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  2. also note that fighter races in u7 were for the most part wiped out by frieza or majin buu so all is left is a bunch of weaklings satan level and below
  3. Only watched lilke 5 episodes. Its pretty generic but its funny. MC is cringy but interesting enough to keep me watching and girls are cute, so good enough for me. Its easy and light entertainment but definitly not the best show this season. I love Konosuba tho its hilarious. Little witch academia looks real cute too.
  4. I mean they are going by "average". We already knew on average that Universe 7 was weak as fuck. Frieza was considered the strongest in the universe for X number of years, remember?
  5. If you have a dirty mind, it looks as if that Ursaring is aggressively peeking at that female pokemon trainer while elucubrating a malicious plan.
  6. that 2m+beedrill offer tho, OP
  7. b-but breeding in this game kills the parents... How are we saving the species this way :o
  8. Event Description: Professor Oak needs your help; according to him, there are too many pokemon in danger of being extinct! Help him find a male and female of each kind so their species can be saved! Date & Time: Date: Friday 3th March Time: 8pm CET || 7pm GMT || 2pm EST Venue: Kanto Daycare, 4 Island, Channel 7 Prize: 400,000$ per round Rules: • Event information will be broadcast over Channel chat. • There will be 5 rounds in which a Pokemon's species and nature will be given by the event host. Players will then search for and capture a Pokemon of each gender (Male and Female) that fit the requirement, and the first to link both of them at the same time will be the winner of that round. The winner of a round with receive 400,000$ for their help. • Pokemon must be obtained after the required Pokemon is revealed in chat. • Any attempts to cheat will result in disqualification. Host: Yohannovich
  10. @laGashetaHardcore Can we go lighter on the stocking outlines? I think feet looks good, but feels like it is not in the right place (needs more to the right)? Not sure Her right leg looks squished, while her left leg looks like it's coming out of her skirt at a weird angle/not matching her lower body. Right feet is a bit thin. Backsprite never? Need backsprite. Less soulless variation eyes was better imo. Getting sameface vibe on Aron and Aggron. I'd say a science of the two Aggron would be nice imo.
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  12. tfw you're just now learning that Diana is good, I main her on NA.
  13. Name: rickdn Team (optional): Líve Render (Pokemon/Character): Salamance Donation: 20k
  14. My pantheon is bad lately, but kek
  16. Bracket pls ed: Jovi got me in discord C U suneet
  17. @Moetal light outlines or black outlines? feet or no feet?
  19. That's why I really would like too see match where ref can ask what happend on cameras. No one will be robbed and that's all. Zlatan is Great Player that's for sure. I would be glad to see him win another throphy. Also man U > man city
  20. Somewhat reminds me of Barcelona and Real... Oh and that victory ripped by Barca today. Was a pretty dank match
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