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[Mr] Team Mr

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Best Shiny Showcase in PokeMMO. A family of rich and active players with a hunger for Shiny hunting and trading!

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Shiny hunters, Shiny Traders
  1. What's new in this club
  2. welcome also, I have survived on the roster through all these years, the revival is here
  3. We will be contacting these two in game to discuss the process of joining. Also, to be clear, we had a member inviting everyone and anyone to join our forums club - this is not the same as a team invite in-game. Apologies for any potential confusion.
  4. Since hardly anyone is online during the time I usually play around, leaving team for now. Even though the stay was short, I had fun, even caught a Shiny Piloswine too, anyway, see ya'll around ^_^ Peace.
  5. @MxSephie & @Aldroc It was nice having you around. We wish you all the best on your future adventures in the game.
  6. >ban just make a new account, shiny dragon ain't gonna hunt itself
  7. Yeah, check your whispers lol Come back and fish dragonairs for me to level
  8. Yeah posting here is fine. There are a lot of hordes with nice pokemons, you should look into it and hunt the horde which appeals you the most
  9. Yup.. will do... Is just posting here fine? Ohh alright... Hordes never occurred to me
  10. Let me know when you're online took me more than 1000 hours to find my first OT shiny, but back then there were no hordes. If you really want an OT shiny, try hunting hordes instead of breeding, sooner or later you're bound to get lucky (comparatively sooner as opposed to single encounter / egg breeding).
  11. Here I go then.. IGN: Aldroc Country: India Age: 18 In-game Hours Played: 420+ Classy level: ? Why do you want to be in Team Mr: Was looking for an active team and got invited to join Your Ex Team (If any): [jygu] Team PokéElite Why are you no longer a part of that team: I am the only active member left... Not much of a team then.. is it? Do you Battle/Breed/Shiny Trade: I do battle but am too lazy to breed perfection, unlucky enough to have never encountered a shiny in my whole life. What tier do you play: OU, dipping my toes in money tier Your Recommender: Well, Akshit invited me...
  12. Nah that invite was not a mistake, we are looking to recruit active players (both in-game and on forums) who love hunting and collecting Shinys, etc.. And even though you are new right now, well... we all started from scratch ourselves, so with time, you will fit right in. Your application is on point, you have my vote. If you need any help or suggestions regarding the game, be sure to hit me up. Welcome, enjoy your stay, have fun ^_^
  13. After looking around for a bit, I'm not entirely sure that I fit with everyone else here; but I got an invite to the team when I signed up for the forums, so I figured I might as well play along. IGN: MxSephie Country: USA Age: 23 In-game Hours Played: Probably around 8 hours or so on PokeMMO? At least a few thousand on previous pokemon games though, been playing almost two decades. Classy level: As all hell, naturally. Why do you want to be in Team Mr: Been really enjoying playing pokemon white again since I installed PokeMMO, I'd like to get into the social side of the game as well. Your Ex Team (If any): N/A Why are you no longer a part of that team: N/A Do you Battle/Breed/Shiny Trade: None yet, but I plan to get heavily into breeding. What tier do you play: So far fairly casual, but I hope to get to competitive as I keep playing. Your Recommender: TeamMr Lemme know if you're looking mainly for more settled in players and that invite was a mistake. Thanks for taking a look, see ya around!
  14. We are officially ''Money Tier'' boys
  15. Fill out this form You can also try contacting me (IGN: TrippyAfro / Akshit) or any other member in-game too.
  16. So.. how am I supposed to join the in-game team?

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