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  2. It is redundant, and not really necessary nor can it really achieve much considering people just afk through, and also considering they provide you so many ways to know what events might happen during the day. Its your fault if you decide to use or not, the tools they bring you. Now you could argue is, they could rework the way they announce, even maybe provide us with an 'header' on the forum main page with the events of the day, or even provide a ingame calendar like we have for tournaments, that could help clueless kids like our OP. You probably never played an mmo before then, im sorry that you are clueless of what you speak about. Almost every MMO that has a name to himself requires you to use 3rd parties in order to optimize your builds, your gameplay, to time stuff, etc, and no they wont ever even consider to provide you those tools ingame.
  3. You didnt even have to dodge him after all @camilo7
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  5. Thats the spirit my dude, yet it doesnt matter, chances are neither of this will happen, aside from 1. They dont want original content, and strongly doubt a suggestion about bases that has been previously like 2-4 times, will happen either.
  6. IGN : TheBeldumMaster IGN : Stelian IGN : MadaraSixSix
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