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Come drink Lemonade with us and join a fun friendly and competitive team slowly emerging onto the scene.

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    Lmao I'm too lazy, will try to do in the next week or so xD
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    Soon ... 1 month ago Lin :')
  4. ııı ııı ııı EVENT 2 - SAFARI FRENZY ııı ııı ııı Welcome to the new SimplyLëmonadë team event ! Let’s all have fun and give our all at catching rare pokemon in the Safari Park of the Kanto region. Event Date and Time: Any time between 00:00 (UTC) on the 19th October to 23:59 (UTC) on the 21st October, Pokemon may be caught and entries submitted.The large event duration allows for players to work in their own time spending as much time as they please. Rules : - The goal is to score as much points as possible with the pokemon you caught. - You will have to present up to 6 of your caught pokemon to the referees. Every poke from the safari park can be presented, common pokes just won't get you points by themselves but if they have good IVs they can still give you some points ! - Note all entries must be caught within the Kanto Safari Park within the event duration and must be your OT. - IMPORTANT : You are not allowed to level up/evolve any of the pokemons you will present since some evolutions are more valuable. - The event will be 3 days long, only pokemon caught during the said days can compete. The safari rush will be held on channel 2, so that we can watch each other farming. Submission Info: Entries must be submitted to one of the referees before the end of the event, entries are submitted by linking your total of 6 submissions to the referees who will use the scoring criteria below to determine your score. Multiple entries may be made during the course of the event but only your highest scoring entry may count. If no referee is present when you want to submit your entry, you may mail the Pokemon to the referee provided it is before the event end time. (You will get the Pokemon back.) Scoring Criteria Species Bonus: Dragonair + 15 points Chansey, Tauros, Scyther + 9 points Pinsir, Kangaskhan + 7 points Dratini + 2 points Venomoth, Parasect, Lickitung + 1 point x Bonuses : Shiny 33 points (11 if encountered but not caught, has to be proven) 1 IV (30/31) : 2 points 2 IVs (30/31) : 4 points 3 IVs (30/31) : 8 points 4 IVs (30/31) or more : 15 points Adamant/Jolly nature = +3 on Tauros, Pinsir, Scyther, Kangaskhan, Dragonair (no Dratinis) Bold/ Calm nature = +3 on Chansey #Elite Of The Safari : +15 points (Have all of Kangaskhan, Tauros, Chansey, Scyther & Pinsir in your 6 presented pokemon) #Dragon Family : +12 points (Present only dragon types with at least 1 dragonair among them) #Bug Addict : +8 points (Have all of Scyther + Pinsir + Venomoth + Parasect in your 6 presented pokemon) #Safari Park’s Menagerie : +8 points (Have all of Tauros + Kangaskhan + Rhydon + Seaking in your 6 presented pokemon) Prize Pool : Winner : 1 Comp ( 3*31, 2x25+ Natured) among all pokemon available in Safari 2nd : Eviolite 3rd : 100k Event Host : TohnR Referees : TohnR, Linfanz, Aard Any further questions regarding the event maybe directed towards the event host or referees. Event briefing written by TohnR, edited by Linfanz.
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    nah i lost XD his mewtwo was super strong it 1shoted me and my pokemons are perfect comps XD
  6. I hope you took it from him!
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  8. SimplyLëmonadë Gallery Thread On this thread the team can post their screenshots and images from in-game commemorating and celebrating unique events, tournaments, team gatherings, as well as images of other unusual and interesting things from the game.
  9. SimplyLëmonadë Events Thread The events thread is where we will now be posting the details and information for all our upcoming events. We typically hold around at least two events per month of various formats to cater to as many players as possible. This includes competitive battling tier tournaments and catching events as well as events such as hide-and-seek. We also welcome event suggestions from our members so be sure to comment below if you have any cool ideas for future events. Event details will be released here typically 2 to 3 weeks before the event date. If anyone has any questions and queries regarding events, feel free to comment them below or contact the event host.

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