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  2. ^ Hasn't changed though
  3. 100k gen 1 wheneve someones down
  4. Yeah. I remember those days I found them on Onix, but I dont think I found any of them when I came back around March this year Also, can anyone remember the Spearow/Fearow hordes in Kindle Road?
  5. Il fonctionne bien sur mon client ! Est-ce qu'il y aurais une nouvelle mise à jour ? Soul_Suspect .
  6. Name: Kyokatsu, but I'd appreciate if you can post a nameless version of the sig as well, and one with her name if you can find a decent render (Kazami Kazuki) Team: Pokemon/render: Kazuki Kazami from Grisaia, or the pokémon Suicune, if you can't find a decent render of her Donation (if you want): cant donate, I only have 3k atm Any additional Notes: blue-ish background/theme would be nice, please don't use a lewd render. Thanks!
  7. Today
  8. @Septentrion Is Magneton's eyebrow any better? If the heterochromia doesn't work, I can just put the eyes back to gray.
  9. Is the hetrochromia supposed to flip? I think the top row looks better, although it's just my opinion. Magnaton's eyebrow is quite solid. Butterfree had rather think black eyebrows, but her hair is darker.
  10. kimi beat me 2-1 in bo3
  11. Name: RoadLife Team: WhiteBlood Pokemon/render: Absol
  12. Im not even sure what to say tbh fuxking cried in that ep.
  13. 100k bo7
  14. beat jj beat jj 2x
  15. Damn, the latest episode was fucking lit.
  16. 1 mil best of 3
  17. lost 2-2 playing jj again
  18. Yes yes, this thread in very rip
  19. gg 2-1 +250k leggo
  20. Can go again if you want
  21. Lost to JJ
  22. 100k from me.
  24. Beat Gunt Toast
  25. 100k now for me too
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