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  2. Eggplant

    Bilburt I do not understand

    you can greet me every morning if u want
  3. fredrichnietze

    Bilburt I do not understand

    mods dont like it when you post the same thing over and over. like my many bad jokes
  4. redspawn

    Bilburt I do not understand

    Let me guess, is this LassLucy again with another alt?
  5. why do you eliminate a simple greeting please tell me where to post I do not understand your hatred towards me thanks, I have to give no, I think, just send 3 greetings bye =/
  6. Toast


    do u not play with mats or something
  7. fredrichnietze

    Event Suggestions & Feedback

    ubers tourney where everyone gets a mewtwo or rayquaza to use for the duration of the tourney. ubers isnt a balanced tier to begin with and this type of gimick would make it fun and unique. more difficult to pull of then a normal tourney but hey it'd be fun and you can do a dozen of them a year not just a one off. if you get your legendary during the 10 minutes waiting for the tourney you can build your team around the presumably random set and it'd be a unique experience every time. writing shit and art. always loved those
  8. Archiver

    Similar move to False Swipe?

    Dragon Rage always hits 40 damage. Super Fang always deals 1/2 of their HP but is also a Normal type. If you just want to catch Ghost pokemons then I highly suggest getting a Smeargle with Odor Sleuth. Once Soak works properly, hopefully in the next update, you can replace Odor Sleuth with it. It changes the pokemon's type to water making False Swipe normal effective on it.
  9. Today
  10. RoseFunera1

    Similar move to False Swipe?

    So I've been wondering if there is a move that is similar to False Swipe as in it leaves the opponent with at least 1 hp. I use False Swipe for catching pokemon, but Ghost type are immune and Rock and Steel are not very effective, so is there another move like False Swipe?
  11. Darkshade

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    To be honest with you, for General cave tiles that's a fairly acceptable and likely scenario (there are only so many ways to draw rocks afterall) but for things like lava/water, they really need to be their own entities. The dungeons layout themselves of course will be different.
  12. DrChansey

    Shiny Showcase

    Glad to be apart of this moment, only joined the team for like 5minutes and already something special happen. Congrats bro, now its my turn to get a dope OT @Obvi.
  13. aloneindark

    Dark's Shop - Shiny Lottery ongoing

  14. Matoka

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    Darkshade facing that inner temptation to just change the hue of his elemental bird dungeons and call it a day when making tile-sets. it calls to you Darkshade, take the easy way out.... THE EASY WAY OUT.... the easy way.... out....
  15. ozzie1550

    Shiny Showcase

    Congrats Obvi, hard work pays off. Proud of you brother!
  16. Shuck

    E4 Speedrun ($1,000,000 reward)

    For those of you who still care, I just made a new team, this time focused more on physical attack and its a lot better, I didnt even need to use all of them most of the time. Time: 21:21 @hihats I told you I was going to try a new team bro :D Ninjask - Jolly/Bright Powder/252HP 252Spe/Leech Life, Swords Dance, Baton Pass, Substitute Scizor - Impish/Leftovers/252HP 252Def/Bullet Punch, Swords Dance, Baton Pass, Roost Vaporeon - Bold/Leftovers/252HP 252Def/Scald, Acid Armor, Baton Pass, Wish Drifblim - Calm/Leftovers/252HP 252Spdef/Shadow Ball, Amnesia, Baton Pass, Substitute Gliscor - Impish/Leftovers/252HP 252Def/Earthquake, Agility, Baton Pass, Roost Haxorus - Adamant/Dragon Fang/252Atk 252Spe/Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Super Power, Swords Dance
  17. RedDragonERa

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Grats my man , don't be amused it is your hard work. Cheers bro.
  18. MathewMat

    Shiny Showcase

    @grats to @Obvi
  19. RedDragonERa

    [läva] Team läva

    Congrats @Obvi for his new shiny absol. Your Hardwork came into a wonderful result . Be happy bro . It's a great moment for Lava , everyone should enjoy.
  20. MathewMat

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Grats to my Boy @Obvi Well deserved, he is not selling it so do not bother him
  21. Darkshade

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    Well, it's likely that they'd share the same base concept/environment with their own elemental twist on it, if that's what you mean.
  22. Pilarr

    Vanity Item Suggestions

    kuro jacket of incredible anime servamp
  23. CinnamonSama

    [Art] Cinnamon's Shop

    Ta da~ Is finished! I really hope you like it and enjoy it! @Goku
  24. A rough number would be "at least a dozen evolution trees." There are a lot of HA species to release, so we're not being picky. To prevent confusion as to what does and doesn't an HA in-game, we're just going to be restricting the wild encounters to species which can have HAs. Generally, their release will be themed upon the area, e.g. a Jungle area may have Grass/Water/? wild encounters. We don't plan on enforcing a time limit while inside the area. The limiting factor will be the items you take with you, since you'll be using a separate bag with limited slots. There will be cooldowns associated with them, since there are more prizes inside than just the legendaries. They'll be invoked immediately on entrance, but the cd duration is undecided Yes. I don't expect us to introduce instances in the middle of the storyline since it's so short
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