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Best Shiny Showcase in PokeMMO. A family of rich and active players with a hunger for Shiny hunting and trading!

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Shiny hunters, Shiny Traders
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  2. SirDusty's Phrantic Phanpy's Catching Event (This event is for in-game Team Mr Members only) Date- -Saturday May 22nd Time- 1pm EST/12pm CST/5pm GMT Location- -Kanto Canyon Entrance Below Island 7 PC Duration- -1 Hour for Catching + an additional 10 minutes to submit Scoring -Total Sum of IVs + Nature Bonus = Total Score Pokemon accepted as valid entries -Phanpy only Nature Bonus -Brave +7 -Jolly+5 -Serious +3 Rules -To win 1st-3r
  3. Thanks to everyone who participated and our gracious host @TheFrenchiestFry! The winners are as follows: 1st Place Prize 6,000,000 pokeyen Sirdusty - Scyther - 9:57:50PM - 156(+5) 161 2nd Place Prize 4,000,000 pokeyen HopeChan - Nidorina - 9:51:36PM - 160 3rd Place Prize 2,000,000 pokeyen Vexuh - Pinsir - 9:43:23PM - 147(+5) 152 4th Place Prize 1,000,000 pokeyen 99 Love Balls DrayoWolf - Exeggcute - 9:28:07PM - 31 Total Scores: Sirdusty - Scyther - 9:57:50PM - 156+5 (161) HopeChan - Nidorina - 9:5
  4. Just A Normal Catch Event™ (This event is for in-game Team Mr members only) Date Saturday, 10th April (for everyone west of UTC: North/South America) Sunday, 11th April (for everyone east of UTC: Europe/Africa/Asia/Australia) Time 9pm EDT (10 Apr) | 1:00 UTC (11 Apr) Time Zone Converter Location Kanto Safari Zone, Ch 1 Entrance Area Duration 1 hour for catching + an additional 10 minutes to submit Scoring Total Sum of IVs + Species Bonus = Total Score Pokémon accepted as va
  5. Thanks to all those who participated and special thanks to HiSunset for hosting! Not sure who all won charms, but the winners of the Total IV portion are as follows: Awkways - 145 - 12:25:51 (1st) Debryan - 135 - 12:32:52 (2nd) Patrouski - 133 - 12:25:27 (3rd) Honorable Mentions: ZslayerSP - 132 - 12:29:57 CaliDenise - 131 - 12:21:38 lMonkeyDLuffylll - 125 - 12:44:07 KiryuMoeka - 125 - 12:54:44 OHJI - 121 - 12:48:50 JayGray - 121 - 12:58:22 Gielilei - 121 - 12:59:55 Mayushii - 119 - 12:03:08
  6. HiSunset's Challenge in the Cave! (This event is for in-game Team Mr Members only) Shiny Charm Portion: HiSunset hatched a Shiny Porygon and would like to host a dual event for our members. The event will take place in Challenger's Cave, Unova on channel 1 at 12pm EST on March 6th, 2021. There will be multiple ways to win rewards. Each player will have 1 hour to catch as many Riolu as possible. Each 1x31 riolu or higher (2x31, 3x31, etc) can be swapped for a set number of Shiny Charms. The Shiny Charm rewards scale as follows: Rewards for the 31 iv Catching Portion: -TWO 1x31
  7. Kiryu's "It's OK to be a nerd" Pokemon Trivia Event! (This event is for in-game [Mr] Members only) About the Event: KiryuMoeka is hosting Team [Mr]'s very first Trivia event! This event will consist of the host, Kiryu, asking trivia questions in normal chat. There will be 20 total questions, which will gradually get harder to answer. The first to answer correctly in normal chat wins that round (and the associated prize). The prizes will increase to reflect that question's difficulty. There will be 20 total questions - 10 of which will be "easy", 7 of which will be "medium" and 3 of
  8. Thanks to everyone who participated. This is the list of results: 1. $200,000 ^-> KiryuMoeka 2. 3x31 Gastly (HP, Attack + Special Defense) which has Spider's Web Particle Effect and is holding a Cat Cookie ^-> Archonn 3. $2,000,000 + Winged Heart Backpack (Seasonal RP item) ^-> ZSlayerSP 4. $100,000 ^-> DarkSign 5. SHINY Patrat (31IV Special attack) Female ^-> DeBryan 6. $69 + Fire Bunny Ears (500RP item) ^-> Clearlypurple 7. 2x Red Envelopes (1 is 2020 and 1 is 2019) + 1 Lucky Red
  9. Team Mr Secret Santa Event (This event is for in-game Team Mr members only) Hello all, for this Christmas I am hosting an anonymous gift exchange event! This event is to show your love and appreciation for our family members by giving a gift and getting one in return from one of your fellow Mr's. This is a completely voluntary event and is for our in-game team only. About the event: The concept is essentially to have a random Secret Santa event. Every player who wants to enter can send a gift of around 100k-5m in value to me via mail. As I receive each gift, the submission
  10. ExCUSE me? Some small fry? I'll have you know the title of The Frenchiest was NOT an easy one to come by. Do you know how hard I've had to work? How many frenchfries I had to bury? Please address me with respect, thank you.
