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We're Team läva, Check out our eruptions, If they last for more then 4 hours, get us a burn heal.

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  2. congrats @johnellin well deserved ,your time to shine hehe
  3. Roster For June TT Team Name:lävaTeam Tag:lävaRegistered Players: Cali, Getovaherez, Samehada, Xigbaar, Poseidonwrath, Dibz, Willfer, Lilaa, Pawnwolf, Hercules, Sudakill, Willfer, Nonopetitrobot, AwesomeCeleb, Obito Team Captain: MonkeyDMathew
  4. My ingame name is: MzKplayZ My favourite pokemon is: Dragonite On Pokemmo I am currently busy doing: EV farming, IV farming (through breeding), Completing national dex, PVP My playtime ingame is: 121 hours I would like to join Team Läva because: This team looks promising and I also want a Good, Active, Helping Community This is why Team Läva has to invite me as member: I am not new in this game but I actually want to learn more about tactics and strategies that this team uses and to have a good experience in this team
  5. Can u borrow me your luck? @johnellin i need more shinies xD
  6. I had caught a shiny Chinchou before but I don't have it anymore x)
  7. wake me up plz am i dreaming?
  8. added @BenjaBB !! good luck in lava :D
  9. Date & TImeSunday April 7th 12:30 EDT - Time Zone Converter Details UU Clauses: Sleep/OHKO/Pristine/Species/Hax Item/Evasion/Bag Item/Time/Self KO/Item Clause Location: Vermillion city ch3 PC 1st Place Prize: Boar costume 2nd Place Prize: 300k
  10. While you were showing of your boarhood in Vermillion city a big ship with black flags sailed by. Before you even realised what was happening a wild arbok with his sandslash crew was standing behind you with their pointy swords aimed at you. They took your beautiful boarhood and you want it back! Luckily a friendly pikachu told you the location of their hiding spot, route 23. Type Catching event Date Sat, June 22th Time 1 PM EDT | Time zone converter Location Route 23 , Kanto , channel 1 Duration + 1 Hour to catch + 10 Mins to submit Scoring Total Sum of IVs = Total Score Entries - Arbok +3 - sandslash Nature Bonus Jolly +3 Brave +2 Rules Only members of team läva are allowed to join this event. To win this event u must submit an entry that scores the highest in total Your entry must be caught within the time of the event is held Your entry must be unchanged(untrained/unevolved) Your entry has to be your ot You can only submit 1 pokemon as entry If a score tie occurs ,the winner will be determinated by the earliest catch time Host MonkeyDMathew (or Fixedgaming) 「 1st Prize 」 Boar hood 「 2nd Prize 」 300k
  11. so @johnellin when are you flexing your 4 or 5 new shinies?
  12. solo is hard bro u doing a tough thing dont give up think the gold encounter. ! its surely close
  13. 67.608 solo encounters... "Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after"
  14. haha and you? @Fixedgaming xD thank you my man cmon let me add a gold fish here
  15. I would like to report @johnellin for shiny luck stealing congrats bro! <3
  16. cnongrats to 1st place XxREGINAxX who scored 138IVs and to 2nd place sinZ with a score of 127ivs
  17. In-Game Name : Kenaixx Nationality : Albania Picture Character : Played Hours : 79 c: Hobbies : Fitness, Cycling, Anime, Movies, Digimon, LoL Wishes : Become a staff :3 Favorite Pokemons : / Favorite Colors : Blue / Turquoise Favorite In-Game : Story, shiny hunting c: Favorite Animes : Koe no katachi (A Silent Voice) / Naruto Favorite Meals : Lasagna ^-^ Beside PokeMMO : League of Legends, Pokemon Tekken dx, LGE, Smash Ultimate and other Swtich games..
  18. Hello TEAM !!! First of all i never wanted to be in a team, when my friend @eevee added me here i was such a poor noob that time, i was very lucky that he added me with you guys im really thankful for that since then i never joined other team even on alts now im a full LAVA guy and i will always try my best for our team and our teammates!!! Sadly @eevee he is not here anymore cause of real life situations but i believe that he will be back soon.... In lava i met so cool guys that i couldnt imagine when i first started, guys that can guide u at everything u may need in pokemon, but also in real life! @MathewMat the boss, a real friend, a pro player with the personality of a good leader!! @Masterkeyys @ozzie1550 @Imbatman @RakuenX people who can do the impossible being possible, guys that every team wish to have at my opinion with their intelligence, their ability and the dedication they possess they have made LAVA a really serious and complete team!! I feel honorable being with you guys!!! im also very lucky being teammate with @Obvi @Goku @PoseidonWrath @SinPoke @NhokPies @Nikhill @dexidious really cool guys that can speak with about everything, they will help u at every need in game or they will advise u like a brother in real life situations! you guys are many that i appreciate in our team like @Fixedgaming @MoxieMozzie @calidubstep @Flareonn @RemixzCL @DestinyPlus cmon i wont write all sry for those i forgot!! ^^ i am a pokemaniac i love pokemon games but LAVA TEAM made me love pokemmo!!! i own you much boys even if u dont know it, i want to say a big THANK YOU to @MathewMat and to all executive members of our team keeping LAVA a great team !!!!
  19. added @snelly2k13 wish u best luck here bro
  20. finally after so long ! well deserved pal! congrats enjoy it ^^ great shiny
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