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  1. Yesterday
  2. That would have to keep the player for challenging again for a while
  3. If you're still taking request could you make a JJBA music mod, I know there's one already but it doesn't have music for routes, I want one for all of the soundtrack. Only if you want to.
  4. Almost perfect, just add something to the town's/routes then it's perfect
  5. 1. sexyKorbi - 08:57:04 PM UTC - 159 2. fashionist - 08:21:59 PM UCT - 156 3. TohnR - 08:22:04 PM UTC - 156. 4. Aesk - 08:20:00 PM UTC - 155. ______________________________________________ A big thanks to the lovely staff members that were willing to lend me a hand. @Munya @Linfanz @MPDH @Raichuforyou @CommanderBlue And, self-evidently, a big thank you to all the players that participated! <3
  6. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
  7. I was saying that because of their poor strategy capabilities, but i think is better to make everyone receiving the same amount of money(100%)
  8. oh okay the problem is that i had alot more hours than that and pretty much completed the whole thing and i still dont have any characters left :(
  9. There is no automated deletion. During the past characters have been removed two times. You may find the critera for those deletions in the corresponding changelogs: I believe that if you ensure that your character meets one of the criteria, you should be safe from deletion in the future as well.
  10. Is there some sort of auto deletion on characters after you dont log in for some time?
  11. Maybe i won't finally, because i'm only gathering people in fact... Btw, are you interested?
  12. yeah man, you'll get very far organizing tournaments, taking a cut of the prize pool. Gl.
  13. How so much dedication into this ! Nice job and courage for Hoenn :)
  14. No to multiple instances of game on same device. Yes to mutliple instances of game on multiple devices.
  15. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone is interested in participating in a monotype tournament at Lavender Tower Summit. The tournament excludes, for practicity reason, the normal type(16 participants are required). Battles will be in tournament mode(because level 100 pokemon would always win). Players must pay a fee (50000 Pokedollars) and the winner will gain 80% of the total money(20% for me:-P) Also, if your team is insect or grass type, you will gain 90% of the money(you know why...) It will take place the 20/10/19 at 20:00 (UTC +0) P.S: My in-game name is JordanMoris
  16. Are we allowed to run multiple instances of PokeMMO on one device. If not, then are we allowed to play from one account per device (whilst playing on multiple devices). Thank you
  17. Suprisingly only 284 hours have been put into this account, so take out the time I spent going through each region and that is not all too bad.
  18. At the end of the day, all it matters is that you had fun while doing anything you like. Good luck with Hoenn quest! Tho tbh after Unova it should be piece of cake. Congratulations, pokemon trainer.
  19. Gratz, you have succesfully wasted x amount of your life something utterly useless. We expect great things from you.
  20. First episode of Hero Academy is out, i plan to watch it later today, Kimetsu no Yaiba was supposed to be 24 episodes, they will continue with the season, the next arc is really good and its something to watch if you have not gotten into yet, Radiant Season 2 is out, I loved season 1 So i will be watching season 2 as well, There are a lot of anime's to watch from past seasons and fall, so always something to check out, if i see any new anime's that are worth watching from fall, ill let you guys know so far we are just one episode in
  21. A little late but added @calidubstep Shiny Ditto to showcase grats
  22. I am looking forward to it, though getting them all as my OT is quite difficult.
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