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Where'd you get that?

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. You first need to talk to @DarylDixon. He is the leader and boss, he recruits people as well
  3. do you guys have a discord or something i can join?
  4. Yo what's up guys can I join your clan? I could really use a good team right now, i need help on pvp and how to get money and stuff like that thx guys. my IGN is lordpig
  5. skump o/ get on discord man i talk now
  6. Yeahhhhhh hold up, take a moment and count my Guap, count my Guappp, all these racks they bombin in they bombin innnnn
  7. ur things are unsynced in ur sig, if u dont fix it, i dont know what il do, but itl be something
  8. its been 2 weeks since you cared then
  9. I haven't been on in over 2 weeks, get good man. Discord is different though, 24/7 squad.
  10. been on from time to time, only seen bf, maka and magnet online i think, and the gayboi dennis whenever he cares
  11. I'm online and you're not answering, and you're a drug. Also right now you got Julian and Magnet online >:V
  12. no one is on, every fking time i log i am the only online wtf is happening :/
  13. I'll be coming back to the game very soon (tm), expect me
  14. ez did machamp (LEVEL 3) raid lonely also 96% stats ez ez ez
  15. Exactly, just the way you won your shiny ninetales... ;v
  16. Yes just like the way I carry PoAu every single tourney am i rite ;) ?????

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