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  2. i love searching for good ivs , but its usless since onlyb breeding gets u to perfection. So that " search hunt fun " is out of this game . Yeah i did spend alot in safari cause i love searching but i realiced its waste of time cause basically only worthy i can encounter there is a shiny that will never come 1/30 000 and a chansey that catchrate is like 0,1 and lucky egg again lottery win . Whatever , wrong mmo for me
  3. bruh you need to spend lesser time in Safari Zone lol, jeez
  4. Actually, aren't all games supposed to be time consuming? They make you forget about your actual priorities but in the end no one forced you to play the game, everything has an expiration date. People get bored of things eventually they just find something else to replace it.
  5. Only a fellow player so I can only realistically answer the 3rd question. You shouldn't randomize as it does cause issues. There are tons of extra pokes at every place you can encounter so it shouldn't be a problem
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  7. 为了打PVP,本人自制了一个简易的伤害计算机 既然都做了,就顺便分享给各位啰~ 载点 开启后画面如下 关于额外加成的部分 就参照百科吧~ ※注意※ 因为有随机数( 随机乘上0.85~1 )的存在 计算机算出的伤害不太可能完全正确 因为计算出的伤害会是最高伤害 可以考虑乘上0.85以确保不会出人命喔~ 那么,这个伤害计算机的分享就到这里 有任何问题可以在下方留言或私密我喔~ 谢谢观看~
  8. I mean where is the fun in that when u can literally catch one dratini , or one pinsir or anything else and than just keep catching 31 IV eggroup common pokes for it to make it 31 . ... thats it literally to get strong pokes. Wheres the fun in that ? I remember trying to catch good IVS pokes on other mmo games .and selling them god , here it is not possible cause anything what is not breeded 31 , hasnt value . I kinda like the searching stuff but here is nothing to search for literally . And shiny searching doesnt make sense with 1/30.000 is a joke . So basically in this game , Money rules evrything . U have money and time , u have good pokes cause u can breed, cause breeeding is expensive as heck and time consuming . GG PokeMMo the breeding simulator . I will quit this game, it doesnt make sense why make pinsir hard to catch when u just need 1 anyway. It isnt rare or anything if u can breed it with any other common poke . Boring . What would be a challenge was if rare pokes would have limited breeding possibilitys with only other rares , and horrible rares only with those too .But if u make a magikarp breed able with dratini . ... why make dratini " rare " xd So bad . No Luck game just time consuming . Ridiculous Catchrates " chansey " , messed up boring breed system , going out to search hours for a good poke doesnt make sense and isnt possible cause breeding is always the key . And this ridiculous shiny rate . Waste of time .
  9. 哦哦,哦,哦,哦,哦哦哦
  10. 不光和显卡有关 和cpu 内存条 硬盘 主板 甚至是散热器 电源有关
  11. You're welcome, your sense of humor is making my night.
  12. 硬核回答,搞的我都想去代练了(*/ω\*)
  13. That was a close call. Nurse Joy is a wonderful person for trainers although, it bothers me that she says, "I hope to see you soon." That is a minor gripe, otherwise, she is a good person. Good luck on hosting the Catchathon. I hope that everyone that is participating is entertained.
  14. IGN: CamilaKawaiiChan Time Zone : (GMT-6) Tiers: OU/UU/NU Fluff: Breloom asco
  15. Oi! Lendários não estão disponíveis no jogo no momento, somente Mewtwo e Rayquaza, como evento. Você consegue ver mais informações aqui: No futuro, por favor acrescente uma legenda em inglês aos seus posts. Todos os posts precisam ser em inglês ou conter uma legenda, isso é parte das regras. Obrigada!
  16. Wow wow wait I did nothing to her ! It’s to honor her, for the help she provides to all trainers :)
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