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An English-speaking competitive team. Four-time Team Tournament champions. - Now recruiting

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  2. It certainly is, click on the hyperlink in my signature below to find out more information. I’m currently at work, so feel free to send anyone of officer rank or above a message and they’ll be sure to help you out :)
  3. Hello.this teqm is open recruitment?
  4. Just u I was on a few mins ago wdym, ask my bois nahwel and suig
  5. I play that's all you need to know. Come back to papa sparks
  6. It is that time of the year again! Mike's random fact of the day™!!!! This month will be about; PANCAKES! Did you know that a pancake fan ran a marathon while continually tossing a pancake for three hours, two minutes and twenty seven seconds. What a mad lad. See you next century
  7. #FreeIntor Come back to mmo, I'll help with comps
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