome but Zebstrika backsprite has an sparkling error... can you fix it? It is like a black screen going in and out every few seconds... it's very disgusting :(
  13. we had the open beta but then there was no news about when it will arrive pokemmo, does anyone have any news of when it will probably arrive?
  14. Whats is the more easy of three league? And the money is equal in every region league?
  15. Underground Path Between Rt 7 and 8 (East of Celadon, Kanto), Ch1 Aug 20th, 11PM EST RULES: Must use 1 Togepi holding a leppa berry Must send the duel in Tournament LC mode (This scales the level down to 5) The Togepi used must only use the move METRONOME (if a move is rolled that locks metronome like disable/imprison/torment, rematch. It's a 1v1 so this is not negotiable). If all 20 metronomes have been used up, the player is allowed to struggle. Any other move used will result in an auto win for the other player PRIZES: 1st: 3M Amulet Coin x25 2nd: 500k Amulet Coin x5 3rd/4th: 250k Amulet Coin x1 This tournament will start about 7 hours from this post To register, pm me (IGN Cali) or post IGN here 30 min before the start of the tour!
  16. Hello!! Can I have the next one please: TEMPLATE IGN: Mivadeth Theme Subject: Alakazam ( and all evolution line on the login screen, JUST in the login screen ) Color: Dark golden + Black Text (default or custom?): Default should do the job, if you think you can make it better, then do it! :) Donation? (100k minimum): 120k I already sent the money ^^ Thank you!
  17. dankchu you sexy lipdip :p @LipeHaru
  18. Oh my... This thread is simply delicius just like you hammy boi <3 @MGRazor
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