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      Club Rules & Guidelines:   11/09/2017

      General rules that apply to all clubs: Do not make threads advertising your guild club on the forums. All club titles must take the following format only, [Tag] Team Name. Example: [GM] Game Masters. Any further information you would like to make available to non-members can be put in the description. Do not require a registration fee upon joining a club (asking for donations is acceptable, though). Global rules stipulated in the Code of Conduct still apply to all type of clubs.  Malicious behaviour committed by a player moderator will result in removal of moderator status permanently and forum issued penalty. Discrimination based on gender, sexuality, religion or race will not be tolerated. Bullying and harassment of any user is strictly prohibited. Clubs are permitted to have 10 moderating staff in total (1 club leader and 9 moderators).   Open Club Rules: Arguments/ traded insults that break the global rules are not permitted. Guilds are encouraged to remove any posters from their club that causes conflict. Discrimination based on gender, sexuality, religion or race will not be tolerated. Inappropriate images/videos are not acceptable in any form and they will be removed. Derailing or spamming a club’s topics is not acceptable.   Closed/Private Clubs: Due to the nature of these clubs, a laxer style of moderation will be enforced. Global rules still apply and extreme cases of posting violations will result in staff intervention. No content of a pornographic/graphic nature may be shared at any time.
    • Squirtle

      A User's Guide to Club Moderation   11/09/2017

      Club Moderation Staff: Perreh Gilan KaynineXL What to consider before applying for a club: We offer three types of clubs to our users; open, closed and private. Open clubs: Clubs that anyone can see and join. These clubs will be subject to regular moderation by our staff club moderators. Closed clubs: Clubs that anyone can see in the directory, but joining must be approved by a Club Leader or Club Moderator. Non-club-members who view the club will only see the member list - not the recent activity or content areas. The nature of these types of clubs allow for laxer moderation, staff moderators will only get involved in cases of extreme rule breaking. Private clubs: Offer the same features as closed clubs but are entirely invisible to anyone who is not a member. For this reason we recommend you do not use this format for guild clubs, however it can be utilised for PSL teams in the future. *Please reference club specific rules to view regulations in detail.*   How to apply for a team club: To be eligible for a club, the team must exist in game and the leader of the team must make the application. Applications need to be sent to a Club Moderator (listed above) who will make the necessary verification before creating the forum club and assigning leadership.   What happens once the club is created?: The club leader will be responsible for assigning moderators for their clubs. It is essential that moderators are chosen carefully, especially in the case of closed clubs where they will be entirely responsible for its upkeep. How to assign permissions are outlined below.   Once created, a club leader will be able to edit the description of a club and also create topics. Topics are similar to sub forums, so you will be able to categorise content via this method.   Brief user guide for club moderation: Editing permissions of a user: Club leaders are able to appoint moderator status to a member through “Members” tag. The highlighted button next to the user’s name will give you the option to do so, club leaders can additionally revoke moderator status this way. Both club leaders and moderators are allowed to remove a member from a club via this method also.   Moderating tools: What they mean and how to use them. As a club moderator, you will have access to the following moderating tools: Pin/Unpin Topic: This tool will ensure your chosen thread will remain at the top of your sub-forum. This is helpful to use when you want to give prominence to a thread’s content (announcements for example). Hide Content: This removes a post or thread from public view. Please be advised when you hide content you will not be able to unhide it and will need to escalate this to a staff Club Moderator. Move Content: This allows you to move a thread from one topic section to another. Lock/Unlock Topic: Locking a topic will restrict any members that don't have moderator status from posting in it. Unlocking a topic will allow content to be posted again. Reply to locked Topic: Club leaders and moderators will be able to make posts in locked topics.   Using the Moderation Actions at the top of a thread is one of the easiest ways to manage a topic. Here you will be able to access all of the above actions. However if you wish to remove specific posts this can be actioned by utilising the checkbox in the right hand corner of a post, this will prompt a moderator toolbox to appear at the bottom of your screen. As you can see from the below screenshot, it will allow you to remove more than one post at once if needed.   When hiding content you will be prompted to give a reason for removal. This is helpful to do as it provides an explanation to your fellow moderators as to why certain content has been removed.   Club FAQs Is there a limit on the amount of moderators a club can have? For now we are putting a cap on the amount of moderators a club can have, 10 moderators including the leader. This figure is not set in stone and is subject to change depending on feedback.   What happens if a club leader goes inactive? A guild Executive should message a Senior Game Master on the forums.   Why are clubs replacing the Round Table? In short, we would like to give you (the players) more control over the content you post. Ultimately we would like team clubs to be an alternate place for guilds to socialise outside of the game.   Are there plans to introduce other types of clubs? We are discussing the prospect of allowing players to transfer Multimedia threads into clubs. But for now we are trialling this features success and will rely on feedback from you all to help make any necessary improvements.   Who do I contact with questions or problems regarding clubs? Your first port of call should be a staff club moderator, if they are unable to help you they will escalate it to a higher member of staff. Your staff club moderators are there to help this transition run as smoothly as possible and to support club moderators. These individuals are Perreh, Gilan and KaynineXL.   Any recommended reading? Yes.

