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[Mr] Team Mr

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Best Shiny Showcase in PokeMMO. A family of rich and active players with a hunger for Shiny hunting and trading!

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Shiny hunters, Shiny Traders
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  2. Welcome Hannon, @calidubstep (Alt nub grunt), @dIOXprooo , @NewCPlayer xLolitachan, Drakebane, MrDAQIAN, Yanglex, and anyone else I forgot to welcome or couldn't find your forum name
  3. Welcome @Darkdavi @Materiano and a few others? Quote me if I forgot anyone? Also accepting applicants ;)
  4. ot seller. insta rejected. jk pm me in game ign awkways and well talk
  5. IGN:darkdavi Country:Colombia Age:14 In-game Hours Played:1.985 Classy level:As all hell, naturally. Why do you want to be in Team Mr:I would like to be part of this community to be able to learn more about the shiny hunt. Your Ex Team (If any):[RAGE] Why are you no longer a part of that team:I will no longer dedicate myself to the competitive environment, I will try to be a shin hunter. Do you Battle/Breed/Shiny Trade:I have 3 shiny ot, I sold 1 so I currently have 2. What tier do you play:I dedicated myself to LC Your Recommender:[Mr]
  6. When is your next rare hey? @BrunoMarin @Dazuzi
  7. welcome also, I have survived on the roster through all these years, the revival is here
  8. We will be contacting these two in game to discuss the process of joining. Also, to be clear, we had a member inviting everyone and anyone to join our forums club - this is not the same as a team invite in-game. Apologies for any potential confusion.
  9. Since hardly anyone is online during the time I usually play around, leaving team for now. Even though the stay was short, I had fun, even caught a Shiny Piloswine too, anyway, see ya'll around ^_^ Peace.
  10. @MxSephie & @Aldroc It was nice having you around. We wish you all the best on your future adventures in the game.
  11. >ban just make a new account, shiny dragon ain't gonna hunt itself

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