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A club designed to integrate and unite the PSL Community and offer threads for discussion, publicity, and HYPE

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Clubs are dead af but there Keks are forever.
  3. I vote that this thread be pinned and never deleted Featured on the front page of forums even.
  4. @AurumPegasus I just finished FMAB, I loved it! I have it on good authority that Roy Mustang is the real GOAT, and so I will be sporting his avatar for a long ass time. Ready for my next anime, sensei.
  5. @AurumPegasus I wanted to make it publicly known that I love you for introducing Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood to me. I'm on EP 18 rn, and I sure hope they do not ruin the ending.
  6. Manager : @Stelian The super captain : @MknsZblex Players : @AlejandroGB @kiwi @DFire @Havsha @Zigh @Oscavib @mackx @PinkLabel @JasonSparrowX @931231547 (TecentQQ) @rizzer (Abstractt)
  7. 128 man tourney for a normal breloom should be tilting

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