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  2. 33 million?
  3. Good try.
  4. can't make it online for a while, real life calling.
  6. nvm oh, I have 33million dollars and two low tier shinnies, what can i get with it?
  7. Yesterday
  8. but manager sign ups when??
  9. desu goes at the end and it's the most honorable non action being verb. kawai means both cute and scary. onichan is big brother and chan is a honorific. you are missing the particle "wa" which designates the subject of your sentence and belong after the subject, and possibly other words depending on what you want to say. i assume "big brother is cute/scary" so "onichan wa kawaii desu" with possibly "ne" at the end meaning "right?" as a rhetorical.
  10. LF Details lmao
  11. This was the ending i was specting :(
  12. How can I change the battle songs and themes?
  13. Missing the old days when shinys are still not "common" if you know what i mean
  14. desu kawai oni-chan am I doing it right
  15. this is nothing, i found 3 shiny in 5 hours <3
  16. IDK who this kallbayne kid is but i accept ur challenge, 3 in 1 day keggi
  17. @TJXD Spoiler Warning.
  18. Is awesome, thanks
  19. I'm just saying, there's other ways to get comp flygon. like if this were the last tournament to ever happen i'd be glad it was starmie to have a chance to get as a comp shiny, since getting one by other means is way less reasonable compared to flygon.
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