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  1. What's new in this club
  2. are you happy now? i put you on a list
  3. He already invited himself in it seems
  4. "hanging out with us" doesn't rhyme with lava
  5. Is it really sass without its heart and soul @DaftCoolio
  6. on that topic whats a lion and a witch doing in your closet?
  7. I'll invite @fredrichnietze if you don't give me this.
  8. Never. I like killing everyone's moment
  9. dont worry, this is probably going to be short lived, just give me my moment pls
  10. No cuz we don't need a 2.0 Original SASS is all we need. We all die together
  11. why? Just because youre on the inactive list? Well that can change....
  12. Hi everybody and welcome to SASS 2.0 The probably short lived, too optimistic revival attempt "inset a banner, ms paint works and im too lazy to make one here" I figure I would break this up into active/unactive Members-Active list Boss guy- me Executive- Deadwind Commander ? Officers - Shuck Members- BoDogg Members- Somewhat active list Mayu Members-inactive Everybody else Hater list Ploegy Gonna copy the Aura way of introducing players, except I'm gonna create it with the most accurate of information Boss guy Sirdusty Sirdusty is probably one of the most loyal member,s until he gets bored of the game and doesn't play for a few weeks/months. With a day one join date, this guy is surely dumb for sticking around so long. Likes- Dreaming about owning a shiny eevee, and snowmobiles Hates- not double stuffed Oreos Executive Dead wind He keeps coming back, what a great guy. Likes- Hatching shiny snorlaxes Hates- With a foe like "hmm idk" how can you not hate it? Shuck Shuck is shuck Likes- Berry farming? and fighting games Hates- Shuckle's Bodogg aka Sirreezy Likes- getting banned Hates- getting banned (He's not actually banned) Mayu I would be more informative on mayu, but seeing as she can't log on more, I cant be bothered to care Likes- Shiny fearow Hates- toast
  13. It's sad that this took me a couple minutes to figure out, but I agree
  14. I got a charmander but didnt want to evo it
  15. Woah, cant say I disagree. Seeing as I havent played it yet ;)
  16. ik one soon to be phone game that is worse
  17. Im quite alright, thanks. How about you?

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