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  2. @RysPicz was going through old post and found this " and @fort. so the other night i had a dream and you were in it. we were playing a hacked version of smash bros for the wii where all the charecters were pokemon and you were using a jolteon and i was using a steelix named trazmaster on the classic mario field and you were drunk and it was awesome. so anyways i talked to a guy and it's totally possible for me to make pokesmash bro a real thing with up to 47 pokemon. so im doing it in like 3-4 years once i learn enough about programming and will you play test this while drunk? " im sill not there but im a lot closer then i used to be. also spent many hours in aura thread today miss so many of you old dead guys and some of you that are still alive i hope.
  3. So uhm alots changed since I was last on, like what? 4-5 years ago now? Am I even posting in the right place? What happened to the round table? It's an archive now? Like damn dudes, is there even any one that still plays that remembers me? Started all over again, still have my old account but I've missed so many updates I had no frikken idea where to start. In Kanto now so we'll see how that goes.. Long story short.. Sup
  5. You forgot an important part of the post Dennis. @Tranzmaster tagging you cuz you're bad
  6. Where to start? Wait! I know this! Got to continue the tradition. But for real, where to start. Decembers TT started of as an absolute shit show for us, being the first reserves to begin with. So, having a spot to start with was already up to the other teams, thankfully for us one team didn't show up and we made it into the bracket. @Imposter Your first match ever in a TT, against a mighty foe nonetheless. I’m sure you’ve tasted the excitement of playing for Aura. This time you got carried to the win, next time you better do the carrying yourself. But I’m certain that the fire that ignited in you will leave your next opponent burned to the ground! @FNTCZ You are for sure the MVP of this TT hands down. You pulling through vs Doc round one kept us within the tournament this month. Your matches for sure were amazing to watch, winning three matches, but it is certain you’d have won the 4th if not for the crit. Don’t forget the team you supplied either, it most certainly worked! @Blu3Breath Being social is overrated, going 3:0 again this time is no easy feat. Especially not with the clutch match where you pulled through in the semis. Many words have been said about you winning, at this point it sounds like a broken record. Just as your record, it has to be broken, which for sure, is not easy. @Evlgoon Cars are overrated, PokeMMO is where it is at. You returning at the time you did could not have been better. Your help in the second UU round was invaluable as I thought I had lost. Round three and four you have definitely shown that you are a force to be reckoned with in UU as well. Taking over the baton from myself and Fennikan to take it all the way to the finish line. @Axelgor You deserve a special thank you for the support role you’ve played. First of helping me in OU round one, mistakes were made but the win obtained, that is what matters! The second-round team would’ve worked better in your own hands, though those hands were needed elsewhere, may the food have been delicious. @Senjutsuka @Funkykong @nadeelia @LifeStyle @eredita @AbdOuMarley @athelstan @magneto2k4 @Rendiz You gentle(wo)man were the backbone of the cheerleader squad, the sheer amount of motivation you instilled within the players won’t go unnoticed. Thanks to staff for being able to pull this event off in a somewhat organized manner, the new location in the E4 has proved to be a little bit confusing, even though it was a test for now. Thanks to Sia, LËM, Líve and Läva for putting up the fight you did. You guys for sure didn’t make it an easy fight for us. Having the opportunity to face you all was both and honour and a pleasure. @RysPicz You better made your absent this month worth it ;). Then again you knew from the start that we’d have the strength to pull through, no Rys not pull out geez. The boulder of winning has started rolling again, January is for sure going to be entertaining.

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