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[Mr] Team Mr

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Best Shiny Showcase in PokeMMO. A family of rich and active players with a hunger for Shiny hunting and trading!

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Shiny hunters, Shiny Traders
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  2. Imagine being dibz in 2020 and not some small fry Also thanks @Starminator for updating some stuff here, much appreciated
  3. Welcome @Sangseok, @Atmosfere, Gyrasion, CactusAM, XStryx, Rayquaza, BarryBusters, Charizards & @EmoDuck!
  4. Welcome @BanksyApe, @Halliie, Prisonerr, BugStormLink & EmilliaaUwU!
  5. Team [Mr] is now recruiting active + friendly shiny traders and hunters - PM me or one of our members here or in game for more info on how to join! How To Join? Copy and Paste this form with the required info, or PM an Officer or above in-game. IGN: Country: Age: In-game Hours Played: Classy level: Why do you want to be in Team Mr: Your Ex Team (If any): Why are you no longer a part of that team: Do you Battle/Breed/Shiny Trade: What tier do you play: Your Recommender:
  6. its been a couple solid 5 years since ive been here but i hope you all are still doing good and have great lives :)
  7. tyvm @awkways very cool name of the team, all ppl ive met till now are very friendly and im very happy being in a shiny collector/hunters team, seems like we have some rare here xD i also want to thank my very good friend @SyaChan for speaking about me to you guys !!! LETS GET SOME STARTERS NOW MR's
  8. Welcome @johnellin @darkdavi12 @iTzSantosXx @SyaChan & HiSunset! shut up joe
  9. Welcome Hannon, @calidubstep (Alt nub grunt), @dIOXprooo , @NewCPlayer xLolitachan, Drakebane, MrDAQIAN, Yanglex, and anyone else I forgot to welcome or couldn't find your forum name
  10. Welcome @Darkdavi @Materiano and a few others? Quote me if I forgot anyone? Also accepting applicants ;)
  11. ot seller. insta rejected. jk pm me in game ign awkways and well talk
  12. IGN:darkdavi Country:Colombia Age:14 In-game Hours Played:1.985 Classy level:As all hell, naturally. Why do you want to be in Team Mr:I would like to be part of this community to be able to learn more about the shiny hunt. Your Ex Team (If any):[RAGE] Why are you no longer a part of that team:I will no longer dedicate myself to the competitive environment, I will try to be a shin hunter. Do you Battle/Breed/Shiny Trade:I have 3 shiny ot, I sold 1 so I currently have 2. What tier do you play:I dedicated myself to LC Your Recommender:[Mr]

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