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  1. What's new in this club
  2. dont act like u didnt come here with no expectations
  3. yes we've been participating every month idk why they dont put us on the bracket tho
  4. if ur calling him gay one another note, SASS for TT?????
  5. i'm guessing you've experienced this if you know ((:
  6. Instagramlol

    Craig's House

    bad music taste
  7. honestly i'll continue as a yoshi main, but i'm liking the looks of inkling and k rool. dlc wise, i'm still hoping for my boy geno
  8. Hi Just want to say coolio is the best
  9. am yoshi main as well, although might go back to my brawl main and go pkmn trainer. who do you want most for a dlc character? I want Spyro
  10. as if i haven't had it preordered for months already. i ain't missing out on this game
  11. Cant believe I actually had to join this shit just to say that both coolio and toast have moved on and are now hooked on fortnite w me.
  12. It did what we needed it to do and that’s what actually matters. My work here is done

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