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Rules for Competitive Assistance - Read Before Posting!

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Welcome to the Competition Assistance subforum!

This subforum is where you can go to ask all of your competitive questions regarding the PokeMMO's metagame or if you are seeking critique on your team.

If you create a new thread asking for assistance on your team, please include any relevant information, such as movesets, abilities, natures, and held items during your thread creation.

Threads that do not seek assistance about the PokeMMO metagame or a team build related to PokeMMO do not belong in Competition Assistance and will be removed.

While this is a competitive subforum, please be respectful towards other players. All global rules still apply and rude or flaming posts will be removed.

Useful Links:

PokeMMO Tier lists: Official Usage Statistics and Tier Lists

List of Clauses

Official Event Sub Forum

Note: Tier lists are managed by a Tier List Council, a collection of competitive players volunteering to maintain the rules for PokeMMO's competitive metagame. As PokeMMO's metagame is constantly changing with new updates, the Tier Listings will change alongside it.

If you have any questions, feel free to message one of the Competition Alley Moderators listed at the bottom of this forum.

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