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  1. What's new in this club
  2. When you're about to post your favorite song atm, but then you realize you already posted it a couple of posts above xD
  3. Just Inbox Kyu, he helped me with that since the code was never sent to my email.
  4. Casually waiting for my security code to"log in on a new device" for almost 30 mins now. maybe returning back was a mistake...
  5. @Goldeneyes You the LC GOAT bro. I bet gb haxed you
  6. Not bad @NikhilR. Here's what I been stuck on lately.
  7. @KaynineXL Man I have been listening to soooo many good songs, but this one currently tops the list for the week @DoubleJ It's the same girl from Long Drive :)
  8. That was good nik, but nothing compares to Long Drive.
  9. The only Indian song you ever need to listen to. If you cannot like this beautiful piece of melody, then I guess Indian music isn't for you. @KaynineXL I hope you like this as much as I do! Been listening to it for one week straight.
  10. Hid Fred's post because it's too fucking beta. Bump.
  11. Wow almost a month without a post. The real highlight of TT: Also an upbeat Indian song: @KaynineXL @DarylDixon
  12. @KaynineXL @DarylDixon Not sure if this is within your taste though, Daryl. Also I hope the new girl likes this song too, for compatibility ofc!
  13. Some team called lyle or something. I know I've never heard of them either
  14. A little welcome to our newest member @Serakan. Maybe we aren't as dead as we thought we were... =)

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