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The Uprising is a competitive team that is oriented around strengthening its competitive core and pushing towards the goal of becoming a well-known team throughout PokeMMO.

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  2. Fun Fact: Official tournaments were live streamed on twitch back in 2013.
  3. Risey people like this post if bilbutt is a quack
  4. Grammar doesnt matter bandicoot said it and hes right
  5. Havs I am on your side but how have you had years of linguistics education yet you still make a typo literally every other word
  6. whoa, int. and n. Pronunciation: Brit. /wəʊ/ U.S. /(h)woʊ/ Forms: Forms of whoa, woa, etc., with a or o occurring two or more times are also attested. Frequency (in current use): Origin: A variant or alteration of another lexical item. Etymons: ho int.2, ho int.1 Etymology: Variant of ho int.2 or ho int.1 Compare woy int., way int.2 A. int. 1. a. Used as a command to a horse or other draft animal to stop or stand still, or to a person to stop or desist. Cf. woy int., way int.2 b. In collocation with other interjections or adverbs. Sometimes also used as a command to turn or go in a particular direction. See also whoa ho int. 2. Different meaning of whoa that is irrelevant 2. Used as a general interjection to command attention or express that one is surprised, impressed, interested, etc. Cf. whoa ho int. 3. Need evidence from literature?
  7. Isn't it obvious? It's the beginning of a war. The battle of whoa and woah (woah is correct btw, fight me), where the victor takes what everyone wants; A metaphorical W , and the losers take an L. For hundreds of years the whoa clan had claimed that they were superior to only be shut down by the divine Woah clan. Join me brother and we shall prevail over this monstrosity and show everyone what it means to take a W. *Wiggle*
  8. whoa, your terror tactics won't work on me

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