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  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MczWOVbEfNY Congrats to SIÂ44 (MadaraSixSix)!! Link to the 3-1 replays above^
  3. A total of 16 participants and a prize pool of 500k to the winner, 5 games to be the bronze-champion of Stunned Psyduck! Date 24th June 2021 Time 09:00 PM (CEST) Location Sinnoh, Twinleaf Town. Ch. 1 Rules Check the "rules" section on discord: https://discord.gg/p6xA94P5tb Registration You can register by logging into the discord server Clauses Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO Hosts BabyThaky For more information do not hesitate to contact me here
  4. 帮忙随便举几个例子(队伍很多都已经退环境了) 受队(盾队):Madarasixsix三水盾受队:巨沼怪,毒刺水母,美纳斯(极速),幸福蛋,钢鸟,死神棺 平衡攻(应该算楼主说的“反盾队”):BabyLo队:巨沼怪,巨钳螳螂,鬼灯(戏法),三首恶龙,暴飞龙(双刀),磁铁 天气队:Zhiko沙:班基拉,龙头地鼠,斗笠菇,美纳斯,盔甲鸟,人造细胞卵 Drayyton捕获雨:大嘴鸥,刺龙王,河童,三地鼠,果然翁,巨钳螳螂 都是时代的眼泪QAQ
  5. Except that Johto (GSE) did add new pokemon originally. But I'm not arguing with the rest of what you wrote.
  6. You were the one who started talking about whether or not anyone likes Johto. But yeah, i know that it's a lot more difficult to add Johto (or any other region for that matter) than it sounds. No need to act like an ass. Anyway.
  7. I've been looking into comeptitive and I joust got a grasp on egg moves and EVs. I was wondering what team/archetype is generally cheap to get together (least amount of breeds and easiest to get)? I'm halfway through B/W so suggestions would be what I would try to get toward. I'm not looking for a tier one type of thing, but just step into competitive so I can get a better sence about it. Thanks
  8. Today
  9. I found it, why would I buy one, I rather save my money and spend it for a pokemon I really need for my team
  10. IGN: DraSalamenCe Country: Vietnam Tiers : OU Discord: DraSalamence#8315 Notes: UwU
  11. Como soluciono este error en el chat, ya que no se puede ver bien lo que uno escribe arriba del muñeco. poner la letra en blanco o poner el fondo casi blanco
  12. I think importing a mod after you have already placed it in the mods folder can fail and break it. Try only doing one or the other, import it or put it in the mods folder and restart your game. For themes (GUIs) you just need to drop the themes main folder (unzipped) into the themes folder at PokeMMO\data\themes. For example heres my themes folder. Restart your game if it was running and then you can select the theme you want to use in Settings > Interface > Theme
  13. 1st Place shenshenzhao 168 points- 10:59:12 PM UTC  2nd Place Darkoure 167 points- 10:38:24 PM UTC 3rd Place LazeSr 160 points- 10:13:46 PM UTC 4th Place Ninnetales 25 points- 10:13:42 PM UTC
  14. 您好,请前往官方支持中心https://support.pokemmo.eu/进行申诉
  15. Me too i love it it has good recovery moves and attacking moves super fangs useful too. moonlight,roost and things like that. Og dream eater is a mix of both
  16. Its the coolest bat monster for sure.
  17. We try to make nice prizes accessible to everyone instead of just the competitive side of the playerbase. We recognize that PvP events require more skill and preparation to win them, which is shown with those events having the better prizes more often, but it's okay for the more casual side of the player-base to have a shot at something nice from time to time too. Would love to have everyone participate in this event if possible. :)
  18. Off your list, Eden of the east is probably one of my top 5's if I were to make one.
  19. Hello! There are 2 ways! 1. Saving your pokemon in your PC and getting him again, 2. Right click on the pokemon-Unsummon:
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