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  1. What's new in this club
  2. its been 2 weeks since you cared then
  3. I haven't been on in over 2 weeks, get good man. Discord is different though, 24/7 squad.
  4. been on from time to time, only seen bf, maka and magnet online i think, and the gayboi dennis whenever he cares
  5. I'm online and you're not answering, and you're a drug. Also right now you got Julian and Magnet online >:V
  6. no one is on, every fking time i log i am the only online wtf is happening :/
  7. I'll be coming back to the game very soon (tm), expect me
  8. ez did machamp (LEVEL 3) raid lonely also 96% stats ez ez ez
  9. Exactly, just the way you won your shiny ninetales... ;v
  10. Yes just like the way I carry PoAu every single tourney am i rite ;) ?????
  11. https://clips.twitch.tv/CrackyFaithfulStorkTTours
  12. So ummm you newbz still playing this ish? Jeff, 4fie, Dennis, Felix Haven't logged onto the forum in so long I didn't know how to navigate it
  13. Happy birthday Dennis, have a great day buddy!
  14. *Kæmpe tillykke med fødselsdagen Dennis!!!! :D :D :D I hope you had a great day my dear friend :D I miss you <3 *Translation: Happy birthday Dennis!!!! :D :D :D (Yes I'm a little late with the congratulations in your timezone, but it's still your birthday here soooo :p )
  15. I'm new ( A friend of Rys ) Nice to meet you ♥
  16. Hey fam, You all know am leaving in 4 days so I just wanted to thanks all of you. Brahs, friends, am lucky coz I met wonderful people and friends here. Should be able to log once or twice a week If i am lucky xd (but clearly think it won't be possible haha). 9 months are long but you all know it is what I wanted for 5 years now, and all my sacrifices finally paid. Won't forget you, ima still catch you on whatssap and discord anyway so. Love you, cya and take care o7 Kaero, Max, Grey, Axel or who the fuck you prefer :p <3 PS: @RysPicz take that shiny lanturn pls

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