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  3. If I wouldn't win the top 3 places in one invitational, can I join the other invitationals later?
  4. Welcome Hannon, @calidubstep (Alt nub grunt), @dIOXprooo , @NewCPlayer xLolitachan, Drakebane, MrDAQIAN, Yanglex, and anyone else I forgot to welcome or couldn't find your forum name
  5. Answer 6: I am glad that people are helping others. Helping people is not just a Mayor's job (I hope that is not the case or we live in a cruel and dark world). However, as the Mayor, I have a whole team or council I can turn to for advice on certain topics pertaining to everyday activities in game and how to make them easier for people to understand. Also, as a public utility, I own the Mayor Bestfriends YouTube channel which takes a lot of hard work to write scripts for and to find experts to help in my videos. People who want me to write speeches ask me this. It takes a lot of man hours (and even months) to write scripts to videos, upload them, constructing guides (depending on how complex the topic is), etc. Speeches or complaints about a new region is just a waste of time for me. Razimove, you helped me in writing the script for the How to Make Money video on PokeMMO and thank you for helping me out.
  6. Just going to post this for now, next notable video will be whenever the next official event is that I can make \o/
  7. What did you really do as a mayor that you wouldn't already do as a normal player, during the course of your first term really?
  8. Question 6: What about you being Mayor differentiates you from any other kind-hearted player? Aka what REAL power does mayor-ship hold?
  9. I am impressed with the early voting. Thank you for your confidence in me to continue serving PokeMMO! For the campaign, I made a slogin that is what my Mayoral Term is looking like so far: "Less Talk, More Action!" Some people may complain that I don't write a lot of speeches. The time I use to write up a speech is time that can be used for projects that help players new and old navigate the game. As of late, I am working on this Unova Gym Guide: Let me do a quick Q and A session from concerned players on PokeMMO (if there is a question that you would like for me to address, then feel free to ask them [please no trolls]): Now here is a question for me to ask you the player-base: "Are you satisfied by my job performance thus far?" If the answer is yes, then make sure to vote for "Bestfriends." There are a lot more projects that I plan on pursuing. Thank you for your time everyone! Less Words, More Action! Bf
  10. @AurumPegasus I wanted to make it publicly known that I love you for introducing Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood to me. I'm on EP 18 rn, and I sure hope they do not ruin the ending.
  11. This is especially needed for Mayor to be aware when he has to expect the next voting, also for other candidates to prepare before that. If its same like now 1-2 year term, I would say that 2 terms are a big part of mmo life
  12. We need rules in general. How long is a term? How many consecutive terms can you serve? 2?
  13. If the majority keeps voting for him and he still wants to serve, why not
  14. There should be a rule that forbids mayors from having consecutive terms. That way we need not worry about BF being Mayor....again
  15. Krafty Krooks Doubles: xSparkie vs Parke 500k on sparkie
  16. so anyone can join the tournaments leading up? only the finals are an invitational?
  17. So this is the real reason they got rid of Junior Game Masters

  18. Worth every cent. Thank you so much, Hannah!!
  19. Thanks for the help love! You're awesome :D
  20. Torneo OU 6V6: -Viernes 28 Junio / 7:00pm México,Perú y Colombia - 8:00pm Chile y Venezuela - 9:00pm Argentina Reglas: -2 Wall Max -Lugar: Kanto - Ciudad Carmin Canal 5 Premios: 1er Lugar: Mienshao 4x31 +Natu 2do Lugar: Vidasfera + Restos Nota: Los eventos realizados son para los miembros del team. Tournament OU 6V6: -Friday June 28 / 7:00 pm Mexico, Peru and Colombia - 8:00 pm Chile and Venezuela - 9:00 pm Argentina Rules: -2 Wall Max -Place: Kanto - Vermilion City Channel 5 Prizes: 1st Place: Mienshao 4x31 +Natu 2nd Place: Life Orb + Leftovers Note: The events performed are for team members.
  21. Please increase the prize, 650k is too low for a 64 players tourney with no shiny pokemon. I mean you get an invite but that's not such an amazing prize and it isnt enough.
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