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  2. 9 years ago, LYLE went on a 4 month Team Tournament streak, still remains to be broken.
  3. We could write a book/movie script based on all the info in these pages!!!!
  4. Haha, having a moment looking back through the bible aka lyle round table thread(be gone clubs). Saw this post of mine and it definitely made me smile to realise I finally got a Heracross.. @Quint Miss you guys. LYLE #1
  5. Update: 183 lbs / 25.5 BMI / 23.6% Body Fat Eating smaller portion sizes, drinking more water and less alcohol, and moving a bit more really does pay off. Already saw a drop in weight by 2 lbs which is awesome. Our Pelaton just came and so I've gotten a couple rides in on that too. Overall, hitting my exercise minutes goal per week and number of water glasses, but need better sleep. See y'all next week!
  6. Medical School was hard, residency is harder... Lost all my gains, added some flub around the waist, and overall feel pretty shitty (#COVID19) Gonna make moves to lose weight, which is gonna suck since I can't go to the gym right now... again #COVID19 Starting: 185 lbs / BMI 26 / Body Fat 24% Goals: - 150 minutes exercise per week (abs daily, weights 3-5 days, cardio 2 days) - small portion sizes with snacking - 1-2 glasses of wine each week - 6-8 glasses of water daily - limit sweets to dark chocolate - sleep 6-8 hours per night 6 weeks? Would be nice to have dropped 5lbs and have a slimmer waist. I'll update weekly with progress and what I did each day.
  7. Post a memory. My favorite time was when KingBowser swapped his Gengar into Amanu's Exeggutor's Explosion to land him a victory over self proclaimed King Amanu.
  8. hi lyle i cant log in but i want everyone to know i can give away shinys

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