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  2. When rocks are on the field and druddigon starts spamming dragon tail, it comes a point where you accept the paralysis just to get rid of Druddigon.
  3. yeah but have you considered the incredibly strong counter-ban argument that I'll repost below?
  4. I'm genuinely curious which fast/frail gallade revenge killers are being cold-switched in on druddi
  5. The problem right now is that the only viable playstyle in NU right now is hyper offense. Sweep before your opponent sweeps you. Duels don't last very long in NU for that reason. In this meta, having a pokemon like Druddigon setting up rocks almost guaranteed unless you run taunt on all your mons is just too good. Sure, you can send your own rocky helmet user on the Dragon Tail, but Dragon Tail will still hurt you and 2 pokemons will get hit by the rocks. Slowking getting paralysed is good late game, but it still won't be able to set up in front of Dragon Tail Druddigon that will gladly die after damaging your team, keeping rocks on the field and then capitalizing on the paralysis to set up/sweep. For instance, Gallade was previously mentioned as a big threat that is difficult to counter. Druddigon really doesn't stop Gallade at all. It can lose to the sub + bulk up set since Dragon Tail doesn't have a great chance of breaking the substitute and just gets OHKO by most SD sets. However, Druddigon will remove a lot of good revenge killers for Gallade with a simple Glare. People don't want to counter Gallade with walls, because walls in this hyper offense meta make you lose momentum and end up as baits for huge threats. Most people choose to revenge kill Gallade and that's where Druddigon is so problematic imo.
  6. Today
  7. Will do that with the standard sprites or just the ones with the back?
  8. She completed 14 pokemons for me so fast. Just unbelievable. The best breeder ever I met.
  9. I've searched for Moemon from Unova, and you're right, there's no sprite, but at least you can find Tepig and Pignite, if it's useful here I leave you the link of the two images I found: https://www.deviantart.com/luthica21/art/Tepig-288862722 https://www.deviantart.com/luthica21/art/Pignite-288862938 Also in DeviantArt I found a user who is doing Black and White Pokémon sprites I leave the link of his profile below: https://www.deviantart.com/luckygirl88/gallery PD: I'm sorry if I write poorly, I don't speak English, but Spanish.nish.
  10. Doesn't taunt prevent rocks or a glare para? I agree that rapid spinners take high damage from rocky helmet and rough skin, which is why it's in their interest to attack first before spinning. As the prevailing NU champion, here is my take on it: If Druddigon is running RH, it's not going to last forever, especially if you can toxic it. If druddigon tries to dragon tail you, you can switch in your own rocky helmet user to rack up the damage on it. Glare is a bit tough to play around, but it's not the end of the world if something gets para'd, especially if it's something slow as Steelix. Hell, being on the receiving end of a glare is super useful if you're wall like Slowking because that means no more getting toxic'd.
  11. Yes, you don't have to worry. :) your progress is not lost for changing regions. If you'd like to go back to the region you were previously before getting to the port city in the new region (before 2 badges), all you need to do is talk to your mother in the first city. She sends you back until you can reach the boat.
  12. Thank you I was scared that I will go away, and it would be the same the other way I leave the region im in rn it would be saved?
  13. Bold Nature 30-x-28-30-29-30 Shiny Rattata Female x-x-30-28-26-31 Dead Jump
  14. Your progress will certainly still be there.
  15. So before I started in a different region and then I took the boat to a different region. My question is if I go back to the region I started in will all my progress from that region still be there or would I have to do everything all over again?
  16. You can't knock Soy for speculating about what the meta would look like after a druddigon ban - to me, the ONLY ban characteristic he could fit under is Unhealthy, and that requires you to make arguments about how the meta would look without Drudd in it. Personally I don't see how gallade would be affected by his removal, as I don't think drudd is really discouraging U-turn right now and some posts seem to confirm that. However, speculating about a meta post-ban is really, really hard to do. There are a lot of butterfly-wing consequences that happen over time, which are really hard to theorymon. Therefore, if enough momentum builds for drudd being unhealthy, I think the only solution would be a suspect test. Take this with a grain of salt from an inactive player. However, after some fun discussion on discord today while annoying everyone in the PSL group, I've decided to take an interest in drudd and spec some higher level NU matches. Will report back
  17. I think we all know this. Yes, you only said personal opinions non based on relevant calcs. You made the discovery of the century. Look my calcs, are about the most common Gallade build, like there are more % usage pokes also there are more % usage sets. We are talking about Gallade in NU lol. Why Mamoswine is relevant here? This is the "NU tier discussion request thread", it's not only to talk about Druddigon. Anyways you started this discussion saying "Gallade has lots of counters, look better the pokedex" Never said I'm against banning Druddigon, I said that in my opinion It doesn't deserve a ban. And I said "the consequences of banning would be overexploitation of U-turn teams and Gallade could sweep easily" What? lol. I didn't say I dislike Gallade.
  18. nice work dude. I will wait for a complete version.
  19. Yes dude we need other mod with back sprites!!!
  20. O lugar correto para reportar um jogador é nesse link: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/28-player-reports/ Por favor lembre de na próxima vez que postar no fórum público, você deve acrescentar pelo menos uma tradução em inglês. Vamos verificar o caso depois que você reportar nesse link. Obrigada! - The correct place to report a player is at this link: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/28-player-reports/ Please remember that the next time you post to the public forum, you must add at least one English translation. We'll check the case after you report on this link. Thank you!
  21. I dont know the most, definitely far from it, you just know the least, or pretend to sometimes. Pachima went through the trouble to properly give you some answers, once again, they wont fully counter, consider them more as viable checks. May I remind you, how the golbat set change when gallade became of more usage. bad argument? xd Once again, wall breaker etc etc. Slowking isnt a good switch either if he packs leaf blade. Nor is sableye if by some miracle he packs toxic on the switch in, there's just no safe answer to everything, name me 3 mamoswine counters in the UU tier, or even 2, since I only really see bronzong as the counter definition and even that lacks a self recovery move so if hard chipped, mamoswine just tears you a new hole. They're made hard to wall. And once again, this isn't a discussion about gallade, but about druddigon, find motives why you're against banning him. You suggest that gallade will become strong, something he already is, you say uturn becomes viable? something it already is, and something you're still able to punish hard with proper gameplay. Also if you really dislike him, why not make a test ban discussion? find valid arguments and start it.
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