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  2. network decided to suck today for about 15 minutes, it resolved itself. No ddos / etc.
  3. or maybe he just wanted to be placed high enough for a reward.
  4. Well i think if this boy really DDoSed you he would down everyone on the tournament and then win. You just had bad luck with you net at the wrong moment i guess
  5. What this guy is selling and how he conducts his trades has nothing to do with anyone. Idk why you guys deliberately keep antagonizing this player, but if you have smth to share with him do it in game.
  6. Obviously I wanted dpp to stay but to GB’s credit, this is a pokemmo competition and I do think it’s important to keep things related to our own meta if we can. This game has pretty much blown right by gen 4 so it’s hard to say dpp fits that bill. Sm ou, on the other hand, represents the horizon and shares a lot of good mechanics that mmo has updated. Its also a very accessible meta with a ton of resources for newer players. I think there will be some high quality matches for sure
  7. So I was playing the OU 128 tournament. Round 4 I meet this Bommo character. What I find suspicious is the moment I started winning (in a fairly guaranteed position), the server net cuts out for me. I was still using YT and everything, but I couldn't press moves, and I couldn't type to my friends, only able to use discord. It feels like I was ddosed, seeing as nobody else had internet issues and he used that to timer me out like the WC 2.0 game. It's not even like I'm in an area of unstable net (suburban Sydney), this was the only specific moment I had high ping count over 15000 here and it was the exact moment I was about to beat this guy. Is there anyway to check what happened here? That definitely wasn't in the spirit of competitive pokemon
  8. Im actually kind of hyped about SMOU and know plenty of other players who also are.
  9. Today
  10. Just use a timer 3rd party, clock in 5 mins 30 secs, and there you go.
  11. It certainly is, click on the hyperlink in my signature below to find out more information. I’m currently at work, so feel free to send anyone of officer rank or above a message and they’ll be sure to help you out :)
  12. Hello.this teqm is open recruitment?
  13. Congratulation to the winners! Chushine 11:26:19 AM UTC 170 xihuanwanrudahai 11:21:50 AM UTC 167 puchiye 11:33:20 AM UTC 163 highmath 11:55:43 AM UTC 17 Thanks for participating!! [email protected] @Lincsama @Deviluke thanks for being refs<3
  14. Is this the dude that found 3 ots in 24 hours or something back in the day? Im remembering roselia for some reason.
  15. I also love how you say your venusaur was 150m+ yet it doenst sell for 118m, and uber physical venu >>>> to stay on topic, 35m pure on it.
  16. Also, when I was manager last season, one of the most recordable moments in the whole thing were those few hours drafting players. I am sure I am not the only one who thinks this way.
  17. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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