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  2. Finding Every Move

    where is sucker punch?
  3. Finding Every Move

    Love this guide
  4. Event Suggestions & Feedback

    Thats a thing sometimes :)
  5. Allow us to buy 3 extra party slots

    Then you misunderstand the purpose of the 3 extra party slots. They are simply there so you can breed while having a comp team out and rdy to go, or a team to do gym runs/E4. They are there so you can do match making and breeding at the same time. So that when you are breeding you dont have to just stand around and do nothing. If we are allowed 6 extra slots they can also be used to quickly switch in and out pokemon/teams during tournaments.
  6. Today
  7. Hello pokemmo players!


    I was a pokemmo player from around 2013-2014 I don't really know if any of you remember me. 

    I went by many names and accounts so i'll just list a few






    Uhh just curious if anyone remembers me? The only player I remember is MarDav

    btw loving unova

  8. i think your slogan should be "I came to fuck shit up and catch pokemon, well would you look at that my pokedex is full"
  9. Resolution Problems

    Please post a screenshot. Next time you should use this topic instead, btw.
  10. LF My Shiny Haxorus

    Derp still waiting for the player with my Haxorus lel
  11. [TV] Dragonball

    Goku will be probably the strongest in that void with his mastered ultra instinct. Surpassed all Gods lel.
  12. Hey man! It's ACIDNIDOKING (no i don't go by that anymore) add me on discord if you can Will#5788

  13. [TV] Dragonball

    Man, that sneak peak at the end.
  14. That does sound nice, but I may consider some other options.
  15. I got a slogan idea Bestfriends-Your mayor and your best friend Sounds nice?
  16. [PSL9] Week Three

    I missed some good salty goodness but the Black Panther was pretty good too. #kevin"razzledazzle"razz
  17. [TV] Dragonball

    Freeza where you chillin at bro
  18. \o/ Cool @Noad Creating that opening for our mayor was really nice of you, much appreciated. Hope everyone has fun!
  19. Resolution Problems

    I downloaded pokemmo onto my desktop about a year ago and it runs perfectly on that, but before i left for college i got a laptop to use for gaming and work and tried installing pokemmo on it and the resolution for the game play is just terrible and near unplayable and no amount of tinkering with monitor resolution seems to fix the problem, I was wondering if anyone can help. First time on the forums and don't know how to attach screenshots rip.
  20. Doubles Tier Discussion Request Thread

    i disagree about the spore part because breloom, jumpluff, and smeargle have it and no one seems to think they are broken either. the only pokemon people are complaining about is amonguss. its the pokemon not the clause/move. thats not to say its ban worthy, just that if something should be banned its amonguss.
  21. Doubles Tier Discussion Request Thread

    It's the mix between spore and amonguss stats (the poke).
  22. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    It only prompts when an unknown device logs in. It's a mandatory thing, so you can't skip it (unless you opt-in to OTP at a later date, probably). Our problem wasn't really with implementing the frontend, it's the amount of website changes which had to occur to support it. We weren't even bothering to do email confirmation of game accounts before now (it's a ddos vector, and back when the game launched in 2012, ddos-protected routes were not cheap), so we needed a way to review/override the ones people lied about, then to implement the actual "talking" to the game server, and then a while was spent rewriting some old and crusty website backend things. Eventually we have to work on the actual game, which is why "real" OTP 2FA is scheduled for a later date. I appreciate the link though.
  23. Allow us to buy 3 extra party slots

    Allow us to buy 3 extra party slots Says otherwise.
  24. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    https://github.com/j256/two-factor-auth Under this ultra-permissive license: https://github.com/j256/two-factor-auth/blob/master/LICENSE.txt TLDR: Use the code for whatever as long as the license blurb is included somewhere in the documentation. E-mail confirmation is clunky and can be seen as user-unfriendly depending upon implementation. Unless there's a feature similar to 'remember this IP for a week' (or longer), many players may not bother with it. Proper 2FA support has been done in Java already and has also been ported to various coding languages (depending on what setup you all are using). I wouldn't mind providing some detailed technical information and links/signposts to the various FLOSS (free and libre open source software) projects with very permissive-use licensing. Also 2FA is just a band-aid on the problem of passwords rather than user-based tokens: https://github.com/pwdless/cierge I honestly feel the user-based token approach might be the best solution and not even require people to store passwords via the client in plain text (in the Windows Registry). Perhaps allow the same token to be used for up to a week if the IP remains unchanged. Your community contains some intelligent and talented people. Feel free to call on us :)
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