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2019's #1 ranked in Team Tournaments.

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  2. NORE was originally created in 2017 by DoctorPBJ, LeJovi and LifeStyle. The first time around, NORE qualified for 4 Team Tournament finals, winning just one of them. While it was a small success, the new team was still able to make a name for itself. Many players new to the competitive community made themselves known through NORE, becoming recognizable among the community in a very short time. Unfortunately the team was disbanded in 2018. In 2019, NORE was revived by iJulianFNT, Rendi and LifeStyle. Rebuilding the roster proved to be a challenge, but the team managed to convince competitive players to come make history. NORE soon found itself with one of the most stacked rosters in the game. Again the team qualified for 4 Team Tournament finals, this time in only 6 months, and won every single one of them. Our comeback, our individual skills, our strength as a team, and our performances during tournaments earned NORE the title of "Best Team of 2019". Our goal as a team is to continue what we do best - smashing the competition in front of us and claiming our title as "Best Team of 2020". Team Motto - GG.NORE.
  3. ---BOSS--- LifeStyle ---EXECUTIVES--- Axoa iJulianFNT Rendi ---COMMANDERS--- BlueBreath Drayyton stairway xLuneth xSparkie ---OFFICERS--- abstractt aftershocker Axellgor Butler iMythic Kimikozen Lazaaro LeJovi Lotus mayuuuuuyuuuuuuu Suigin UmbraMol ---MEMBERS--- Calculatrize CMCE DeadGorilla dinofish Elliasal eredita EVLGOON EYL Kevola KosGeo Leviatharian Luke NecroskullDark NemezeckNonoLive NicoAR QueenJeanne Socky SpartacusGD TheBloo TianbozNA Titinn xDervin YettoDie YungTor zDaryl ZeknShooter Zymogen
  4. LifeStyle Axoa iJulianFNT Rendi BlueBreath stairway xLuneth xSparkie abstractt Axellgor Butler Kimikozen Lazaaro LeJovi mayuuuuuyuuuuuuu Suigin UmbraMol EVLGOON EYL Kevola Luke SpartacusGD Titinn YettoDie zDaryl

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