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  2. It seems like I might have the possibility of playing MMO while at work. Jackpot?
  3. @Torinnnnn Watched Interstellar, GOOOD movie. Thx fam <3 I could use more movies to watch. Go and name the first movie that comes to your mind
  4. First of this year but certainly not last August ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - 2nd Place [WÎSH] TeamWishHax
  5. @RysPicz we see each other again at the next AURA meme i come up with
  6. Ofc there will be such post, everyone from team likes to read some words to boost the e-penor ;v) Finally sitting back on the throne where we belong! Obligatory Two Steps From Hell song: @FNTCZ @Evlgoon @xXBlu3BreathXx Ever how undefeated OU squad. I know only Blue played but I have no doubts you two had your input in there, especially you Evan. Beastly 4-0 record, steamrolled through competition and even the most skilled and difficult OU players this game has to offer. Invaluable and irreplacable. @LifeStyle (RIP) Ever too u going 3-1 with yolo teams lo. I'm really happy you actually stayed to play, because you played a big role in this win and carried my heavy ass when I lost in second round. Without you we would lose a super important member of the "rettard squad" and diminish our chances for winning. Despite usually joking around a lot, I want you to know that I do respect both you and your competitive skills and I hope you will stick with us for a longer while- there's still many TTs to win ever... @Axelgor You deserve a special mention from me. UU was not played only by me, it was also played by you and even your pokes. You put your brick to this success as well, with your commitment and patience to read all my spam which floods the chat once I get nervous and that tends to happen often. Tonight's matches reminded me of golden times when UU was covered by myself and Ari and you were beating shit up in NU :P @YettoDie @GeneralVenican @Makarovs @LionKIng @Mnemosyne @Kimikozen @Otulp @Kaerodactyl Guys your support, advices, the sole presence already means a lot. I know some of you don't play comp but it's not like it matters, because you create the atmosphere in the team and this win is also thanks to you (and for you). @DarylDixon xdddddddddddddddd Do you know who played all rounds? Life, Blue and me. Ever how rettard squad... This win is also thanks to you, Drugyl. Your comps and your narkotyk. :) @SpartacusGD @Maekaaay @Ahreum @TheBloo I know you guys were off but we miss you and I hope this win wil make you come back ;) Huge thanks to hosting staff @Bearminator @Jerryzoo @Foersterr @TheChampionMike (1) @LeZenor @Blue for your time, for your professionalism (aside from Bear being sober... smh man that's not how you show up for a TT) and for constant communication. I also apologize guys for coming a bit late in finals, I hope you aren't upset at us :( Thanks to all of our opponents from Lava, AW, VVVV and WISH. You guys gave us hell of a run and playing against you all was an honor and a pleasure. @Tranzmaster tagging you because you're bad. Finally, thanks to everyone who congratulated us and who was there during the TT. A tiny bonus from me as a highlight from this tournament: And see you all the next month!
  7. Happy birthday Julian, wish you the best bro @FNTCZ
  8. yay we vgot back nigghyarch @SweeTforU @Havsha
  9. You first need to talk to @DarylDixon. He is the leader and boss, he recruits people as well
  10. do you guys have a discord or something i can join?
  11. Yo what's up guys can I join your clan? I could really use a good team right now, i need help on pvp and how to get money and stuff like that thx guys. my IGN is lordpig

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