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  2. [VVVV] OT Shiny Showcase

    TEAM VVVV >>>>>>>>>>>>
  3. [VVVV] OT Shiny Showcase

    VVVV comin in clutch with the shinies this week Grats Chae
  4. [VVVV] OT Shiny Showcase

    Complains about me not adding snek in a timely manner then proceeds to do this special fuck you Aerun
  5. [VVVV] OT Shiny Showcase

    First team Unova shiny
  6. Black Belt Tyrone ... He isn't even black. What a shoddy inpersonator. If you meet him on Victory Road, please kick his ass for me.
  7. [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    I see you're still pretending to be young
  8. [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    F U N A N D I N T E R A C T I V E™ #Memes
  9. [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    The update is already looking good
  10. [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    Reason #9874 why we're best team: Cedric is a delight
  11. [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    when i get bored at night
  12. [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    you just got o come back and be a mod and kick out riga. easy peasy
  13. [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

    In case anyone hasn't heard the news (seen the meme)
  14. Christmas Movie Marathon Night

    Tentative date and time: November 24th 10am Eastern
  15. [VVVV] OT Shiny Showcase

  16. Off Topic

    *Fangirling Intensifies*
  17. OT Shiny Showcase Aerun BlindBluff Cheels ChaeRim Draekyn HXIN Impulse Jate Jindu JoshLindsayy Masterkakashi McSmithy OrangeManiac Parke Rigamorty Reevs Sapphiresm Summrs Tyrone RIP To the shinies that fled, or were murdered in cold blood Fujimura Masterkakashi RaiOh Razimove
  18. Alright nerds I know we've discussed this in the discord a little and I think with the introduction of clubs this is a good way to set an example of how to use these things. So let's try to set up an actual time to get this going. We need to figure out a time we're all most available, and we need to make some decisions as to what movies were going to marathon. Im assuming we just plan to use rabbit to watch this but if anyone has a better idea as to how to make it happen feel free to suggest things. Also since the club is public and I decided to let anyone see our posts /make posts i think I'll just say anything we put out as events on here are open to who ever, just know I'm not gonna give a lot of a shit about if someone outside of the team can make it when deciding a date.
  19. We are known as Veni Vidi Vici Vixi, which stands for: I came, I saw, I conquered, I lived. We are competitive players and avid collectors of rare shiny pokemon. VVVV was established December 18th 2012 by Rigamorty, Malp, Jindu, Nebula and TheGreatSalami. We are one of PokeMMO's oldest active guilds, not only are we one of the oldest but over the first year of our existence we have been one of the richest and most competitive teams. After a short hiatus we are making our glorious return to prominence. Some of the faces have changed, but our goals remain the same; be the most competitive, richest, revered guild in PokeMMO. VVVV owes a big thanks to Caracal, who kept our team alive for months on her own while many members had either stepped away from the game or left to explore other avenues. VVVV has been voted by the community, the best team to ever grace PokeMMO Rigamorty Draekyn Aerun OrangeManiac Yggdrasil Parke Jindu Tranzmaster Summrs Cheels StriderXD Former / Fallen Members Kesa / Jag / SmokEm / Archinix / Goldeneyes / Vorpalchan / Caracal (staff)

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