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We're Team läva, Check out our eruptions, If they last for more then 4 hours, get us a burn heal.

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  2. RedDragonERa

    『 Event #4 』 : " Jelly's Missing "

    Was an close combat It was very interesting and I enjoyed it very much and I do hope others as well Thanks for @RakuenXfor hosting!
  3. 1st DestinyPlus (151) 2nd ReDDragon (150) 3rd PBearTH (148)
  4. AxellBlizard


    yeah is pansage
  5. Delay 15 minutes because a fchinese event made crash game .
  6. MathewMat

    Weeb Talk (Work In Progress)

    Shookan shoujo looks great one of the ones to watch this season, need a few more good ones and am set
  7. MathewMat

    Weeb Talk (Work In Progress)

    Ya sure will check it out later today
  8. xRdZiiiN

    Weeb Talk (Work In Progress)

    @MathewMat check this one > Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu ~ pretty funny
  9. Girka


    @MathewMat Do you mean "Shiny Pansage" or what is the main prize?
  10. redspawn

    Weeb Talk (Work In Progress)

    Baki is pretty cool, but the old school Baki was better imo.
  11. Can i join Team Lava @MathewMat ? IGN : KeZertXela. I think i fulfill the requirements
  12. MathewMat

    Weeb Talk (Work In Progress)

    @xRdZiiiN 6 more days to attack on titan u ready for it
  13. I would like to welcome @Escanor10 @chrishodge1 to team glad you guys joined, And hope you like are family.
  14. MathewMat

    Weeb Talk (Work In Progress)

    Still looking for good animes this season to watch nothing seems good so far, still half the animes to check out
  15. In Petalburg , there was a little girl named Jelly , who was born to a poor family , who died prematurely , and she had to live with her grandmother . Each passing day , she sold each box of matches to earn a living . One day , Christmas, she sold matches in the city . At that time it was dark , the weather was so cold that my nose was frozen . She went into a warehouse, she burned each match . The first match , she saw a girl wearing a green hat . The second match , she still sees that little girl but she seems to have gotten up . She lit the third match , behind her appeared a charming woman , the woman whispered in her ear : " Fire My Home !!! " . From there , Jelly is no longer in Petalburg ... Type Catching Date Friday , July 20th Time 16:15 BST | 11:15 EDT Time Zone Convert Location Route 102 Ch.3 Duration + 1 Hour to catch + 10 Mins to submit Score Total Sum of IVs + Species Bonus + Nature Bonus = Total Score Entry All Species Ralts +10 Nature Calm +3 Docile +2 Hasty +1 Rule Catch at Location Count only Wild Count time if Tie Highest Scores = Winners Host RakuenX™ 「 1st Prize 」 Gender : Female Nature : Calm Level : 1 ( Untrained ) IVs : 31 / 9 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 + 300.000 ¥ 「 2nd Prize 」 200.000 ¥ 「 3rd Prize 」 100.000 ¥
  16. MathewMat


    Yoshi Type Catching Date And Time Sunday , July 21th 17:00 BST | 12:00 EDT https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20180722T160000&p1=250&p2=tz_bst&p3=1946 Location Pinwheel Forest Duration 1 Hour to catch 15 Mins to submit Score Total Sum of IVs + Species Bonus = Total Score Entry All Species +5 Adament Rule Only Caught at Location Event Highest Score Wins Wild Pokemon Untrained/Unevolved Earlier Time Wins if Tie Host MonkeyDMathew 【 1st Place Prize 】 Shiny Pasanga 【 2nd Place Prize 】 A Semi comp
  17. MathewMat


    Baki Team Tournament Date and time This Sunday July 22nd at 12PM EDT | 4pm GMT 5pm BST https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20180722T160000&p1=tz_bst&p2=250&p3=1946 Rules: Ou/Uu/Nu Location: Island 4 ch1 PC Prizes: First Place:Tyrogue - Adament - 31-28-30-14-30-31 *We'll be allowing a limited amount of non-members to participate: Please Cotact MonkeyDMathew For Details Good Luck and May Rng Be With you
  18. EmoDuck

    Shiny Showcase

    shame. that i wasent in that photo. @ozzie1550 invite me next time bro.
  19. ItsSilverShadow

    Team Lava Recruitment - Interested in joining?

    Can I join team? IGN ItsSilverShadow @Masterkeyys
  20. Sure thing next time you are on contact any lava for an invite
  21. Hey @MathewMat, I was once a member of your team and would like to be in it again. My IGN is Girka and was once a member of Lava. I was kicked for inactivity (i believe) and wanted to ask if it would be possible to invite me again. I was inactive because my laptop stopped working and should have probably informed you guys about it, but I somehow forgot to do it. :( Sorry for any inconvenience and I hope you will reply soon. :)
  22. 【 1st Place 】 DestinyPlus 【 2nd Place 】 robinist 【 3rd Place 】 Agisklmt
  23. MathewMat

    Weeb Talk (Work In Progress)

    Let me know if u find any other good animes
  24. MathewMat

    Weeb Talk (Work In Progress)

    Ya so far 2 great animes this season hoping it's not as bad as last season Hoping for a few good animes

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