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  2. The PokeMMO Herald

    Our trade corner subforum is made for transactions with in game assets (like pokemon and items/cash for pokemon and items/cash)) which this topic is not about. That's why I will move it to our creative media.
  3. The PokeMMO Herald

    I prefer @Bestfriends. Fast, reliable, unbiased and friendly. And for free
  4. The PokeMMO Herald

    Why should anyone get this?
  5. PokeMMO Battle Association - Discussion thread

    @Blu3Breath just told me he's willing to co-host, as I will allow every host to participate in this tournament. Lessgo.
  6. The PokeMMO Herald

    ___ _ __ __ __ __ ___ | _ \___| |_____| \/ | \/ |/ _ \ | _/ _ \ / / -_) |\/| | |\/| | (_) | |_| \___/_\_\___|_|_ |_|_| |_|\___/ | || |___ _ _ __ _| |__| | | __ / -_) '_/ _` | / _` | |_||_\___|_| \__,_|_\__,_| The PokeMMO Herald is the first and only PokeMMO Newspaper! * Sent to you ingame via the Mail system! * 3 Sections: eSports, Finances, and Player of the Week! * Special deals and opportunities to advertise ingame services! * Weekly/monthly prizes and events available only to subscribers! * Low price: Only 10k per week available for 40k a month! The PokeMMO Herald will soon be hiring: Mail-people: dependent, on demand, and payed commission for every issue sent Writers: Well written essay type format to be requested variably often and paid commission Advertisers: Please send me a message/post either here or in-game if you would like to advertise your team, services, or event How to subscribe: Mail in-game-name: Xatu 40k with the message titled: PokeMMO Herald By ordering now you are pre-ordering the first issue (4 weeks) which will be sent out once i've reached 40 subscribers. No refunds, no cancellations, harassing messages will earn you a spot on the permanant blacklist, weekly mail may be late/early. This thread is for discussing and placing orders for both the newspaper, and ads. Any other messages will be considered off-topic and likely deleted. Current subscribers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40.
  7. I didn't read the OP yet but if Orange's hosting then I like it already
  8. PokeMMO Battle Association - Discussion thread

    if this is gonna happen i would drop a donation as well.
  9. Come online @OrangeManiac We need to talk
  10. Today
  11. [IPS] Mega Moemon Firered 2018 (1.1.0)

    You need the national dex. It's in Pewter city.
  12. You know what? Let's get this ball rolling. What is this thread? DrButler decided to be MVP and make an initial thread to try to touch the waters whether people could be interested of a "Global Battle Association" type event in PokeMMO. The response so far has been positive so in an agreement with DrButler I am opening a thread to start a discussion for the rules of this format. Discussion consists but it's not limited to: - Tiering of the Pokemon involved in this format - The overall ruleset of the tournament - The progression of the tournament series What are the basic rules of this format? This tournament series will open with an auction, where every Pokemon specie is open to be auctioned. When said Pokemon has been auctioned, no other player may get that specific Pokemon for their team. After draft, the battlers will battle every week with teams that are made out of their auctioned Pokemon. To give a clear example of this, you can watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS4LkgpSpD4 What are the MMO exclusive features to this format? Rather than being a small league just for only 16 players, everyone is allowed to join while the PokeMMO Battle Association will be split into smaller leagues. Each league will have its own draft pool from where the Pokemon are auctioned. The players will battle against the people in their league but the top 2 players from each league will make it to the "final tournament" to battle for the title of "Grand Champion of the PokeMMO Battle Association", which contains the biggest share of the prize pool. (This all is just my suggestion, everything is up for debate.) How does the tournament series progress? After auction, there will be played 6-7 rounds of Swiss inside the league and the best of each league will qualify to the final stage. Who will be hosting this? I'll volunteer to host this tournament, however I will require some back up with this because I cannot be available in daily basis which is what these tournament series need. If you're willing to help me with this, I'd be happy if you let me know. I wouldn't mind like 3-4 co-hosts for this format. I see no problem with a host also participating as a player in this format as there is no advantage to gain and really no punishments to be given, besides activity losses. How does the Pokemon auction work? Every player starts the auction with 1000 credits. With these credits the players will purchase a team of 12 Pokemon max, which are the Pokemon they use to battle in this format. You may not purchase a Pokemon someone else already has in your league. Here below are the suggested "tierings" for each Pokemon. These are all just my opinion based and I would encourage discussion whether you feel like a certain Pokemon is tiered too high or too low. If you want to agree with someone about a certain nomination of a Pokemon for certain tier, hitting the like button for a suggestion post is an easy way to do it. Keep in mind these costs are made based on their expected viability in a mixed tier environment, rather than in OU environment. The difference I'm making is that there is no limitation how many Pokemon a player has from each tier. Only limitation is that the credit limit may not be exceeded. Tier 1 (cost: 300 credits per Pokemon) Tier 2 (cost: 250 credits per Pokemon) Tier 3 (cost: 200 credits per Pokemon) Tier 4 (cost: 150 credits per Pokemon) Tier 5 (cost: 100 credits per Pokemon) Free: *Chansey, Dusclops and Porygon2 are listed higher than they should be currently but it's to ensure that the users of these Pokemon wouldn't get their Pokemon value raised by a mile if Eviolite would be implemented to their preliminary value is based on having Eviolite in the game. I'm willing to discuss if any other Pokemon deserves a higher ranking because of this but I feel as Eviolite is the biggest thing that could skew the rankings a lot. Comments, concerns, opinions? Let me have them. Donations? I will donate 1 million Pokeyen for every 5 million the community will donate to this event. Let that motivate you to donate.
  13. [Art] Soda's Skatches

    Oh rip, I forgot about this, sure I'll be doing it when I get home, just give me a ss of your character (with the trainer card illustration if possible) o7 >:V
  14. Reminder: This event starts in 30 minutes from this post. All the best to participants.
  15. psl X donation thread

  16. [Art] Soda's Skatches

    make me skatch por favor love the link one can u make my char but with the link face style tanks Color skatch 100K so what if im a rat kID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >/:x xddd
  17. psl X donation thread

    @Munya You may now lock this thread, thanks.
  18. I saw that status update but didn't get to comment.


  19. Update.

    because that's the point. what you want the most choose one not all or two. nou @axx im not forgetting just trying to believe in them until they believe in themselves and do the whats right for the game
  20. Hey if I use Leftovers, do I counter Spikes?

  21. Mods do follow the same rules, I was just denying the suggestion. Prizes go under a lot of discussion and one thing I can confidently say is that we will not be nerfing prize shinies to 6x0. And since this thread is already a thing(staff following the same rules), I will go ahead and similarly close this thread. If you think a member of staff has acted inappropriate with any action, you can contact Squirtle or RacheLucario and discuss the issue with them.
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