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  2. I don't think it will be changed. It's 48hrs now, and pretty sure that's like that to prevent abuse. (I'm assuming that you are talking about the cooldown to delete characters)
  3. Don't we all? Unfortunately, this is what we have to deal with until official GUI mod support comes to Android (if it ever comes, that is lol)
  4. Are your theme folder names different than android and default? Are you trying to use a PC GUI as an android theme (like renaming a PC GUI theme folder to android to try and force that instead of a dedicated Android GUI)? If you made a backup of the unmodded base.apk, try putting that one back into the MMO folder and see if the app launches again. If it does, then something must be wrong with the folder names or the theme you're trying to use or you didn't do the tutorial properly. If you don't have a backup base.apk or if the app doesn't launch after placing the unmodded one back on the folde
  5. I order that newly created people can be deleted AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and also tell me what it means by google translation
  6. Ahoy Hachamachama DoDoDo Yubi 2021/1/20第438次簽到 Nanodesu Neeeeeee Peko
  7. Guys, I'm tired of explaining to people in-game how the market of breeders works. Someone every 2-3 hours is selling a 31stat breeder 4000 cheaper than the cheapest one in that egg group. The next one sees the lowest price and sells 2000 lower than him, ruining the market.half of the egg groups now have 31breeders at 1000 coins, taking away from others the opportunity to make money off of selling. The population on the server is growing. PLEASE regulate the prices or AT LEAST FORCE A MINIMUM SELLING PRICE for breeders.
  8. Docfflane with Hariyama, Rapidash, Fearow, meowth, mankey, sandslash
  9. Today
  10. Oh Man Staffs Removed my Previous Comment .... Not Fair..
  11. <3333 I was thinking people might be interested in the before/after image :3 You're a true artist!
  12. Wish there was a way to do this without rooting any devices. :(
  13. For this Sunday, we'll have an OU tournament. The prize will be 400k for the champion and 100k for the finalist. Good Luck everyone!
  14. The Weekly Spar-Tournament Thread The team will be hosting a weekly tournament to spark the flame of the love of pvp. As we all know, we have players who have really great potential. Some of us here have already been winning in Official tournaments. In order to nurture these skills, the Spar-Tournament thread has been born into existence. When: Sundays, 3PM GMT Where: Mistralton Channel 1 (by the airways) Mechanics: Either David or the Executives will announce a tier to be played the Monday before the tournaments begin. Comments fr
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