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  2. Hi all, I have been playing for a few weeks on PC and just now downloaded the Android app and installed all the roms. Upon logging into my account it prompts me to create a new character and I cant see my existing character that Ive been using on PC? Do I need to transfer some additional files from my PC to phone to get this to work or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance! EDIT: Disregard post. Turns out I have two account names for the same email account and I used the wrong one.
  3. Please message me on the forums, I don't check discord that often
  4. FedoraGuy 252 ATK 252 Speed 6 Sp Def Discord: Juliet#0076 I've messaged you Looking to ev train my mon please message me back on discord to continue. Thank you.
  5. You NEED rapid spin or defog if you want the slightest chance of using volcarona. You want something that can tank super effective hits and resist them, you want something that complements it well. You also want firey dance as it lets you exploit stallers by massively boosting special attack. A good ally could be a drought user to weaken water based moves and make volcarona's STABs even greater. Works even better with firey dance because if they try and stall out the sun, you can just keep boosting to stallbreak. Tentacruel is a great ally. It resists strong water attacks (like rain boosted hydro pumps) as well as clearing the deadly stealth rocks. Also it lays toxic spikes which will help deal with any pokemon that think they can take advantage of volcarona and stick around to boost up.
  6. Luxury Balls for me. Only the best for my little pokemon :3
  7. I like to put my mons in Heal Balls just bc they're cute, but I like Net Balls too. >w<
  8. Depends. Sometimes I color coordinate. Kingdra gets a dive ball and pelipper gets a dive ball. Some get balls that are ###, skarmory gets luxary ball and hydreigon gets a dusk ball. Whatever looks cool
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  10. If you had a choice, what Poke Ball would you want your favorite Pokemon in? I prefer Luxury Balls for my favorite Pokemon, because I like both the design and the function.
  11. Hi all, i was messing around with some bulky set up sweepers and i came up with this set for Volcarona: Volcarona @ Leftovers Ability: Flame Body EVs: 240 HP / 224 Def / 44 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Quiver Dance - Flamethrower - Bug Buzz - Roost I'm having a bit of trouble in finding the right poke to make it work (i'm quite a beginner), but i think it has a lot of potential. Can someone help me in building a team around this? Thanks in Advance^^
  12. Hello everyone! My name is Wulfscar, I am a regular on PokéMMO. I am offering an EV Training Service in Exchange for in-game currency. To all those interested please consult the pricing below. Standard Service: Macho Brace EV Training (Pokémon will level up). I will not teach the Pokémon any moves unless otherwise specified. I will evolve Pokémon. Cost: $50K per Pokémon Premium Service: Amnesia Brace EV Training (Pokémon will not level up). I will not teach the Pokémon any moves (as it will not learn any due to it not leveling up). I will not evolve Pokémon (as they will not level up). Cost: $100K per Pokémon If you wish to utilize one of these services from me, please wait until I am online in-game and trade me the Pokémon and the money. Message me on here if you require one of these services. Your message must include the following: Your in-game name The EVs that you wish to be trained - totaling 510 EVs If I do not reply to your message on here that means I will be unable to fulfill your request at this time. *Note: the Premium Service costs double due to it requiring literally double the time to complete EV training each Pokémon.*
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  14. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
  15. Hordes make finding shiny pokemon a lot easier. More shiny pokemon of one species means that the price of them is much lower
  16. 账号名:LYHst 误删角色名:LYHTst 说明:有两个存档被误删其中一个应该是这个名。 以后我再也不半夜碰存档这东西了.希望能找回来,给各位大佬添麻烦了.感谢!==
  17. Garbodors and Rapidash appear in 5x hordes, which makes them a perfect way to ev attack and speed accordingly. There are too many shinies of those species simply because there are tons of people spawning them for ev purposes everyday.
  18. I look at the GTL and see a deluge of Garbodor that could sink a ship, and—at least what I think—unusually high amount of other shiny mons like Ponyta/Rapidash. It just seems like half, if not more, of the shinies on the market are less than 10 different mons. So why is that...? Is the rate for them just lower or something? But seriously though why so many Garbodor in particular too
  19. Does anyone know where the top part of the GTL and friends list is? It's the only part I can't seem to find! And/or is anyone able to help identify what everything is? I have no clue here Thanks
  20. If it is possible, I would like to see Pokemon that were event exclusive (such as Meloetta, an event exclusive to Black and White) be added to PokeMMO, even if it can only be a "one-per-account" thing.
  21. I'm still not listed as Officer, what kinda totalitarian regime is this?
  22. A big thanks to all participants ^^ I hope to see you at the next one ^^ Here are the winners 1st Place Prize Neblina with 171 points 2nd Place Prize KingDemons with 166 points 3rd - 4th Place Prize rork with 165 points genou with 11 points And a very big thanks to my awesome refs, @SneakyTeddi, @Munya, @Deviluke and @Eternith <3
  23. Gonna just have to @Darkshade on the source part without digging through a million threads. DS, Scary hockey Mask and Pumpkin Backpack will never come back right? Unlike other "event only" vanities which have the possibility to?
  24. First of all, thanks a lot for all the useful info you have provided! You have all kept to the topic and did so impeccably. Keep the posts coming if there's even more! I see, is there someone who has all of those on one account? Is there no intention to ever bring them back or make them tradeable period? Do items change each holiday event or has it ever happened that a past item came back? Bummer, will they ever come back? Or the staff clearly said it wont happen? Uh, it makes sense since it can't be bred. How was it obtained btw? Was it a GIFT pokemon? Or is it tradeable? I'll quote you directly regarding Fredrich's posted items. Are those items he listed all tradeable aside from Pillar of Hats and Santa suit? It's both good and bad news for a collector :( But i guess no account can have every item now, can it? So the truly "gone forever aside from those who got it" items are those Tyrone listed or is there more missing to such a list? Any reason why they wont come back or a source to where the devs claim they wont come back? What about the Regi dolls? Glad you brought it up, but as long as it's GM/staff only i'm good. One way to have a 100% account with EVERYTHING would be to become GM now that you mention it! Of course you could never trade and it'd be pointless to have everything gained in an instant, but technically can't they just spawn every item?
  25. Don't worry, there will be other event in Unova ^^ I'll pray RGNésus for you ;)
  26. Full HP and Def Moves: Roost, defog/taunt, earthquake, ice fang/acrobatics
  27. Well fingers crossed I can get in top 3 at least this time haha
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