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Team Reddy [Rdy] "ReadyGang" Shiny Showcase Team for new shiny hunters and veterans.

Field Name

shiny hunting/trading/social
  1. What's new in this club
  2. can you please tell me what numbers are left? and my ign is Jenay
  3. Please choose another number, 24 has already been picked. and leave your In-game name please. Thanks! :)
  4. Welcome to Team Reddy! @JohnTG @DTKcameron @Elrunee @Noelley @shtherwegoagin @KawaiiSakura @ChronosGod @Luke739(LukeSW) @yaclown @devsgalaxy @FanMX @ReadyBank @oddkidd @Sakured @PinguBigBoi
  5. Awesome BIRB @Gardinoxx!! another shiny for Team Reddy! ;)

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