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  2. lol who even quits yall actually fake gamers, step the frick up
  3. Hi, after quiting 2 years ago becouse i spent 200 hours building UU team, then could not find any match (...) I decided to try this game again, this time with OU. I made 2 milion gold past week (can make more), have 0 experience in competetive and i want to have fun and not regret spending money on bad pokemons. Can You suggest me easy and good OU comp team? Thanks
  4. MathewMat

    Top Anime

    Ya lol of course I am also nothing better then playing pokemmo in a 42 inch flat
  5. Ultrajesus

    Chess Wagers Thread

    Ah ok, thank you for the fast reply, so let me know when you are up to a challenge, ok?
  6. Today
  7. soyhector

    Let's do something fun.

    okis :3
  8. Beelzebub-Jou No Oki Ni Mesu Mama. https://myanimelist.net/anime/37716/Beelzebub-jou_no_Okinimesu_mama I recommend Beelzebub-Jou No Oki Ni Mesu Mama. If you love to chill on animes and you love cute things, it's for you.
  9. Lightningvolt


    Sharing ROMs is not allowed on the services provided by PokeMMO. If you have any other issue, kindly contact support.
  10. briones21


    evening pokemon trainer, can i ask?, how can i get pokemon file n pokeMMO? i can't find the file. Thank you .
  11. Fatlafel


    Comission taken. My discord ID is Chubber#7229. You can message me there and I'll send you your signature once I'm ready.
  12. Fantastic bro! I want this on my wall no lie lol.
  13. Coloring took longer than expected, Banner complete: All the best with the shop ^_^
  14. Team Tournament - Doubles Sunday 16th December 12PM EST / 10PM IST / 9:30AM MST / 12:30 PM EST  Time Zone Converter Clauses : Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO / OP Item Rules :Doubles Location : Island 4 ch1 PC Host : MonkeyDmathew PRIZES First Place 5x30 wingul & 400k Second Place LifeOrb
  15. Tearon


    Name: Tearon Team Tag: VVVV Character(s)/Pokemon(s): Sneasel Render (Optional): Theme Colors: Dark red, ment blue Type of Artwork: Animated Sig. Additional information (say how beautiful I look today): something beyond dope. I pay 500k.
  16. Team Catching Event Hop - Hop - HOPPIP ! #2 (Saturday 15th December) 12PM EST / 10PM IST / 9:30AM MST / 12:30 PM EST Time Zone Converter When You Use A Bird To Write With It's Called Tweeting Hei Hei Hoppip Nature Bonus (+10 points): Timid or Rash *We'll be allowing a limited amount of non-members to participate Rules:To win this event you must catch the highest total (IV + Nature Bonus)All Pokemon must have been caught at Memorial Pillar and within the event time. You will have 45 minutes to catch your entry.Pokemon must be the player's OTOnly one entry per player15 minutes will be given after the event for players to link their entryHave funHosts : MonkeyDmathew / ReDragonnPrize : 1million > choiceband > 100k Good Luck! May RNG be with you! * If you're interested in participating please pm MonkeyDMatthew before the event day :3
  17. Fatlafel


    Comissions open. 1/3. - Tearon - xxxxxx - xxxxxx
  18. 1. Mostly I will make things according to my taste. If you attach to the template images that you would like me to use I might resign and use something else if it doesn't look good in my eye. 2. I can make your dreams come true. 3. Drink water (at least 8 times a day), if not I won't be able to take your request. 4. I will only take 3 requests at a time. And they might take me a week to fullfill depending on how many things you've asked me to do. Either way I'll update the post weekly so you can see if there is a spot for you to make your request. 5. [SimplyLëmonadë] Members that have been at least 6 months in the team get a 75% discount in everything. ICON: $50.000 BANNER: $50.000 SIGNATURE: $100.000 ANIMATED SIGNATURE: $150.000 PACK 1: ICON + SIGNATURE: $125.000 PACK 2: ANIMATED ICON + ANIMATED SIGNATURE: $175.000 CUSTOM PACK (just say what you want and you'll get a deal lol) So far I've just had 1 customer so y'all gotta trust my artist skills uwu. Thank you for reading my post. Have a nice day and drink 8 cups of water a day.
  19. razimove

    Let's do something fun.

    Why is building, named building, when it's already built?
  20. MHkaserz

    Let's do something fun.

    Fun is relative :V Don't disturb the fun others have just because it doesn't suite your standards :U And if you enjoy seeing others bothered HADOOOKEN!
  21. Lightningvolt


    Team recruitment and search posts are not allowed outside the club section. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/clubs/ You can post it there or send them a personal message.
  22. DeadGorilla

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    someone invite me back when dungeons come pls ty ily all
  23. ~Congratulations to the winners !
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