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An English-speaking competitive team. Four-time Team Tournament champions.

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. for everyone who blocked me on discord u can unblock im not hacked anymore
  3. I-I dont think thats how evolution works. Also I think its fair we all blame Olt for all out problems, +1
  4. Busco war with the other RISE when? Harry said he'll be our captain
  5. Everything this guy says is just facts
  6. You ever just wonder that if 1 single thing changed in history we might have all become peanut butter jars? Pretty interesting thought. Also daily reminder Oltan is by far the worst boss this team has ever seen
  7. Because it was taken at the time and teams never got deleted even if no one logged on for 5yrs
  8. Now that I think about it, why did we choose the accent E over the regular one again?
  9. Rip all the shitposts from the round table thread
  10. Fun fact of the day! Did you know that the largest seal weighs over four tons? That's a chonky boi! or something like that have a good day
  11. Happy Birthday @Mike another year older, another year sexier
  12. That year flew by, happy birthday @Mike!

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