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AFRO POWER OVER 9000 !!!!!!!

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. And them blessings just keep on comin, 9th Piloswine !
  3. Curse and LatAndroid did it with me though ;) => They didn't post tho :p
  4. All the best fam. Any specific shiny you hunting for ?
  5. Hi all! Zak / Zaakkosaurus Finished all regions. Love all things Póke. Working towards being a decent pvp player but at the end of the day it's all just nostalgic fun for me. I'm 1200 hours in with no shiny and I've been told ya'll got stacks, so I'm hoping some AFRO shiny luck is gonna rub off on me soon. Real talk; I'm a percussionist and a kids music teacher. I'm pumped to be here and looking forwards to soaking up some chill AFRO vibes with everyone!
  6. I have no idea what is this but I wanna try it
  7. Hello everyone and welcome to PokeMMO acctual tierlist for OU Befor we start as a side note i want to say that i will add pokemons who are not in the OU tier but i think they might do well here S+ Rank : Jolteon Garchomp Rotom - Wash Pelipper (rain team) S Rank : Skarmory Chansy Excadrill (sand team) Scizor Conkeldurr Ferrothorn A+ Rank : Magnezone Salamence Gengar Tyranitar Starmie Gyarados Hydreigon Volcarona Metagross Cloyster Mandibuzz Durant A Rank : Kingdra Hippowdon Gliscor Togekiss Tentacruel Breloom Rotom - Heat Haxorus Mamoswine Azumarill B+ Rank : Mienshao Reuniclus Chandelure B Rank : Lucario Cofagrigus Milotic Krookodile Scrafty Infernape Darmanitan C+ Rank : Ludicolo C Rank : Dugtrio Blissey Porygon - Z Swampert Dragonite
  8. All good, see you soon :)
  9. Heads up: my laptop is broken and I don’t have android... I’ll try to be active on the forums but until I get my laptop fixed, RIP Illona. IM NOT LEAVING YOU GUYS I PROMISE.
  10. Tyty, if you want a simple sig too, let me know.
  11. Enjoy your stay o/ @KenanyJr
  12. I just tried to add you but it said you're declining friend reqs. Can you add / inv me? I'm on now. IGN: Olllieee
  13. B r u h, as long as you have it in spirit, all good. Find a member online and they can invite you in, I'm online rn btw, IGN: Akshit
  14. Sure can, new batch should be ready in few days xD
  15. Name / IGNs: Olllieee Regions completed: Unova Interests / Hobbies (in-game + irl): Gym, Pokemon Do we get invited in game?
  16. Skar / Oskar Unova, Johto (ds), Kanto (ds) car enthusiast, playing fps, sports, generally doing everything i like, also i have the opposite hairstyle of an afro ;/
  17. can i habe teddi blease?
  18. Name / IGNs: Illona/Marisnah Regions completed: Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova Interests / Hobbies (in-game + irl): Dancing, Singing, shadowboxing, The Sims, baking, Pokemanz

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