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About This Club

We are a team designed to let new players get their best start in PokeMMO. Our doors are open to every new player as well as anyone who would like to help guide the new adventurers. There is no team obligations other than following the rules while you wear the tag. All players are free to leave at any time with nothing owed in return. Some players may choose to stay in the team to help guide others if they wish.

Field Name

  1. What's new in this club
  2. I checked to see if any officers or higher ranking members were online yesterday but no players could be found. I would like to join my IGN is nezdutz.
  3. Hello, i am new to this game! Can i join your team? :D
  4. Looking to join. Please add me! IGN: Anabel
  5. I need a team guys.. my name is RoyalFreshness
  6. Ectopuss


    Where'd you go? Thought you were coming back ._. Miss you bruv -ecto-
  7. Wazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I will be joining soon :)
  8. Most of the time you can find at least one of us in vermilion. Of course you can also message any one of us in-game if you're having trouble finding us. My in-game name is NecroHorror, if you need help with anything I'll be available until New Years Eve.
  9. Hi I would like to join the team in-game. How can I find any of you in-game? My in-game character name is Drjiet. Thanks.
  10. SovietAgent


    haha good joke man :)
  11. Ectopuss


  12. DeadGorilla


    am test am still test
  13. LeWildChat

    Event Suggestions

    Art contest, music contest, miss & mister contest. We'll choose the winners with a poll. Art contest In this event the participants will have to draw something, then the participant(s) with best drawing wins. Music contest In this event the participants will have to create or to sing their own song, then the participant(s) with the best song wins. Miss & mister contest In this event the participants will join with their couple (example: Will & Chloe) then they will have to show their talents. The couple with the best performance wins. I need more ideas to complete mine. Thanks for reading.
  14. Ectopuss


    Check check 1 2 check
  15. Ectopuss

    Reptar's Hide & Seek

    I love where I'm hiding in this picture
  16. Ectopuss


    Brilliant I'd love to do this! There are multiple locations this can be done we can do a small tour; catch these here and those there. different region's could be involved and at the end we add up the scores for the pokemon caught and divide by the amount and find the average to create the final score- boom ghostbusting contest. With the new region coming soon we'll have more locations it could be great.
  17. Ectopuss

    Event Suggestions

    cards against humanity with you guys, should do that again sometime, how about a race? There's a couple good places to do that hoenn and kanto
  18. Can I join nobody was online when I tried to message my ign is the same as forum name
  19. SovietAgent

    Event Suggestions

    karaoke night

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