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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Idk but have you met my new waifus?
  3. what in the name Arceus is going on here *-*
  4. Thank you very much for the teddi. It's just what I needed. I named mine Bear Grylls.
  5. SAME,, if u find mine do inform :P
  6. haha thats impressive ,honestly i forgot ive made it just wanted to see how it works .Never really cared about the mechanic so i legit dont even know where mine is but im glad u stumbled upon it even tho its empty
  7. Found your secret base ^^ Try to find mine :P
  8. must say, u guys went beyond ultra ^^
  9. Sure you can....Soon™
  10. Im not in the teddy gang. I need to be in the teddy gang. Can i be in the teddy gang?
  11. Got to love that video for what it is. Pure savagery.
  12. The moment when u don't pay attention to your teddi while you're training its EV and it evolves to take revenge ~ The above content contains INHOOMAN violence. View at your own risk.
  13. better than that black n white one lmao good job!
  14. What would be your next Pokemon with what move-set and ability? Also what purpose will it serve? Post your ideal pokes if you already got yours. Troll answers obviously accepted~
  15. well u didnt try to make it good lol :P. I did
  16. kawaii and neat asf, gg lol... if you call this bad, what would you call this thread's poster xD
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