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  2. #697 ガチゴラス Gachigorasu 怪顎龍 怪颚龙 Tyrantrum Rexillius Monargoras 견고라스 Gyeongoraseu ID:MadeInPokemon
  3. “我有一个贼牛逼的想法,就差一个程序员了”.png
  4. 他们都会被制裁的,如果你发现了请在此举报: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/28-player-reports/ 祝你有个美好的一天!
  5. 还有不能发邮件给小号发精灵都不行 一天不玩
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  7. depend on the items it can go from 5 to 10% too iirc, it can be even low than that like example the lucky egg on chansey
  8. 大概就是mmo会同步8代的设定,例如:在1--7代,暴鲤龙是无法学会强力鞭打这个技能的,8代才能通过正常渠道学得,mmo会同步8代,使得在5代(mmo目前的世代)下,一些精灵能够习得这些技能,PS:一人血书,恶龙给个诡计
  9. 我再来,马马开,不对我蹲下一期
  10. For real, try Swalot pain split + encore. You will only have issues with speedy conks (which are rare) that use facade on the switch.
  11. IMPISH NATURE 30-29-29-x-28-29 hijumpkick-pursuit-mach punch-bullet punch BALTOY RELAXED NATURE 27-29-29-30-28-29 eq-ice beam-stealth rocks-light screen DEAD
  12. 名侦探的直觉告诉我是怪颚龙 (<ゝω·)☆ 绮罗星
  13. Alrena's Leppa Boutique Discounted Leppa Berries in Bulk 870 Each Mail "ChocoKevMen" or Reply Below
  14. What's the possibility that a wild mon will hold an item(e.g- soft sand on sandslash)? Is it 5% like in the main games for all mons or does it vary based on the mon itself?
  15. I have a gengar, but 9 out of 10 times it'll proct my opponent to switch in their chansey/blissey, plus getting gengar in against conk is also a problem because Conk's coverage moves have a chance to straight up OHKO the gengar that I'm using if they predict right.
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