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We are LEGENDS through who never dies .An a PvP Grinding family,We based on PvP & Shiny hunting & Any kind of grinding. We help each other to figure out each each of way for grinding

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  2. its just an example, so people that want to put their shinies in this album know how it will be^^
  3. woah !! you got all of these?
  4. Shiny Album I saw that this Team accepts shiny hunters and haven't seen any album ,so i did mine! if you want to be here just pm me and i'll give you the instructions 🙂 ✦-Your name here-✦ Catch time (if you have it) ✦-Your name here-✦ Catch time (if you have it) ✦-Your name here-✦ Catch time (if you have it) ✦-Your name here-✦ Catch time (if you have it) ✦-Your name here-✦ Catch time (if you have it) ✦-Your name here-✦ Catch time (if you have it) ✦-Your name here-✦ Catch time (if you have it) ✦-Your name here-✦ Catch time (if you have it) ✦-Your name here-✦ Catch time (if you have it) ✦-Your name here-✦ I hope you like it!
  5. Hey Team Do you love PVP but hate going up against the same pkmn every game? This is for you! On the 25th of September I am officially launching the Legend Draft League (LDL) This Draft League works on the principle that every pkmn can only be used by one player for the whole Season. In the regular Season is played as a round Robin with the Top 4 going into Playoffs for the Crown in the End. For the first Season I am inviting 9 Players (10 with me). The entry fee is 50k and I will put up another 250K to create a nice prize pool in the end. Interested Players pls reach out to me wherever you can find me or answer this post. Full list of the Rules - For Season 1 I will go with 10 Players (9+me) whoever contacts me first gets the spot. - On Day one of the League each Player will draft a Team of 11 Pokemon that he can use through the whole Season. - Each Pokemon can only be drafted by one Player - We will draft in snail Draft mode so everyone gets an equal chance for the heavy hitters. - Each Player will play one match per week with everyone playing everyone else over the regular Season - in the End the Top 4 Players will go into a 2 Week playoff for the ultimate Crown - Entry Fee is 50k Prizes: - Reaching Playoffs: 50k - Reaching the Final: 50k - Winning the Crown: 100k and lots of bragging Rights! - 100k for the best Kill/Death ratio during the regular Season - 75k for having the Mon in your team that gets the most kills during the regular Season - 75k for having the Mon in your team that has the least deaths during the regular Season
  6. I will use that service for sure 😄
  7. Hey Ppl, Have you ever been stuck in story? That one Gymleader you just can't beat and you wish someone would help you? Ask me! I have an ever growing Pool of fully ev'd Mons with great movesets on lvls between 30 and 60. I charge between 2k and 4k per lvl you increase the Mons while you have them. After you beat the Whatever gave you problems you bring the Mons back and pay up! If you keep the mons I will be angry! so don't destroy this service by being a thik Moose
  8. Leveling Cost Levels 1-50: 650 per level (Will be finished within the day) Levels 50-100: 2,500 per level (Will most likely be finished within the day but might take up to 2 days) EV Training Cost Full EV training for only 25K! Contact Info Discord: Benblade#5497 IGN: Benblade Feel free to contact me via mail or dm on Pokemmo! If I'm not online feel free to message me on discord! Orders
  9. First Place:Kishore Second Place:TilmeedB Third Place:Hitokirisan Congrats, Thanks to all for participating.
  10. Pikachu Power Star : Catching event Location:Virdian Forest Time:2:30 India,5am EST 1st August. Duration: 1hour for catching, 10min to submit Scoring: Total Sum of IVS & Species bonus=Total score Pokemon accepted as valid entry: =5 Rules: To win 1st-3rd places that are sorted by high to low, you need to submit an entry that scores the highest You can only submit one entry All Pokémon must be caught within the event time and at the event location All Pokémon must remain unchanged (untrained/unevolved...) Evolved or unevolved forms of the listed Pokémon will not be accepted as a valid entry You must be the OT of the Pokémon You must link your entry to any participating staff member to submit it In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by earliest catch time Host: DarkiElord GauravTheVenom 1st Prize: 200k 2nd Prize: 125k 3rd Prize: 50k
  11. cool im in other team in the game so i guess i cant play events with you guys but its good to be a member here and learn from here and there :) i hope the best for you guys and congratz for the winners :)
  12. egg Shinyhunt More info: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/120706-pokemmo-shiny-hunting-guide-2021-encnespt/
  13. one event is done today
  14. yes bro i really want that 😄 hahahaha
  15. Ty bro but Whats an egg shiny Hunt ?
  16. Welcome to REED GoodLuck on your shiny hunting by the way it's an rare shiny So you must have to do egg shiny hunt well doing egg shiny hunt is cost time but goodluck on it.
  17. Hi guys and gals im branaso im new to this team glad to join this team im planning to hunt a shiny treecko i need some tips and thnks you
  18. Cool bro lets get thoses boys, and be sure by following the club content
  19. Guide war between ReedGrinder[REED]VsPhoenix[ENIX] War date:15th June 4.30PM UTC ,Or time zone converterhttps://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ Place:Kanto Vermilion channel 3 upsatir pc upstairs Participants: AponAhmedUtsa=OU teir JoshTheBlock=OU teir draconician=OU teir Pemekmaniac=OU teir GreenXX=OU teir AfroSpartan=OU teir Only For [REED] members if you wanna join comment below
  20. I accidentally put it in the wrong category.
  21. get a high IV meowth in Attack And Speed with payday and ability pick up go to Hoenn Artisan Cave in the Battle Frontier must beat E4 to get to and beat smeargle will get you 400 to 500 poke each battle (PP up on payday and leppa berrys are recommended to maximizes your payout pet PC visit)

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