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  2. They don't? You can have 3 characters on one account, and you can make as many accounts as you like
  3. Speaking of that, that brings into question of why they charge an arm and a leg just to add a new character slot to a single account.
  4. You can make unlimited accounts with a single email id, make more mistakes etc. IGN would be the issue here though
  5. So my story is i couldn't recover my password (Microsoft ruined my email) for my old account, and the support thread was quickly closed before i could even have the opportunity to provide information that could be useful for verifying that i am the owner of my old account. So i start a character and create an appearance that i think will look good. Upon getting in game i find out i made a mistake. I tried to go for all black clothing but the shoes were baige in game (AGH). However i can't delete my character or change my appearance without paying an absurd price for a minor micro transaction that definitely cannot be blamed on a lack of bandwidth to charge so high. I'm the kind of person who would gladly 'donate' 50 for this game to support the developers and no longer have micro-transactions of any kind. So nobody can say i'm a cheapskate. But because such an option isn't available, i don't want to give anything over for a micro-transaction that is just a one-time appearance change (A-B-S-U-R-D imo). If pokemmo is going to sell stuff like that, why charge $5 and make it only one use, why not... unlimited uses... and work across all characters? *GASP how could such an insulting suggestion be made!?* I love PokeMMO, and i appreciate the developers that have put so much effort in this, but an absurdity is an absurdity. It actually deters people like me who would normally provide a $50+ donation from not donating anything at all. EDIT: Some things are understandable to charge multiple times: like changes that enhance the odds of catching shinies or items, or other beneficial game mechanics in favor of the player. But cosmetically speaking, what the hell?
  6. We have 5 registered payers, some more might join as well. This will take place in an hour and a half. Prize pool: 1st place: Larvitar from Orange. Adamant 27/29/19/x/29/26 300k 2nd place 200k 3rd place 100k Entry fee, 25k. If there will be 8 players, I will add 100k to each place. It will take place in Vermilion city, ch7.
  7. No Depends if shuffle is rigged No RNG if Lord Gb plays
  8. 500k you dont win next 6 another months
  9. 1. No 2. Hopefully 3. Doubt it 4. No 5. Tranz is bad
  10. Why are you assumining things?
  11. Ah it's that time of the month again. Tonight is the TT! Will RISÉ win yet another TT? Will VVVV vs AURA somehow happen again? And will NORE taste gold after their succes so far? Or maybe the winner will be someone who you don't expect to win??? Find out tonight in the next episode of Team Tournament! With that being said I am very excited for tonight! I will be your host and I wanted to say goodluck to everyone participating! May RNG be on your side.
  12. weeb
  13. Today
  14. DoubleJ, put Hota in or u bad
  15. Kimi Kimi Kimi Turner
  16. oh my fucking god if this would happen this battle
  17. @DoubleJ u know what to do
  18. Soon
  19. Tried whispering you in game, which bet was this for?
  20. Interesting, I will look at this tomorrow morning. I have done my fair share of python gui building. I have taken 3 college level python courses, and have done a ton of python on my own. Currently I am using python to accomplish tasks at my internship (though that is mainly excel spreadsheet / csv manipulation and data analytics) and building a pokemon showdown bot with my brother. edit: Also, since I wrote the Breeding Guide, this hits close to home for me and would really help a lot of people who have trouble reading my guide.
  21. Doc so bad ayylmao
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