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DEATHROW team ! a team only for cool people

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  2. hey boss, sorry i couldn't go online for now,, there's a problem updating my client..i'll try to figure it out.
  3. IGN : xXGlitchXx Number : 12 Goodluck to everyone :) ♥
  4. Deathrow Team Lottery Rules : To participate: ✺ u must be DEATHROW member , ✺ u have to make a comment HERE in this topic writing your IGN (in-game name) and a number from 0 to 20 example : IGN: DEATHROW lucky number: 69 Details : ✺ A random online number generator will pick the lucky number this Sunday 1 March at 14:00 gmt . ✺ This event is sponsored by huAnghaUanG !! ✺ Host is TupacShakurr Rewards : LVL100 Adamant ✚ 200.000 31/31/31/x/31/31 Earthquake/Ice Punch/Mach Punch/Drain Punch GOOD LUCK
  5. where is yours? waiting for your first @xXGlitchXx
  6. 3700 encounters since my last shiny. 130 leppa spent for

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