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An English-speaking competitive team. Four-time Team Tournament champions. - Now recruiting

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  2. A message from our brethren Juniour: "Sigh..smh...sigh...shaking my head my head... zymojin. u always XD now and never say anything else.. idk, i am in grief of this. you used to read to me at night about how you can see me at night when I smile but now u don't even do that anymore..! man...! :( :( D: aaaaarghh! " That was the last time we ever saw that man. Hope you're happy nabgen.
  3. Luke jealous he wasnt able to send 35k messages in discord
  4. thats ok ill make HUGZ the anime team RISE was destined to be
  5. im good thanks, better luck next time ol' mac donald
  6. Is this an uwu moment?? Tbh get into OU again; we already got Chaos back into NU
  7. why did u guys ruin the team by playing comp, its time to return back to the roots RISE was build upon, its time for friday night anime night. ill even host us an epic anime. be there or be not weeb(imagine being not weeb)
  8. I haven't met him yet but he seems like an awesome guy
  9. One of our finest experts @TeamRocketHarry shall assist you.
  10. i heard you guys were an anime team can i join?
  11. Now I can't look at that sig the same anymore
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