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  1. What's new in this club
  2. she was always wild, mayu cant be tamed lol
  3. 1 percent, living on the edge i see nowadays
  4. Welklidwoord @mayuuuuu dont leave us hanging happy bday @TheChampionMike
  5. 1) U HAVE NEVER SEEN A CUTER BIRTHDAY BOI 2) u will never, try as u might, give him a better bday present than me 3) look at my husband 4) he love me and not u <333333333333 @Crimar feliz cumpleanos mai love
  6. I meant to say HUGZ >>>> YOLO > NORE > SASS > All the rest of the teams
  7. this why i left sass and joined gxno for 10 minutes dustys got his shit together
  8. pubg with fred and maybe some starfield/fallout 76/final fantasy 14/eso/star citizen when it gets good
  9. One year, 5 days and a thousand hours later, goal has been achieved. Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way, as far as I'm concerned I have beaten the game, so not sure what to do next, probably afk in vermillion for a couple thousand hours is the plan now.
  10. yea but like, arent we both on potato internet? how many have you actually seen? also emperors new groove best disney film ever
  11. im serious, first gif you send that I actually like
  12. im on potato internet and the gif barely loads so i cant tell if you are being sarcastic and it has problems for everyone or you are serious.

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