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  2. Breloom would suffer especially, since his moves are weak to poison
  3. https://support.pokemmo.eu 请前往支持中心提交 BUG,谢谢!
  4. 如题,瓦斯特性存在严重bug,目前只是进场把场上所有特性清掉(称为压制),但是瓦斯即使站场,后续上来的宝可梦特性也不会被压制,同时,瓦斯离场后,原先在场上被压制特性的宝可梦也不会恢复特性。这是一个很严重的bug,希望官方能够尽快修复(虽然这句催促的话是一句屁话但是还是得说),上一次反映pvp的bug到现在都还没修复,属于是bug不减反增了。希望官方别躺平,赶紧行动起来。
  5. Hello everyone, I am a returning old casual player just starting to get really into the game. A group of friends convinced me to join in and I have been having a blast! I even got lucky enough to score a wild shiny! My friends recommended I make a post here and try my luck selling it, so here I am I was looking to sell this baby for 4.5m or best offer Also has Quirky Nature(No stat change)
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  7. 最新的版本已经修复好这个问题了 昨天15点的时候已经弄好了
  8. Hi Just wanted to ask why do i get the error "The Requested Recipient Is not online" recently when i wanted to send a mail to my alt acc even though my alt account is online at the same time? why? Please help. Ty
  9. 移动一下边框就会出来搜索键,这是个bug,未来会修复
  10. 你用鼠标点住这个界面动一动,我的昨天就是这样
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