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  1. What's new in this club
  2. The Drug is making a meme out of my meme @DarylDixon
  3. I cant update the thread @cchiovitti527, but you need to add my Hera @hannahtaylor's 2 shinies, Pikachu & Parasect @CHUCKunso's shinies, I dunno what he all has, except 91 shuppets
  4. literally me looking at half these new staff members
  5. The second mmo World cup arrive! :DD Make sure u sign up!!
  6. special fuck u also 353 days until c h r i s t m a s
  7. C H R I S T M A S ❤ Happy Christmas dongheads ❤ This one goes out to that shiny charmander that's hiding and won't appear
  8. Merry Christmas nerds @Charderp eat a big uguu @zorth same
  9. Merry Christmas fuckers. Hope you and all your families have a great holiday season!
  10. Aerun has agreed to give us all a shiny this Christmas, thanks pleb. The love is reel
  11. 3 daYS UntiL c h r i s t m a s cali is big gay
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