  11. Rayquazaa's totally not stolen idea.. Hide N Seek! (This event is for in-game Team Mr members only) Date: December 12th, 2020 Time: 6PM GMT / 1PM EST Time Zone Converter (click me) Starting Location: Viridian City Pond, Channel 5 About the event: Hello All! Team [Mr] is hosting an event for our in-game team members, in the form my personal favorite event style: Hide n' Seek! This event will vary across ALL FOUR REGIONS and will take place in channel 5 only. There will be 10 rounds, in which our host, Rayquazaa, hides somewhere, and we all go try to find them. Rayqua
  12. Congrats to our Winners! Thanks to @TheFrenchiestFry for hosting! Next event will prob be in like 2-4 weeks, stay tuned. The winners are as follows: 1st Place Prize 3,750,ooo pokeyen + 10x Pumpking Goodie Bags @TipsyTurvy  2nd Place Prize  2,000,000 pokeyen + 10x Goodie Bags @awkways 3rd Place Prize 1,000,000 pokeyen @Archon Bonus Prize for best IV total (all entries combined) 500,000 pokeyen @TipsyTurvy (Again smh)
  13. 50 mins to go! And got a few last minute donations so bigger prize pool! Adding them now :D Set...
  14. Hi guys! Just a reminder that the event is in 10 hours! Prize pool has been updated to reflect donations and everything's ready to go! Hope to see you all there!! Ready...
  15. TheFrenchiestFry's Hoenn Relay Race (This event is for in-game Team Mr members only) Hello! All in-game Team Mr members are formally invited to take part in TheFrenchiestFry's Hoenn Relay Race on Saturday, November 21st! This is a multi-stage catching event consisting of 6 separate stages within the region of Hoenn. The first to link a valid entry for each stage will be given the details for the next stage! The first person to complete the final stage wins! Hope you're free and show up to participate in this team event. Get ready... Get set... and let
  16. And the results are in! Thank you so much for playing, it was an egg-citing time (ok I hate egg puns now, I'll stop). I hope all of you had as much fun as I did ♥ And now, the winners: Part 1: Egg Hunt Eggstravaganza 1st Place SirDusty Score: 139  2nd Place Turtle Score: 136 3rd Place Rayquazaa Score: 133 Scoresheet: Part 2: Scramble and Fry! 1st Place TipsyTurvy (with a landslide loss in the finals with just 3 turns!)  2nd Place
  17. Fried Eggs, Anyone? (This event is for in-game Team Mr members only) This is a 2 part event, with part 2 being optional for participants. Part 1: Egg Hunt Eggstravaganza Fried from constantly hatching eggs with no shinies to show for it? Let's flip that hopelessness sunny-side up by catching some in the wild instead! (Participation in this event requires completion of the Sinnoh storyline, so please try to get it done by then.) Date Saturday, 10th October Time 12 noon EDT | 16:00 UTC Time Zone Converter Lo

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