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Rules for Guide Tavern - Read Before Posting!

This announcement is no longer active



Welcome to the Guide Tavern. This section is for creating guides that help the community with anything PokeMMO related.



  1. To create a guide, you must create a thread in the Work in Progress Guides section. Once approved, it will be moved to the regular Guide Tavern section.
  2. When creating a guide, it needs to look clean. This includes having proper punctuation, correct grammar and writing in full sentences. It also needs to be easy to read, so paragraphing and a bit of color are always good. Take a look at some of the completed guides to see what sort of standard your guide needs to be at.
  3. Do not create a guide that is asking a question. General questions can be asked here.
  4. Any questions relating to the topic of a guide can be asked in the thread of the guide itself.
  5. Do not create a guide that fulfills the exact same purpose as an already approved guide.
  6. You may add translations in other languages to your guide, but it must first be fully in English.
  7. Completed guides may be moved back to Work in Progress Guides
  8. As with all sections, the Code of Conduct applies, so please make sure you read and abide by those rules.
  9. Feedback on guides are more than welcome from the posters but please keep it constructive. If you feel a guide could benefit from something keep your feedback polite and on topic. Unnecessary and negative posts will be removed.


If you have any questions, or want advice on creating a guide, please send a private message to SecretDjinn

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