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  2. Gilan

    Problem with Roms..

    We cannot assist you in obtaining compatible ROMs. You must do that individually. Asking for and giving assistance for this matter violates the ToS of PokeMMO.
  3. DreewaanTrainer

    Problem with Roms..

    so where i can ask to get the roms? how i play without it? i mean, i know isnt legal but maybe tell me where i get to myself, maybe?
  4. Quakkz

    Problem with Roms..

    because it is illegal?
  5. DreewaanTrainer

    Problem with Roms..

    im sorry? why not?
  6. Roxxass

    [Doubles] Summit Of Silver (22nd August)

    Why not a triple battles tournamente?
  7. Quakkz

    Problem with Roms..

    Sharing roms is forbidden in here, so you wont find any help here
  8. DreewaanTrainer

    Problem with Roms..

    Hi guys, i return on the game from like 5-6 years, and i wanna start the game with a friend mine, the problem is, we cant find roms not corrupted or delete by some sites famous..where do you guys download the roms? and, i can download roms where are not cited by PokèMMO? pls, we wanna play it!!
  9. Today
  10. DoctorPBC

    [Doubles] Summit Of Silver (22nd August)

    Another weekday doubles tour...
  11. Crimar

    Broken game is broken

    they give marill x5 the day and single encounters at night, i checked
  12. ThePrettyPetard

    Level Lock

    ^ the exp just get stored until your cap raise then it will lvl up on the next fight after the cap is raised so theorically you could get a pokemon to go from lvl 20 to 100 skipping all the other lvl
  13. ThePrettyPetard

    Help I can not move!

    if you are stuck you can just type /unstuck you will get teleported to the starting town of the region after a little wait
  14. I have just been just 2 hrs chasing the owners for it until finally got it and I can tell you the competition for it feels hard enough already ;)
  15. Rittz

    Finally Mewtwo

    Hi there buds, I wanted to make this thread just to share my joy for having been able to have Mewtwo for the first time. In 2 and a half years playing the game, I had 2 opportunities to challenge before but I failed, so this time felt great. I will remember the 50 tiles I walked with Mewtwo following me -and sneaking away from challengers until I found a dead end- as probably the most thrilling 30 seconds of my Pokemmo life. I wanted especially to make this thread because I know sometimes I can be a bit grumpy over here so this was in order to also share the good moments. Especial thanks to my daring mole Dugtrio for getting a whopping 4 KOs during the challenge, including 3 OHKOs. #FreeTheMole and have a good evening!
  16. NicolasFCJN

    [MOD] Anime & Pokemon Music by Startear

    por el momento no esta disponibles mods de formato mp3, es un bug que mas adelante arreglaran o eso espero
  17. 1c79bd4b51668abc48f64f180980eadb.png


    Rindo berry best berry

  18. axx

    [meme] do u know dah way?

    good meme
  19. I do the same :D hahaha
  20. Aerun

    Broken game is broken

    @Bearminator happened again. Am I missing anything? It was night time so maybe we can't get hordes at night time ? idk
  21. Jhoan

    Help I can not move!

    Spanish: Necesito ayuda. No sé qué hacer. Mi pokemmo Estoy parado y no puedo hacer nada. Estaba en la bicicleta y cuando pasé por el puente, el sonido típico de la historia suena cuando alguien te detiene y no me deja usar el mapa. Ya cerré sesión y la abrí y nada permanece igual No puedo moverme. English: I need help. I do not know what to do. My pokemmo is standing and I can not do anything. I was on the bike and when I went over the bridge, the typical sound of the story sounds when someone stops you and does not let me use the map. I closed the session and opened it and nothing remains the same. I can not move.
  22. razimove

    Need help with my comp team

    You should first learn about IVs, EVs, natures. Those you placed there aren't even fit to be competitive.
  23. Nobody asked u fake irish coffee Milk with tea is preferable
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