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  2. so.. id expecting new name for torin but sad ts not permitted :(
  3. https://gyazo.com/7dcdfed0ac5974f022838e0a516206bb same
  4. Daryl we all know who you are, no need for introductions here...
  5. It was YOUR mom Daryl... Wanna insult your grandmother?
  6. Saw it coming September ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - 2nd Place [SIA] Sic Atur Ad Astra
  7. Oops, I almost forgot @Tranzmaster as usual, tagging you cuz ur bad
  8. Hey guys, you know it, TWO STEPS FROM HELL because we did it again! (album title totally not a pun) Second team this year that gets a 2peat. We had a fucking crazy run tonight, all of us, so many of us were switching and so many players participated. Fuck me guys you're all amazing. Tonight we faced some of the best teams this server has to offer and I honestly did not expect any different outcome after you guys turned in such numbers and with attitude like you had. This night really did show the team spirit we have- literally every person online was involved into helping others. Let's rub some egos, shall we? @Evlgoon @xXBlu3BreathXx You two just keep doing what you're best at. Beating the living shit out of everyone you face. You two have done so much during TT I'm really running out of praises. There's no need for introduction, if people don't know who you are then they either just joined the game or are ignorant af. Absolutely top tier OU players, you carried so many times month after month... I just hope noone will make a discussion thread to ban you to ubers @BlackJovi (RIP) The match you played wasn't easy and I know it. The matchup looked really tough and I didn't know how you will make it. You came on top with a very dominant style and you were all the time there, during all the matches and there was finally that team spirit I seeked for. You had a fucking amazing performance tonight and I'll just sum it up this way- good to have you back =] @FNTCZ Taking up them doubles and carrying again, I can never stop admiring your versatility and desire to win every single time. I know you DC'd before finals but the effort you put into playing on a @#$%^ phone in DOUBLES is just, wtf. You were the lifesaver in round1, you pulled us up and plugged the oxygen when I feared we will get 1strounded after the crit hax zhiko served to us. We wouldn't pass that round if not for you. Special mentions: @Rendiz You are the Hero. Period. Class dismissed. @Axelgor After first round I know how you felt. Same way as I did when others had to carry my ass, that fear that the team can drop because something went wrong in your match. But you didn't give up, you trusted me and my teambuilding and you came on top. I know you will say again that "you were there" or "comps were yours" or w/e, but at the end, it was you all along. You made the plays. You won the last, final match. It was you all along and no, I can't let you leave ;) @LifeStyle @magneto2k4 @YettoDie @Imposter @magneto2k4 @SpartacusGD @Mnemosyne @Maekaaay @DarylDixon @aftershocker @GeneralVenican Maybe you didn't play. So what? You were there, every single one of you was behind someone else who was playing, I couldn't keep up with whispers in teamchat. Personal thanks to one and only @YettoDie- you know for what ;) Seeing your reactions in teamchat, the constant support is what I love the most when TT happens. So many of us logged to see and play TT, I tried my best to accomodate as many as possible but we all know that the true answer is that... @Bearminator WE NEED 5 TIER TEAM TOURNAMENTS! (also thanks for organization and as usual- your attitude and friendly behavior :) ) Thanks to our opponents, four of the top teams of AW, SIA, VVVV and LYLE. For putting up a worthy fight, this was by far the toughest TT we had. Thank you, to everyone who congratulated us for the win and rooted for us! :) It's really nice to know that there are people from other teams that can be happy from someone else's success! And as usual... See you next month!
  9. It seems like I might have the possibility of playing MMO while at work. Jackpot?
  10. @Torinnnnn Watched Interstellar, GOOOD movie. Thx fam <3 I could use more movies to watch. Go and name the first movie that comes to your mind
  11. First of this year but certainly not last August ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - 2nd Place [WÎSH] TeamWishHax

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