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  2. @NikhilR I'm always clean shaven... although I couldn't grow a beard even if I tried. You on the other hand, shouldn't you take a beard to your knees by now.
  3. @KaynineXL @DoubleJ @DarylDixon Maybe time to bring back the clean-shaven look, Joey.
  4. Dw bro, gonna grow out my beard to rock it like one of those dudes.
  5. I'm just picturing Nik walking around the ATL looking like one of those dudes in the video.
  6. @KaynineXL @DoubleJ @DarylDixon This is what the kids these days today are listening to. Parineeti Chopra is amazing eye candy.
  7. background music to Pittzini for his 1st official win in here leggo
  8. My songs are what keep this thread alive: A very feel-good song. Don't get fooled by the thumbnail though. @KaynineXL @DoubleJ
  9. I swear, everyone's impression of India is similar to the visuals portrayed in Slumdog Millionaire or Lion.
  10. nik is used to sleeping on the ground anyways cause indiaaaaaaaaaa
  11. Doesn't look like that any time man, unless my roommate finds another girl soon, who knows! That's how I slept during my college days in India, I could actually write an entire book on my life there, but that's for another day. I don't want to spend money buying a mattress only to not use it again in a month since the on-campus housing is furnished. Also about the living in closet part - times are tough bro, we're just two young men trying to live the American dream.
  12. If only my imagination was that good On the other hand, who the fuck lives in a closet and sleeps on the floor. Nik you and your roommate are weird
  13. So you are going to end up fucking your room mate's gf/ex or some shit? I like it.
  14. bils not gay kay is a grill dont believe the lies

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