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Luna, is an LGBT friendly team looking for active members for a fun sociable team!

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Please vote for which shiny you wish to hunt as a family! ^_^
  3. Got a shiny Venipede from the hunt!
  4. Please choose a pokemon you wish to shiny hunt! :)
  5. Tournament being held Saturday the 27th!!! Requirements are; FOX, DOG,CAT , pokemon only!!!! No breeding, you have to catch it now from within the contest starts! You may EV train it and moveset it! Must have 1 Eeveelution, CAN NOT be Jolteon or Umbreon Level cap is level 50! Prizes: 1st place wins , 1mil 2nd place wins, 500k 3rd place wins, 250k
  6. I don't know you in game ;_; or at all
  7. Wish you and your team the best of luck I'f you guys need anything in game feel free to whisper me always willing to help
  8. New contest for catching Ralts for lowest iv this weekend on saturday the 13th! It is in Hoenn region so get your stuff ready and prepare to cry! :)

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